Yuri Romanenko

Sergei Datsuk

Serhiy Datsyuk: Why NATO won't save Ukraine

Vladimir Putin's ultimatums to Ukraine and the West naturally raise the question of how effectively one can respond to Russia's threats. by SERHIY DATSYUK and YURI ROMANENKO
Volodymyr Zelensky

Zelensky’s Wars Against Everyone

A high rating in his first year of office provided President Volodymyr Zelensky with the opportunity to take the boldest steps, including those that directly impact the interests of the social groups who have supported him. by YURI ROMANENKO
Ukraine, Russia and USA

Alexander Chaly: How Ukraine can Avoid A New Russian Attack

For Ukraine, the moment of truth is coming in the light of Russia's latest ultimatums to the West. Diplomat Alexander Chaly explains in detail how Ukraine can avoid a scaring  scenario. by ALEXANDER CHALY, YURI ROMANENKO            
Alexander  Chaly, Former First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

For Ukraine, the moment of truth has come, after Putin's proposals to the United States, - Alexander Chaly

Prominent Ukrainian diplomat Alexander Chaly explained why the moment of truth has come for Ukraine after Vladimir Putin's tough proposals to the United States.
Mayor of Kyiv Vitaly Klitschko

President's office breaks its teeth about Klitschko

Strategy is not a strong feature of Zelenskyy and the OP, so they continue to climb the mines with perseverance worthy of better use. by YURI ROMANENKO
President Zelenskyy

Hot winter for Zelenskyy. Is it his last one?

President Vladimir Zelenskyy meets the equator of the cadence as an inexperienced surfer who has climbed the crest of an ocean wave. Into the storm. by YURI ROMANENKO