war in Donbas

Vladimir Putin

US prepares draft sanctions against Putin and his inner circle

The Republican Study Committee drafted the so-called "Putin Accountability Act"
Oleksii Reznikov

"A disaster for Europe": Reznikov warned about the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Western governments need to impose sanctions on Russia “this moment” rather than after an invasion of Ukraine, the country’s defense minister has said.
Volodymy Zelensky and Antony Blinken

Avoid war, save negotiations: why did Blinken come to Ukraine?

An unexpected visit of the US Secretary of State to Ukraine is hardly just a courtesy visit or a political gesture. The States have two tasks they intend to accomplish. by ILIIA KUSA, UKRAINIAN INSTITUTE FOR THE FUTURE
Russia and Ukraine

Why does the Kremlin need a smokescreen in the form of negotiations with the US and NATO

The negative result of the negotiations in Geneva and Brussels between the United States and Russia is quite satisfying for Vladimir Putin in unfolding the logic of a new strike on Ukraine. by ALEXANDER LEVCHENKO
Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov

Piontkovsky pointed to the Kremlin's big lie about "invasion of Ukraine"

Loud statements by the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation turned out to be contradictory
Vladimir Putin

Geopolitical configuration around Ukraine and why Yalta-2 is closer to Putin than ever

Vladimir Putin is close to realizing his plans to include Ukraine in Russia's sphere of influence. by MAXIM YALI
World Geopolitical Chess Board

The West is leaving: what kind of war is Putin simulating in Ukraine and why

The destruction of Ukraine by the "slow fire of chaos" is the key element in restoring Russia's imperial status on the world stage. by BOGDAN SAVRUTSKY
Geopolitics Chessboard

Putin's “Ultimatum” and the Russian-Ukrainian War of 2022

The publication of the so-called "draft treaty between the United States and the Russian Federation on legal security guarantees" launched a new round of escalation between the West and Russia. by ILYA KUSA, UKRAINIAN INSTITUTE FOR THE FUTURE
Gyunduz Mamedov

We must say that the LPR and DPR are controlled structures of the Russian Federation, - Gyunduz Mamedov

Unrecognized non-state entities in the temporarily occupied territories of the East of Ukraine are not subjects of responsibility, unlike the state.
Ursula von der Leyen

The European Commission confirmed that Russia is a party to the conflict in Ukraine

All participants in the EU-Eastern Partnership summit called on Russia to de-escalate on the border with Ukraine