The big mistake of the Ukrainian authorities is to underestimate the challenges that exist for Ukraine on the Western information front. Until now, unfortunately, in many Western newspapers and magazines, the position of Ukraine is not presented due to the inaction of Ukrainian ambassadors, who for some reason cannot write texts for the media in which Ukrainian narratives were circulated.

Ukraine is in dire need of increased security, so Ukrainian refugees and the Ukrainian diaspora should more actively support our country, coordinating their actions with opinion leaders in the West, writing appeals to Western politicians and journalists, and holding mass actions of thousands of people demanding that more offensive weapons be provided to the heroic Armed Forces of Ukraine. Consequently, Ukrainian ambassadors are obliged to coordinate the activities of the diaspora and refugees, conveying Ukrainian narratives to Western societies through them.

In fact, having fallen into a trap because of Putin's adventure and realizing that the resource base of the West is much larger than the Russian one, which will result in the defeat of the Russian Federation, the Kremlin is trying, by activating its agents of influence in the West, to convince the American and European establishment of the need to sign a peace agreement between the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

Unfortunately, one of the last texts of the famous American political scientist John Mearsheimer has gone unnoticed in Ukraine. He wrote that there is no evidence that Putin sought to destroy Ukraine, where a civil war is going on, and power is under the influence and pressure of a nationalist minority, which does not allow the Ukrainian president to compromise with Russia. From Mearsheimer's point of view, the Russian invasion force, namely 190,000 troops, was not enough to conquer Ukraine, which he believes is proof of Putin's unwillingness to occupy our country.

It is very remarkable that the top American political scientist does not fully understand the structure of power in Russia. The existence of a centralized system of power, where all major decisions are made by Putin, turned Russian civil servants and intelligence officers into imitators, for the sake of careers they told the Kremlin Fuhrer only what he wanted to hear. Putin, in fact, due to his own incompetence, fell into an information bubble, no different from an ordinary Russian who is a victim of Russian propaganda.

The Fuhrer from the Kremlin was convinced, under the influence of his secret services, that the vast majority of Ukrainians would not resist the Russian invaders, welcoming them as liberators in their cities. In addition, Putin has always been jealous of the US, so he sought to repeat the American success story in Iraq, where coalition forces of only 255,000 troops destroyed Saddam Hussein's regime. The Kremlin's miscalculation is connected, first of all, with the misunderstanding of the representatives of the Russian authorities of the fact that the Americans fought for the destruction of an unpopular regime that did not have much support among the citizens of Iraq.

The Russians, on the other hand, seek to destroy the Ukrainian people, denying the right of Ukrainians to be Ukrainians. Kremlin representatives have fallen under the influence of their own propaganda, which portrayed Ukrainians in Russian films and TV series as primitive people who are naive "Khokhlov", who are less cultured and successful "little brothers" against the background of Russian "intellectuals". The Kremlin did not take into account that, unlike the Russians, Ukrainians are individualists who do not perceive violence against themselves, which was proved both during the Revolution of Dignity and after the Russian military aggression in 2014, which led to the self-organization of Ukrainian citizens and the creation of volunteer and volunteer organizations. movement.

For some reason, Mearsheimer considers Putin a rational politician, forgetting that if the Kremlin had acted rationally, then after the Revolution of Dignity, the Russian authorities would have positioned themselves as an intermediary in resolving the political crisis in Ukraine. Without aggression against Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea with the occupation of certain areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, our country would still be in the sphere of influence of bloody Russia. What kind of rationality can Putin be talking about if he destroys with his own hands all the achievements of Leonid Brezhnev and the KGB in turning Russia into an energy superpower on which all of Europe should have depended.

The expansion of NATO to the East, which, according to Mearsheimer, was the main reason for Russia's aggression against Ukraine, in fact, had no effect on Putin's adventure. Russia is ruled by gerontocrats who seek to pass power to their children, so they perceive Western values, like the existence of the EU and NATO, as a dangerous alternative to their power. Kremlin ideologists publicly admitted that the success of pro-Western Ukraine would destroy imperialist Russia, so the Kremlin was always interested in Ukraine not moving towards NATO, because without military-technical cooperation with the Alliance, our country would be left face to face with the northern evil empire, becoming its easy prey.

It is NATO, as a defense alliance for Russia, that poses no threat, because no one in the West has ever wanted to carry out aggression against a nuclear superpower. And only the bloody aggression of Nazi Russia carried out against Ukraine prompted even such neutral countries as Finland and Sweden to join NATO for their security and protection from the northern empire of evil.

For Putin, revenge on Ukraine is a personal matter of his life, because his defeats and humiliations are associated with it. He cannot forgive Ukraine for choosing a more cultured, educated, richer, well-mannered and successful Western cavalier instead of a Russian gopnik.

Mearsheimer is also convinced that the annexation of Crimea was Putin's impulsive decision in response to Yanukovych's loss of power. I would like to remind the respected political scientist that the illegal annexation of Ukrainian Crimea began when Yanukovych was still in power, while in Kyiv. All Russian top officials know that Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine began to be prepared by the Kremlin since 2005, and Nikolai Patrushev was personally responsible for the preparations for the annexation of Crimea after the Orange Revolution, personally confirming the former Kremlin ideologist Vladislav Surkov during private conversations.

Particularly surprising are Mearsheimer's statements about the civil war in Ukraine. Mearsheimer needs to ask himself the question, why didn’t civil war take place in Russian-speaking Kharkov, Odessa, Dnieper, Nikolaev, Zaporozhye and Kherson before the full-scale Russian invasion? The answer is that the war took place only where the Russian occupiers fought, the proof of this is the liberated cities of Donbass in 2014, where peace was established immediately after their de-occupation.

If Donetsk and Luhansk were liberated from Russian invaders, peace would be established in these cities the next day, as happened in Slavyansk after the Russian terrorists fled from it in 2014, therefore transforming their occupation of certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions by Russia into a springboard for strike in Ukraine, there is nothing to do with the civil war.

Just as out of touch with reality is Mearsheimer's view of a nationalist, aggressive minority that is preventing Zelensky from negotiating peace with Putin. This narrative has been used by Russian propagandists for a very long time, under the influence of which even the Russian authorities believed that only a small nationalist minority would oppose them in Ukraine. In fact, the majority of Ukrainians from all Ukrainian regions are categorically opposed to territorial concessions in relation to Russia. The majority of Ukrainians are also supporters of Ukraine's accession to the EU and NATO, and in Ukraine, not a single right-wing party has entered the parliament.

Since 2014, both Russian and European neo-Nazis, with whom the Russian special services cooperate, have been fighting against Ukraine, for example, the well-known Ukrainian collaborator Pavel Gubarev, a few years before Russia's military aggression in the Donbas, studied subversive activities along with Russian neo-Nazis on Russian territory. controlled by the special services of the Russian Federation.

We must also not forget that Alexei Milchakov, the head of the Nazi sabotage and reconnaissance group Rusich, which is an informal division of the Russian army, has repeatedly publicly stated that he is a Nazi. By the way, in 2015, Milchakov took part in the international Russian conservative forum, which was attended by neo-Nazis from Europe and the USA in St. Petersburg.

During this neo-Nazi forum, Belgian right-wing radical Chris Roman expressed his admiration for the way Russian right-wing radicals in St. Petersburg are clearing markets of migrants and expressed his admiration for the actions of the Russian authorities aimed at eliminating her political opponents. Therefore, it is very strange why such an educated analyst as John Mearsheimer is spreading the Kremlin narrative about the mythical Ukrainian right-wing radicals who have a decisive influence on the political processes in Ukraine. Therefore, he is either a useful idiot or an agent of the Kremlin's influence.

Calling themselves realists in international relations, experts like Mearsheimer are only playing along with the enemies of democracy. Mearsheimer's position is absolutely consistent with the Kremlin's narratives about the balance of interests between the superpowers, which should not interfere in the spheres of influence of their geopolitical rival.

It must be remembered that such a policy of influence, in which Western leaders agreed to the occupation of Austria and Czechoslovakia by Nazi Germany, led to the Second World War. The consequence of Mearsheimer's realism may be a world without international rules and obligations, where chaos will rule with constant wars that will lead to the third World War.

Putin, because of his chauvinistic superiority towards Ukraine, fell into a trap of his own creation. Therefore, the Kremlin's only hope is Western useful idiots who can save Putin's terrorist regime under the influence of Kremlin narratives. The Russian security forces are confident that if Putin succeeds in imposing a “peace agreement” unfavorable for Ukraine and freezing the conflict on the territory of our country, Russia will fully restore its combat potential in 3 years.

The Kremlin expects that if the Ukrainian government commits suicide by signing a peace agreement with Nazi Russia, then Ukraine will stop receiving military assistance from the West, in fact, the Russian government seeks to disarm Ukraine before the subsequent more deliberate aggression of the northern evil empire. In addition, recently the Russian security forces have also begun to discuss the scenario of a hybrid aggression against Poland and Lithuania, which will be carried out from the territory of Belarus.

It should also be understood that any territorial concessions from Ukraine towards Russia will only increase Putin's influence, both on the Russian elite and on the society of our northern neighbor, thereby creating the preconditions for the continuation of the imperialist policy aimed at destroying the independence of our country.

It is very important that Ukrainian diplomats convey to the representatives of the Biden administration the Ukrainian narrative that the victory of Ukraine over Russia will be simultaneously the defeat of authoritarian China, whose political elite will see all the ineffectiveness and devastating consequences of the imperialist war for the initiator of this aggression. Only a military defeat of Russia from Ukraine will allow not only to destroy the Putin terrorist regime, but also to turn the Russian Federation into the frontier of the West to contain China in the future.

Neither Vladimir Zelensky nor Joseph Biden have the right to stop the process of self-destruction of imperialist Russia launched by Vladimir Putin, who will go down in history as an international criminal who destroyed the Russian Empire with his own hands.