Joseph Biden

Vladimir Putin and Joseph Biden

Geneva Security Dialogues: Putin's Neo-Helsinki Maneuvers in a Changing World

Ilya Kusa sums up the results of the meeting of the US and Russian delegations in Geneva, where the issues of the new architecture of the world system were discussed. by ILYA KUSA, UKRAINIAN INSTITUTE OF THE FUTURE
Biden and Putin

Biden crowned Putin

Putin now embodies an amazing mixture of the Soviet party leader and the legendary terrorist like Yasser Arafat. by LEONID SHTEKEL
Vladimir Putin

Geopolitical configuration around Ukraine and why Yalta-2 is closer to Putin than ever

Vladimir Putin is close to realizing his plans to include Ukraine in Russia's sphere of influence. by MAXIM YALI
World Geopolitical Chess Board

The West is leaving: what kind of war is Putin simulating in Ukraine and why

The destruction of Ukraine by the "slow fire of chaos" is the key element in restoring Russia's imperial status on the world stage. by BOGDAN SAVRUTSKY
Nord Stream 2

Quixoticism of the Republicans in the "fight" with the "Nord Stream-2"

Ukrainian gas transportation system risks turning into a heap of scrap metal by MAXIM YALI 
Geopolitics Chessboard

Putin's “Ultimatum” and the Russian-Ukrainian War of 2022

The publication of the so-called "draft treaty between the United States and the Russian Federation on legal security guarantees" launched a new round of escalation between the West and Russia. by ILYA KUSA, UKRAINIAN INSTITUTE FOR THE FUTURE
Alexander  Chaly, Former First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

For Ukraine, the moment of truth has come, after Putin's proposals to the United States, - Alexander Chaly

Prominent Ukrainian diplomat Alexander Chaly explained why the moment of truth has come for Ukraine after Vladimir Putin's tough proposals to the United States.
Putin-Biden virtual summit: analysis of the main results

Putin-Biden virtual summit: analysis of the main results

How did the negotiations between Putin and Biden end? Why should we seriously reconsider our foreign policy because of them? Analysis of the main results of the virtual summit. by ILYA KUSA, UKRAINIAN INSTITUTE FOR THE FUTURE
Flags of USA, Ukraine, and Russia

Disappointing results for Ukraine of Biden's virtual rendezvous with Putin

The first video format meeting between the presidents of the United States and Russia took place. Maxim Yali summarizes its main results. by MAXIM YALI
Joseph Biden in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

Putin-Biden conversation: main conclusions for Ukraine

Joining temporarily occupied territories in exchange for little money. The main conclusions of the Putin-Biden meeting. by VADIM DENYSENKO