On the day Putin demonstrated to the world his nuclear and other military capabilities, old Europe in Munich made it clear to Ukraine that it would not defend us, that in the foreseeable future we should not expect either EU or NATO membership.

But Ukraine is not Beneš's Czechoslovakia. We are ready to fight. And this is our message to the Munich "peacekeepers".

We are ready to fight for every meter of Ukrainian land. We will fight in cities, towns and villages. The land will burn under the feet of Russian aggressors in the Donbas, Slobozhanshchina, Azov and Black Sea regions, on both banks of the Dnieper, in Polissya, Sivershchina, Volyn, Galicia, Podillya, Bessarabia and Transcarpathia, in Polissya swamps and Dnieper steppes.

We are ready to fight, no matter what the president, parliament and prime minister of Ukraine say. If they try to surrender, Yanukovych's fate awaits them. But they will not escape to Rostov-on-Don.

We are ready to fight no matter what the Germans, the French and the Italians say. We will fight in Dnipro, Kharkiv and Kyiv so that the earth will tremble in Berlin, Paris and Rome.

We have learned the lessons of the twentieth century: our own statehood - no matter how clumsy it may be - is the only guarantee against the mass physical destruction of Ukrainians. From the destruction of the Ukrainian soul, language and culture.

We are ready to fight. We will pay any price to survive. If the army disappears, every village, town and neighborhood will turn into guerrilla units.

We are ready to fight. We will kill the aggressor without hesitation or pity: in our cities, forests, fields, steppes, rivers and lakes. If Putin dares to attack Ukraine, Ukraine's land will turn red with Russian blood this spring.

We are ready to fight. And we will win. Because the truth is on our side. But Europe will get European Israel on its eastern border, not a member of its alliances. Which will act according to our needs and when we need. This is war.