relations between Russia and the United States

Volodymy Zelensky and Antony Blinken

Avoid war, save negotiations: why did Blinken come to Ukraine?

An unexpected visit of the US Secretary of State to Ukraine is hardly just a courtesy visit or a political gesture. The States have two tasks they intend to accomplish. by ILIIA KUSA, UKRAINIAN INSTITUTE FOR THE FUTURE
World Geopolitical Chess Board

The West is leaving: what kind of war is Putin simulating in Ukraine and why

The destruction of Ukraine by the "slow fire of chaos" is the key element in restoring Russia's imperial status on the world stage. by BOGDAN SAVRUTSKY
Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov

Kremlin calls NATO expansion "a matter of life and death"

Russia threatens to deploy missiles again
Alexander  Chaly, Former First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

For Ukraine, the moment of truth has come, after Putin's proposals to the United States, - Alexander Chaly

Prominent Ukrainian diplomat Alexander Chaly explained why the moment of truth has come for Ukraine after Vladimir Putin's tough proposals to the United States.