Since February 24th, Russia has been bombarding peaceful Ukrainian cities with missiles and aircraft. Schools, hospitals, neighbourhoods, temples, and theatres - more than 4,000 buildings have been destroyed. The Ukrainian people stand for their freedom, but the price for this freedom is the almost destroyed infrastructure of the Ukrainian cities.

The world stands with Ukraine to overcome disasters of war. And when peace comes, Ukraine needs to be ready to start restoring schools, hospitals, theatres, and homes for millions of people.

The Re:Create UA open competition invites architects, illustrators, designers, art directors, and other artists around the world to imagine how to rebuild Ukraine after the war. Give hope to the Ukrainians by applying your ideas. Join the challenge #ReCreateUA

Alexander Smirnov, curator of ReCreateUA says: "On the background of horrible destruction and fire of war, we consider it extremely important to see the light of hope. Please, join our challenge to help us create the better future! Unlike those evil powers that break and destroy, we, creators, are those who make and build. Let's be builders of tomorrow! Let's recreate Ukraine together!"

How to join?

1. Go to Facebook page

2. Pick one of the ruined or damaged buildings from the gallery

3. Create your concept of the restored or new building in the place of a damaged one.

4. Send your work to e-mail: or leave it as a comment under the Facebook photo of the building you recreate.

5. Send by April 15th - the earlier, the better.

Your creativity empowers Ukraine!

#SupportUkraine #StandWithUkraine #ReCreateUA