Among the nominees there are creators from around the world: Germany, USA, Bulgaria, Portugal, the Netherlands, Moldova, Latvia, Israel, Georgia and of course Ukraine.
Out of hundreds of participants, the jury selected a shortlist of the 28 best, including 3 winners.

First place goes to Aranchii Architects with Unit-E - the Neighborhood project.
Unit E is an adaptive modular architectural system designed to create living and office spaces, capable of reconfiguration (volume change and planning). It is suitable for use as temporary housing, in particular for war refugees. This modules could be located anywhere.
The architectural system Unit-E is essentially a multifunctional system with identical units.

Second place - Anton Tonchev. Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

Third place TEN design. The station.

Originality, applied value, conciseness of the decision and semantic are the characteristics that the jury members especially noted. The adaptive modular system proposed by Aranchii Architects, designed for living and office spaces, attracted the attention of the jury with a combination of simplicity, technology and usability. "High-tech, modular, modern, practical, comfortable and bold," - this is how the idea was described by Jury member ​​Dmytro Vasiliev.
Anton Tonchev's idea of ​​the future building of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration gained sympathy due to thesubtle approach with respect for the historic building "and the reflection of the new history of modern times", preservation and inclusion, integrity. "
The original TEN design solution also proved to be extremely successful for the jury .
As one of the jury members, Mark Woerde, aptly put it: "The beauty of all of these concepts is that together they present a great antidote to evil. That’s why every single entry counts and is important to be shared. So to me every single concept is a winner already..".
The jury included recognized creators whose authoritative opinion is of great importance in the field of architecture and urban planning: Dmytro Vasiliev - cofounder and chief architect of Archimatika, Mark Woerde - UN Peace medalist and winner of the Grand Prix of the Cannes Lions, Vladimir Nepiyvoda - architect, public interior designer, founder and head of the commercial design studio "YOD Group" (Kyiv, Ukraine), Julian Chaplinsky - Ukrainian architect, urban planner and public figure and Slava Balbek, architect, founder of balbek bureau.
Re: Create UA goes on receiving new entries. In two weeks we shall see new ideas of the participants, which will be noted by the jury. And today we congratulate the first winners!