gas protests in Kazakhstan

Olga Stefanishina

Stefanishina assessed chances for the Kazakh scenario in Ukraine

Deputy Prime Minister explained why this is impossible
Kazakhstan is the leader in uranium mining in the world

Uranium interests of the USA, Russia, China in the context of the destabilization in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the leader in uranium mining in the world and this determines the interest of the great powers in its fate. by NATALIA GLOBA

Crisis in Kazakhstan: how Moscow plays with Washington using Chevron

Russia's military presence is not accidental, as it may seem at first glance, appeared in Azerbaijan in 2020, and now in Kazakhstan. by Michael Gonchar
Map of protests in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan: the game of thrones. How Nazarbayev's clan started a bloody mess

A day later, the situation in Kazakhstan cleared up somewhat, but my soul did not feel calmer. The sequence of events can now be reconstructed as follows. by ANDREY ZUBOV
Nursultan Nazarbayev

The events in Kazakhstan are a purely Moscow scenario. The Kremlin is preparing a bloodbath.

The latest events in Kazakhstan have definitively testified that they follow the Kremlin's script. by ALEXANDER LEVCHENKO
China and Kazakhstan

The crisis in Kazakhstan: clan showdowns and the role of China

What does China think about the crisis in Kazakhstan, which has taken on very threatening forms for the whole of Central Asia. by PETRO SHEVCHENKO, CHINA
Biysultan Khamzaev

State Duma deputy from Dagestan called for annexing Kazakhstan to Russia

“Central Asia is the Russian land!", - a quote of a member of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption
Kazakhstan protests

Protests in Kazakhstan: Lessons for Ukraine

An absurd and ruthless riot continues in Kazakhstan for the fourth day. 
Vladimir Putin

Putin will not forget about Ukraine: why one should not be mistaken that Russia will get bogged down in Kazakhstan

A very dangerous delusion has emerged in Ukraine that Putin will get bogged down in Kazakhstan and forget about us. by BOGDAN SAVRUTSKY