Ksenia Sobchak has brought to the surface another pearl, which perfectly shows the whole essence of "good Russians".

I will quote the post in its entirety so that the wretchedness of all this manual liberalism of Putin is better visible:

“Vladimir Zelensky asked Europe to stop issuing visas to Russians, and to cancel those that were issued and send us all home. He was supported by politician Ilya Ponomarev, and the Latvian Foreign Ministry said that opponents of what is happening in Ukraine should remain inside the country, because "changes come from within."

Fantastic nonsense.

Such sanctions are completely ineffective. If you want to harm the abstract power of an abstract country - take away its best minds, offer them the best conditions for moving, build a philosophical steamship. Didn't the "brain drain" become one of the symbols of the collapse of the USSR? But now the West, on the contrary, is pushing wealthy and active people into the arms of power.

There are many opposition-minded people in Russia. But if they are locked up with Putin, they will not come out against him. They won't go to the square. For the same reasons that they do not support what is happening in Ukraine: they are for a well-fed comfortable life, and not for geopolitical exploits, for them their own business and family are more important than the state. These conformists, both European and Russian, are the basis of any society. The very middle class of which, alas, we have so little.

Being locked in the country without the opportunity to continue their successful life in the west (its success is relative - many of my friends found themselves without job and without prospects at all, without any understanding of what will happen to them next), these people are more likely to swear and put a “Z” sticker on cars, to live in peace. Yes, it's terrible, but it's true. You have to be a complete idiot not to understand that."

Sobchak, did not understand, or pretends not to understand that many in the world understood. What did they understand? The fact is that Russians are people with a broken spine. These are absolute conformists in their absolute mass. At the same time, they are very ferocious conformists. Therefore, at every opportunity, when they see someone's weakness, Russia immediately tries to grab a new piece of someone's country. Therefore, the Russian people bear full responsibility for such a policy. It is not the tyrant that breeds the Russian people, but the Russian people that breeds ferocious tyrants. The whole history of Russia is about rape. About the rape by the kings of the people, about the rape by the Russian people of all the neighbors to whom he could reach. Thus, it is not Putin who is the main problem for the planet and Ukraine, in particular, but the Russian people, who constantly give birth to Putins.

Therefore, it is strange that Sobchak recalls that for "good Russians" their children, family and their business are more important than the state, and therefore the West should show sympathy. However, in the West, children, families and their work are also important for many. Moreover, in Ukraine for many it is a priority. But this did not stop the Russians in any way, who laid the bolt on children, families and someone else's business and raked 60% of Irpen and demolished Mariupol to the fucking hell. Sobchak should first enter into the position of the Ukrainians, who in Bucha sincerely did not understand in the last seconds of their lives why they were shot for simply riding a bicycle for groceries. Why were the children sitting in the basement of my friends under shelling, because their parents had nothing to do with Nazism?

And here Sobchak misses one moment that cannot be changed. We (not only Ukrainians, but also many Europeans, Americans) already deeply don’t give a fuck where you draw the letter Z for yourself. Will this letter Z be on Sobchak’s boobs or she will stamp it right on her pubis as a sign of protest, we already deeply don’t give a fuck. Threats that some lovers of family values ​​will draw the letter Z because of the cancellation of visas to Europe do not frighten us. Moreover, I just watched an interview with a wonderful family man, a lover of books, who was captured in Ukraine because he decided to earn extra money. Sobchak, we have already understood very well that Russian lovers of family and spirituality, when they see an opportunity to play tricks and line their pockets, do it easily. And not only by clinging to the letter Z, but by firing a tank at a grocery store just to eat.

In short, Ksenia Anatolyevna only confirmed our conclusions with her post - that “good Russians” quickly become “bad Russians” when they see that the market situation is favorable for this. A good Russian does not fit in his head that you can run under bullets with wooden shields against heavily armed OMON, or fight with AKM against tanks, as in Irpin, where hastily assembled territorial defense stopped the elite units of the Russian army. "Good Russian" is not about that. When there are no options to dump in Europe, then the “good Russian” simply hangs the letter Z on the car and takes a machine gun and, go to kill in Ukraine. As Sobchak says, she was left with no options. "To overthrow the shameful power" - such an option does not appear in her head.

That is why it is easier for us to see the world without “good Russians”. For the whole story and even Sobchak's post convincingly show that good Russians quickly turn into bad ones. That is why the Russian people will have to go through the purgatory of repentance for their sins. Whether you did them or not. From now on, you all bear the seal of sin for the insane ferocity that moved more than 400 people to a collective grave in Bucha. Sobchak thinks that she is not to blame for the fact that tens of thousands of people died in Ukraine. But we know for sure that we are to blame. Therefore, Sobchak must share the blame with the Russian people. Will have to do it sooner or later.

You have awakened Ukraine, which will wake up the West. You have turned Ukraine into your gravedigger with your own hands and your stupidity. You have created a super-goal for us - to rid the world of Russia, which kills just like that. Just because suddenly in the morning I wanted to. And then, being a “good Russian”, you can sarcastically comment through chuckles that the West does not succeed with regard to Russia. It is these little twaddles, this lack of empathy and guilt that show why we are right, why the people of Russia should go down into the collective pit. And sit in it until they get rid of the resentment that has turned their lives into constant anger, forcing them to prove to the whole world that Russia should be feared. As long as fear and not love dominates in Russia, there is no need to appeal to our sympathy. We don't feel sorry for you.

PS:And one more thing, Ksenia Anatolyevna. Philosophical ship must be earned. No one is obligated to provide you with excellent conditions in Europe or the USA on the grounds that you are Russian. On the contrary, the condition for getting on the philosophical ship must be the rejection of "Russianness". Because it was she who brought you to such a life. You must publicly say whose Crimea is, that you support the withdrawal of nuclear weapons from Russia and refuse "Russianness". For it turns out strange when a person went to Germany to live, but runs around and shouts "what can we repeat." If you part with Russia, you must condemn the “Russian”. To break completely and irrevocably, that it was not possible to wind around under the pretext of "they have families, children and their business." If they have such priorities, then let them live with them in Russia. In a world where Russia will be looked at like a big crocodile. As a matter of fact, this is what happened. They look at you like you are crocodiles, and you want to be looked at like people. But first, you have yet to become human.