Messages of some Western and Russian politicians about the possibility of "Finnishization" of our country to prevent full-scale military conflict in Europe, indicate dangerous arrangements around Ukraine between representatives of Russian authorities and our Western partners. Unfortunately, corporations of Russian chekists, at the expense of various activities and cognitive war, managed to impose to many western intellectuals and politicians a completely wrong idea that the main cause of Russian aggression against Ukraine is our opportunity of accession to NATO, which could create military threats to the Russian Federation.

In fact, Russian aggression against Ukraine had absolutely nothing to deal with NATO's expansion due to our country. In 2014, when military aggression against Ukraine happened, our state had a non-bloc status, moreover before the Russian invasion the majority of Ukrainians was against joining The North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The main reason of Russian military aggression against our country is the Kremlin's desire to make Ukraine a vassal of the Russian Federation.

It is impossible to forget that it was the Kremlin that provoked a political crisis in Ukraine in 2013-2014, carrying out pressure on Yanukovych to prevent him from signing the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. Representatives of Russian authorities, using Yanukovych as a useful idiot, sought primarily to provoke the civil conflict in Ukraine, which they planned to resolve using Kremlin's mediation.

Artificially created by Russian special services "internal conflict” in Ukraine was needed to the Kremlin for the federalization of our country and changing the form of government to a parliamentary republic that would allow chekists' corporation to form the coalition of a “national unity” and make Victor Medvedchuk a a Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Chekists didn't need Yanukovych as a subjec facilitaror between the Kremlin and Ukraine, so his removal was perceived by Russian authorities as an opportunity to provide a full control over our country. That is why the Kremlin, using provoked by itself "internal crisis” in Ukraine , began the military operation aimed at annexation Crimea on February 20, 2014, when Viktor Yanukovych was still the President of Ukraine.

By words of many Russian security officers, the military operation of illegal Crimea annexation had been planned after the Orange revolution by Mykola Patrushev, whom Russian experts called the most dangerous security officer in Russian Federation. So completely unrealistic membership in NATO in 2014 when Ukraine had non-bloc status, could not be the cause of Russian aggression against our country.

Unfortunately western elites do not understand that conflict between Russia and Ukraine is foremost metaphysical, because it is aimed at the struggle for historical legacy of Kyivan Russia. Modern Russia without Ukraine is a bad copy of Golden Horde and it is perfectly clear to Volodymyr Putin, who craves to destroy independent Ukraine for appropriation of its history.

Despite the Kremlin's hysteria, which Russian authorities very successfully imitate, NATO, as a defense alliance, creates no threats to Russia, because there in Central Europe has not been created a military and transport infrastructure needed to run full-scale war with Russian Federation. Few thousands NATO servicemen in Poland, Romania , Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, which are there on the rotary basis, cannot create even the smallest threat to the Russian Federation.

Russian statements are especially cynical when their diplomats compare current geopolitical crisis with the Caribbean one, because unlike the Soviet Union, which placed in Cuba Soviet missiles of medium-range missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads, the US never planned to place nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

Russian diplomats are also very often trying to justify the occupation of the Separate Districts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions and illegal annexation of Crimea with Kosovo precedent, though events in Kosovo had nothing in common with those that took place in Ukraine in 2014. Ukrainians unlike Serbs haven't launched ethnic cleansing in Crimea and Donbas, moreover Kosovo hadn't been occupied by foreign armed forces, or annexed to other state as Crimea. It is worth noting that internal, ethnic and religious conflicts took place in Yugoslavia unlike in Ukraine, which has never experienced interethnic conflict, so war on the territory of our country would be impossible without intervention of Russia.

Famous Russian politician Constantine Zatulin during private conversations with Russian officials repeatedly told them that overwhelming majority of the residents of southern and eastern regions of Ukraine did not support the "Russian Spring" and did not want to fight for Russia against our country. Odessa tragedy on May 2, which love Russian propagandists like to remember in order to discredit Ukraine, would also never have happened without intervention of Russian special services. Leaders of Odessa anti-Maidan on May 2 publicly declared to their supporters that they received an order for radical actions from Sergey Glazyev, at that time an adviser to the President of the Russian Federation. Now after the Russian aggression it is not a nationalistic minority as Russian diplomats and western useful idiots like are trying to present, but the majority of Ukrainian citizens supports Ukraine to access to NATO and the EU and it should be clear either to Volodymyr Putin or our Western partners.

When some pro-Kremlin politicians in Ukraine declare that our country must become Eastern European Switzerland, they just forget to mention that Switzerland borders with democratic countries that do not have territorial claims against it. Ukraine cannot have neutral status as Switzerland, because its northern neighbor is the Russian Federation that plans to annex our country.

Russian politicians believe that the "Finnishization" of Ukraine should provide its refusal from western security assistance. In fact, "Finnishization", as designed by the Kremlin ideologues is needed for disarmament of Ukraine and dismantling our independence. Ukrainians cannot forget that Belarus' neutral status did not prevent the Kremlin from starting absorption process of this one wonderful country. Neutral status also did not help Moldova return under its control Transnistria occupied by the Russian Federation. Therefore, Ukraine, like the Soviet Union during the World War II, for its own survival is forced to get military-technical help from the West. So, the Euro-Atlantic vector of development for Ukraine is unalterable.