One of the most dangerous narratives for Ukraine in the United States is that the geopolitical confrontation between Russia and the United States can take place according to the rules of the Cold War without a direct military conflict between the superpowers. In fact, 90% of American experts believe that the confrontation between Russia and the United States should take place on the territory of third countries, as well as during the Cold War in Afghanistan and Vietnam.

Unfortunately, American experts do not understand that contemporary Nazi Russia has nothing to do with the Soviet Union. The Soviet leaders, unlike the current representatives of the Russian elite, remembered the horrors of World War II and did not want a repetition of this tragedy. Putin is confident that a nuclear war, or World War III, will not start because of Russian military aggression against Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, which, from his painful point of view, are not real countries.

It should also not be forgotten that after the death of the bloody despot Stalin in the Soviet Union, there was no regime of one-man dictatorship that existed in Russia, since the power of the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU was limited by the influence of the Politburo. Putin in Russia has unlimited power, so no one in the northern empire of evil is able to stop the new Hitler if he wishes to start a third World War.

Putin, Patrushev, Kovalchuk seek to inflict a military defeat on NATO in order to achieve geopolitical revenge. Therefore, a new cold war between Russia and the United States is impossible. In addition, the comparison of military conflicts in Afghanistan and Vietnam with the conflict on the territory of our country is absolutely correct, because Ukraine has borders with countries that are members of NATO and the EU. So, American intellectuals need to finally understand that Russia is not a copy of the Soviet Union, because the KGB corporation turned it into a transnational mafia corporation, led not by Khrushchev, Brezhnev or Gorbachev, but by Putin, who in his actions is more reminiscent of the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

It is very remarkable that so far the Western media has been dominated by Kremlin narratives. For example, for left-wing Western intellectuals fighting "American imperialism", there is a Kremlin narrative that bloody Russia's military aggression against Ukraine is no different from the US aggression against Serbia, Iraq and Libya. So useful Western idiots would like to be reminded that the Ukrainians, unlike the Serbs, did not carry out mass ethnic cleansing, which were carried out by the fascist regime of Slobodan Milosevic in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Kosovo, namely the massacres of civilians, as well as mass killings of civilians and deliberate destruction of property.

Ukraine also has not carried out in its history any aggression against neighboring countries, such as, for example, Iraq, which staged a military aggression against Kuwait. And the Ukrainian authorities have never ordered the use of chemical weapons against their citizens, as was done in Iraq against the Kurds on the orders of the bloody tyrant Saddam Hussein.

No Ukrainian president has ever collaborated with terrorists who would blow up planes. Therefore, how can Ukraine be compared with Libya, where dictator Muammar Gaddafi supported terrorists. Ukraine was and is the most democratic country in the post-Soviet space, besides, the United States did not annex the territories of Iraq, Serbia and Libya. It was Russia that was the first superpower after World War II to carry out an illegal annexation in an attempt to destroy the international liberal system.

Supporters of the right-wing ideology in the US are actively influenced by the Kremlin narrative about the harm to America from the increase in the presence of its military forces in Europe. From the point of view of pro-Kremlin American experts, increased security of aid for America's European allies will weaken the US in Asia, which will lead to the strengthening of China. In fact, it is the strengthening of the US presence in Europe that allows America to effectively contain China. A Russian victory over Ukraine and the European allies of the US would only show China the weakness of America, which would look like an unreliable ally in relation to Asian countries. Therefore, after that, hardly anyone in Asia was willing to join alliances aimed at containing China, which directly depends on the ability of the United States to contain bloody Russia.

In Russia itself, the narrative about the traitors of the Ukrainians who betrayed the historical brotherhood between Russians and Ukrainians, who became a tool of the West directed against the Russian Federation, dominates. The absurdity of this narrative lies in the fact that it was Russia that pushed Ukraine away from itself. We must not forget that in 2013 our country was under the complete external control of Russia, and if Putin, who sought to provoke an artificial internal conflict in Ukraine, did not forbid Yanukovych, threatening military invasions, to sign the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, the signing of which was supported by the overwhelming majority Ukrainians Viktor Yanukovych would be re-elected for his second presidential term.

Russians should remember that before the Russian military aggression, Ukraine had a non-bloc status. In addition, the majority of Ukrainians were against the entry of our country into NATO, and only the illegal annexation of Ukrainian Crimea and the occupation by Russia of certain areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions convinced Ukrainian citizens that Ukraine should join NATO for its survival and independence. In fact, the traitors are the Russians, who overwhelmingly supported the terrible military aggression of Nazi Russia against Ukraine, turning a blind eye even to the murders committed by the Russian occupiers of their relatives on the territory of our country.

The Russians even turned out to be traitors to their relatives who fought against Nazism during the Second World War, since Russian top officials repeatedly stated that Russia should develop under the influence of the ideas of Ivan Ilyin, who was sympathetic to both Nazism and fascism. Ivan Ilyin, Putin's favorite philosopher, saw Nazism as a way out of the democratic impasse and a necessary safeguard against the Bolshevization of Germany. Therefore, many Western analysts mistakenly believe that Putin is seeking to create a new Soviet Union, because, in fact, he is trying to revive the autocratic Russian Empire.

What kind of Putin's commitment to the Soviet Union can we talk about if in 2005 there was a reburial of the enemies of the Soviet regime Anton Denikin and Ivan Ilyin in the cemetery of the Donskoy Monastery, which was attended by Putin. When Putin declares that the collapse of the Soviet empire of evil was a geopolitical catastrophe, he would like to ask the question why he swore allegiance to the Soviet Union in 1991 without defending it with arms in hand, as the heroic Ukrainian military is doing now, fighting for the independence of their country?

Ukraine has a feminine soul, and a woman, as you know, loves gifts and compliments, and Russia offered only rape to our country, not realizing that by destroying Ukraine, they are destroying the Russian Empire, which the Ukrainians created. Even the bloody Bolsheviks understood that it was impossible to create an empire where Russian chauvinism would dominate, so the ideologists of the “Russian world”, without realizing it, launched the process of Russia's self-destruction.

Representatives of the Russian authorities for some reason forgot that Russia twice managed to modernize precisely through cooperation with the West. The Russian authorities had a unique opportunity to use soft power to create a geopolitical axis Moscow-Berlin-Paris and oust the US from Europe. But this opportunity was mediocrely lost by the Kremlin, which, under the influence of Kremlin ideologists, chose for the development of Russia an absolutely anti-European ideology of Eurasianism, oriented towards the historical heritage of the Golden Horde.

It is noteworthy that the ideologists of the Kremlin, especially the Nazi Dugin, who is ideologically sympathetic to the friend of the Kremlin Fuhrer Kovalchuk, are sure that Russia has been chosen by God, and due to its spiritual and moral purity, brings love and justice to the whole world.

In fact, the Russian Federation has been turned into a very dangerous religious sect. And it depends on Joseph Biden now whether this religious sect will be stopped, or whether he will go down in history as a politician under whose presidency the international liberal system was finally destroyed, or whether he will leave a memory of himself as a statesman who ensured the victory of democracy. on a global scale over autocracy. In addition, Ukraine's victory over Russia would also be his success, which would help him in the next presidential election.

Finally, despite all the tactical military successes, bloody Russia is strategically doomed to defeat, because Vladimir Putin, through his own actions, is fulfilling the geopolitical prophecy of Zbigniew Brzezinski: "The new world order will be built against Russia, on the ruins of Russia and at the expense of Russia."