Squid Game

Which "Squid Game" is played with Ukraine-2: Russia has launched a special operation

The concentration of Russian troops on the border, as well as statements by pro-Kremlin politicians and journalists about the need for "dialogue" with Donbass for the reintegration of ORDLO, are a sign of a special Kremlin operation by STEFAN ZAKREVSKY
Refugees on Poland-Belarus border

Lukashenko raises the stakes in the migration crisis. What are the threats to Ukraine?

The migrant crisis on the border of Poland and Belarus may end with the threat of a full-scale military invasion by the Republic of Belarus into Ukraine. by MAXIM YALI
Migrants on the border of Belarus and Poland

Migration crisis on the Belarusian-Polish border: what are Lukashenko and the Kremlin trying to achieve?

Lukashenko's complete dependence on the Kremlin is an obvious fact by MAXIM YALI