Vladimir Putin

Volodymy Zelensky and Antony Blinken

Avoid war, save negotiations: why did Blinken come to Ukraine?

An unexpected visit of the US Secretary of State to Ukraine is hardly just a courtesy visit or a political gesture. The States have two tasks they intend to accomplish. by ILIIA KUSA, UKRAINIAN INSTITUTE FOR THE FUTURE
Sergei Datsuk

Serhiy Datsyuk: Why NATO won't save Ukraine

Vladimir Putin's ultimatums to Ukraine and the West naturally raise the question of how effectively one can respond to Russia's threats. by SERHIY DATSYUK and YURI ROMANENKO
Emblem of the Russian Empire

Anatomy of the enemy. What Ukraine underestimates in Russia

Russia is a systemic enemy of Ukrainian statehood. Moreover, the enemy in all previous historical periods, including the modern one. by BOGDAN SAVRUTSKY
Russia and Ukraine

Why does the Kremlin need a smokescreen in the form of negotiations with the US and NATO

The negative result of the negotiations in Geneva and Brussels between the United States and Russia is quite satisfying for Vladimir Putin in unfolding the logic of a new strike on Ukraine. by ALEXANDER LEVCHENKO
Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Putin

Petro's move. Poroshenko as Putin's greatest hope

Today, Poroshenko's interests objectively coincide with Putin's interests in one thing: to punish and undermine the position of the brazen parvenu Vladimir Zelensky by GENADIY DRUZENKO
Vladimir Putin and Joseph Biden

Geneva Security Dialogues: Putin's Neo-Helsinki Maneuvers in a Changing World

Ilya Kusa sums up the results of the meeting of the US and Russian delegations in Geneva, where the issues of the new architecture of the world system were discussed. by ILYA KUSA, UKRAINIAN INSTITUTE OF THE FUTURE
Biden and Putin

Biden crowned Putin

Putin now embodies an amazing mixture of the Soviet party leader and the legendary terrorist like Yasser Arafat. by LEONID SHTEKEL
Nursultan Nazarbayev

The events in Kazakhstan are a purely Moscow scenario. The Kremlin is preparing a bloodbath.

The latest events in Kazakhstan have definitively testified that they follow the Kremlin's script. by ALEXANDER LEVCHENKO
Vladimir Putin

Putin will not forget about Ukraine: why one should not be mistaken that Russia will get bogged down in Kazakhstan

A very dangerous delusion has emerged in Ukraine that Putin will get bogged down in Kazakhstan and forget about us. by BOGDAN SAVRUTSKY
Inflation in the USA

Inflationary incident of the USA and Biden's agreement with Putin

Joe Biden would not have started a dialogue with Vladimir Putin just like that. But the reality is that it is needed now. by PETRO SHEVCHENKO