Vladimir Putin seems to be doing everything so that Russia does not have a single chance to fight back. There will be no weapons, no army, no technology. The Caucasus will explode, the Volga region will explode, the national republics will shake. The Russians did everything so that the whole world would disarm them, deprive the remnants of the status of the USSR and turn what was left of Russia into a reservation for imbeciles. The prison of nations will die stupidly because of petty envy and malicious resentment for which the Russians are ready to sacrifice well-being, which has never been in their history. It does not fit in my head - how it was possible to merge everything so quickly just because a whole nation has got it into its head that it is exceptional because of the fact of having nuclear weapons and gas with oil.

When Russia disappears, it will be easier for everyone. But it will be easier for the Russians. In these days, many of them are beginning to understand, and in the coming months and years they will understand even more, that the burden of empire is unbearable for them. At one time, the British and French understood this, and even earlier the Spaniards, Austrians and Germans. Everything ends sooner or later.

But this does not mean that after the disappearance of life ends. On the contrary, life can sparkle with new hitherto unknown colors. It turns out that it is possible to invest resources in small everyday joys, and not in a nuclear ingot, shaking which violently frighten the world and convince ourselves that this is greatness. The Russians will have to learn to enjoy tidying up their own yard, not violence against children and women in occupied countries.

Russia will have to come to terms with the idea that internal problems are not solved by the occupation of other countries, but by systematic work on their own mistakes. Recognition of these mistakes.

In this regard, for Russia, Ukraine has become that fatal mistake that knocked out the rotten teeth of the half-dead Russian Empire.

Now Russia can check out what Ukraine was for her. Brzezinski was right, as an empire without Ukraine, Russia cannot take place. Without Ukraine, Russia is just an Asian horde in its worst sense, slightly covered with a European gloss. And as soon as the gloss flies off, then there remains only stupid bestial malice and the desire to destroy everything in its path. Russia has been looking into the abyss of denial of everything that exists for so long that it has turned into a Chimera.

Indian Prime Minister Modi is right, there is no place for animal instincts in our era. Normal countries don't go to war simply because in the morning some idiot got up on the wrong foot and decided that they could just take and destroy the lives of several tens of millions of people.

Therefore, Russia is finished. Seemingly an empire and being an empire are two different things. Russian men fleeing from the military commissars convincingly prove this. It is one thing to make a Z tattoo on the ass of a beloved (although, can a raped people have love, perhaps a very specific one) of a female, and another thing is when your beloved Putin drives you in a Z position to rot at the bottom of a trench near Kherson or Liman.

The sooner the Russians accept their fate, the less bloody will be the end of their empire. It won't work without blood. Too much suffering was brought by the "prison of peoples" to neighbors and conquered ethnic groups. But sooner or later, awareness must come, and the world must help free the people from the imperial burden, which is too soulless to give something useful to the Universe. The Russian nation will have to reassemble itself into smaller territories, with fewer resources, as other imperial nations have done. Russia cannot escape this fate and will have to accept it. And if he does not accept, then disappear, as Assyria, the Mongol empire, the state of Timur and many others disappeared. Such is the inexorable logic of history. Who does not correspond to the spirit of the time, he disappears.