Yesterday I observed our ironic, infantile reaction in the social media feed to the Bild publication, which described the scheme of "development" of Ukraine "from the point of view of the Kremlin" using its political proxies in Ukraine, with People's Rada elections, sweep of the unreliable and filtration camps.

In general, the reaction in the posts came down to the fact that this is the Kremlin's psychological pressure for the implementation of Minsk-2 and "they won't dare" because "the time is wrong."

I was once told about the "wrong time" in the same way at the end of 1999, when I expressed timid assumptions that the new owner of the Kremlin (at that moment still the prime minister of the Russian Federation) would solve the Ukrainian issue using all available measures including the military.

I just want to remind you that there is nothing fantastic about the plans to rebuild Ukraine after Russia's alleged use of military measures and the possible destruction of Ukrainian state institutions, and there is nothing that Moscow haven't already done. Including on the territory of Ukraine.

After the collapse of the UNR and the final defeat of the Directory in 1920, Moscow was engaged in reorganization on the territory of Ukraine to the all necessary extent. At the same time, in the war against the UNR, the Kremlin used to the fullest the administrative and military potential of the "ORDLO" of that time - the UPRS (Ukrainian People's Republic of Soviets), created in Kharkov on December 25, 1917, and a little later its successor, the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (Ukrainian SSR).

Prior to the defeat of the Directory, during the imitation of "negotiations", Moscow (Sovnarkom) rejected the UNR accusations of waging an "undeclared war" against it, stating that there were no "regular Russian troops in Ukraine." This is a war "waged by the Ukrainian Red Army" and the Ukrainian SSR against the UNR, which the Kremlin did not consider "a representative body of the Ukrainian people."

And after the peace with Poland, concluded by the Kremlin in 1921, there was terror in Ukraine to the extent that it was necessary for Moscow. This terror was carried out not only by the Russians, but the main measure was their Ukrainian "proxy" from the Ukrainian SSR. And there were camps into which they drove the unreliable, "landowners", "bourgeois nationalists", "priests" and other "counter-revolutionaries". And then there was the Holodomor, in the technical implementation of which not only ethnic Russians from Yaroslavl and Kostroma, but also local "proxies" dressed in Budyonovka with a red star took an active part.

In 1940, Moscow "peacefully" occupied the three Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, first using the threat of military measures, then held national elections there and got the result that Stalin needed. And then there was also a "reorganization" with terror and transits in the Siberian camps.

And the civilized world world swallowed everything. The Finns did not swallow. Because at the level of society and elites they realized the importance of the existence of their own state.

So there is no fantasy in the Bild publication. There is a version that is based on historical facts. And the fact that, from the Kremlin’s point of view, Ukraine needs to be “cleansed from filth” and “brought into the bosom” is openly voiced on all media platforms in the Russian Federation and Belarus, where Lukashenko enthusiastically, practically, openly talks about how and in what terms Ukraine will be "introduced into the Union State."

After the implementation of Minsk-2, of course, and the conduct of the "CSTO peacekeeping operation" to "appease the Ukrainian radicals."

Not Medvedchuk, but Lukashenko - the same "Munchausen" that Moscow needs, not only for conducting the "CSTO peacekeeping operation" to "save the Ukrainian people", but also for its subsequent "cleansing" from "nationalism" and other "radicalism".

It was not in vain that the Kremlin spent so much time feeding its war dog and spending so many resources on Belarus in order not to use this potential. Putin does not want to get dirty in the blood of the "fraternal nation" directly. It is not his level.

At the same time, all possible atrocities and cruelty, in a dialogue with Western "partners", can always be attributed to the Belarusian military psycho Lukashenko, and outraged "miners and tractor drivers" from ORDLO, fighting Ukrainian "radicals".

Therefore, the implementation of military-technical measures and the subsequent "purge of Ukraine", which is so talked about in the Western media, is not a fantasy, but a completely realistic scenario for the development of events in Ukraine, if the Ukrainian elites and Ukrainian society do not begin to realize the preservation of state sovereignty, as real, not just declarative value.