Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Sergei Datsuk

Serhiy Datsyuk: Why NATO won't save Ukraine

Vladimir Putin's ultimatums to Ukraine and the West naturally raise the question of how effectively one can respond to Russia's threats. by SERHIY DATSYUK and YURI ROMANENKO
Emblem of the Russian Empire

Anatomy of the enemy. What Ukraine underestimates in Russia

Russia is a systemic enemy of Ukrainian statehood. Moreover, the enemy in all previous historical periods, including the modern one. by BOGDAN SAVRUTSKY
Russia and Ukraine

Why does the Kremlin need a smokescreen in the form of negotiations with the US and NATO

The negative result of the negotiations in Geneva and Brussels between the United States and Russia is quite satisfying for Vladimir Putin in unfolding the logic of a new strike on Ukraine. by ALEXANDER LEVCHENKO
Geopolitics Chessboard

Putin's “Ultimatum” and the Russian-Ukrainian War of 2022

The publication of the so-called "draft treaty between the United States and the Russian Federation on legal security guarantees" launched a new round of escalation between the West and Russia. by ILYA KUSA, UKRAINIAN INSTITUTE FOR THE FUTURE
On the likelihood of a large-scale Russian offensive against Ukraine

On the likelihood of a large-scale Russian offensive against Ukraine

Russia has already launched an offensive, and not against Ukraine, but against Western Europe by means of gas blackmail. Vladimir Stus analyzes the goals of key players in global geopolitics from different perspectives. by VLADIMIR STUS