relations between Ukraine and Russia

Volodymy Zelensky and Antony Blinken

Avoid war, save negotiations: why did Blinken come to Ukraine?

An unexpected visit of the US Secretary of State to Ukraine is hardly just a courtesy visit or a political gesture. The States have two tasks they intend to accomplish. by ILIIA KUSA, UKRAINIAN INSTITUTE FOR THE FUTURE
Emblem of the Russian Empire

Anatomy of the enemy. What Ukraine underestimates in Russia

Russia is a systemic enemy of Ukrainian statehood. Moreover, the enemy in all previous historical periods, including the modern one. by BOGDAN SAVRUTSKY
Russia and Ukraine. Confrontation

This is not the Russian invasion force yet: what is Putin preparing for Ukraine-2. The state of things.

A missile attack, rather than a large-scale Russian invasion that would destroy Ukraine's military-industrial complex and heavy weapons, could be Putin's baseline scenario for Ukraine. by DMITRY PASTERNAK-TARANUSHENKO
The crisis. Tornado

This is not the Russian invasion force yet: what is Putin preparing for Ukraine-1. The state of things.

In this article, I will describe a scenario based on a simple but non-obvious hypothesis. The troops concentrated by Russia near the borders of Ukraine are not yet an invasion force.  by DMITRY PASTERNAK-TARANUSHENKO 
Vladimir Putin

Geopolitical configuration around Ukraine and why Yalta-2 is closer to Putin than ever

Vladimir Putin is close to realizing his plans to include Ukraine in Russia's sphere of influence. by MAXIM YALI
Ukraine, Russia and USA

Alexander Chaly: How Ukraine can Avoid A New Russian Attack

For Ukraine, the moment of truth is coming in the light of Russia's latest ultimatums to the West. Diplomat Alexander Chaly explains in detail how Ukraine can avoid a scaring  scenario. by ALEXANDER CHALY, YURI ROMANENKO            
Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov

Kremlin calls NATO expansion "a matter of life and death"

Russia threatens to deploy missiles again
Alexander  Chaly, Former First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

For Ukraine, the moment of truth has come, after Putin's proposals to the United States, - Alexander Chaly

Prominent Ukrainian diplomat Alexander Chaly explained why the moment of truth has come for Ukraine after Vladimir Putin's tough proposals to the United States.
Gyunduz Mamedov

We must say that the LPR and DPR are controlled structures of the Russian Federation, - Gyunduz Mamedov

Unrecognized non-state entities in the temporarily occupied territories of the East of Ukraine are not subjects of responsibility, unlike the state.
Ukraine, Russia and USA

Which "Squid Game" is Ukraine played with - Part 5: about Western useful idiots

After the latest talks between Vladimir Putin and Joseph Biden, it has finally become clear that neither the United States nor NATO will take part in the military conflict in defense of Ukraine. by STEFAN ZAKREVSKY