Russian troops on the border with Ukraine

Volodymy Zelensky and Antony Blinken

Avoid war, save negotiations: why did Blinken come to Ukraine?

An unexpected visit of the US Secretary of State to Ukraine is hardly just a courtesy visit or a political gesture. The States have two tasks they intend to accomplish. by ILIIA KUSA, UKRAINIAN INSTITUTE FOR THE FUTURE
Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine

In case of an attack from the sea, we will fight back with "Neptunes", - Danilov

The Sea of Azov is dominated by Russia
Russia and NATO

NATO has named a possible date for negotiations with Russia - Anadolu

NATO contacts with Russia on this issue ANADOLU AGENCY  
Ursula von der Leyen

The European Commission confirmed that Russia is a party to the conflict in Ukraine

All participants in the EU-Eastern Partnership summit called on Russia to de-escalate on the border with Ukraine
War between Russia and Ukraine

What kind of war is Russia waging with Ukraine: what you need to know about the "invasion" in January 2022

In Ukraine, there is a very simplified understanding of war as a concept and a very simplified understanding of the threats in the war with Russia. by BOGDAN SAVRUTSKY 
Why Russia won't attack Ukraine again

Why Russia won't attack Ukraine again

A large-scale Russian attack on Ukraine is unlikely. by MAXIM YALI
Oleksiy Reznikov

Reznikov found "positive" in information about the threat of Russian invasion

He also explained why Kyiv is so calm about this.
Anthony Blinken

Blinken commented on the situation on the border of Russia and Ukraine

United States are concerned because they do not know "what are Putin's intentions"