Russia and Ukraine. Confrontation

This is not the Russian invasion force yet: what is Putin preparing for Ukraine-2. The state of things.

A missile attack, rather than a large-scale Russian invasion that would destroy Ukraine's military-industrial complex and heavy weapons, could be Putin's baseline scenario for Ukraine. by DMITRY PASTERNAK-TARANUSHENKO
Vladimir Putin and Joseph Biden

Geneva Security Dialogues: Putin's Neo-Helsinki Maneuvers in a Changing World

Ilya Kusa sums up the results of the meeting of the US and Russian delegations in Geneva, where the issues of the new architecture of the world system were discussed. by ILYA KUSA, UKRAINIAN INSTITUTE OF THE FUTURE

Russia refers to 1997, forgetting about important things

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, arriving in Geneva for talks with the American side, scandalously declared that "NATO should pack its stuff and return to 1997." Why 1997? by ALEXANDER LEVCHENKO
Geopolitics Chessboard

Putin's “Ultimatum” and the Russian-Ukrainian War of 2022

The publication of the so-called "draft treaty between the United States and the Russian Federation on legal security guarantees" launched a new round of escalation between the West and Russia. by ILYA KUSA, UKRAINIAN INSTITUTE FOR THE FUTURE