As reported on the White House website, the politician spoke about decisive actions in close coordination with the US and other allies. He also mentioned that Washington will continue to inform Japan about events and problems in Ukraine.

In addition to the Ukrainian crisis, the United States and Japan discussed the launch of North Korean ballistic missiles in defiance of the prohibitions of the UN Security Council resolution and the situation in the Taiwan Strait. The Japanese side also declared its determination to repulse China in case of its attempts to change the situation in the East China and South China Seas.

The Japanese premier's statements aroused indignation in Moscow. A correponding message appeared on the Facebook page of the Russian Embassy in Japan.

"We reviewed with puzzlement the reports that at the Japan-US summit yesterday, the Japanese side attempted to threaten Russia with some ‘strong actions,’ ‘in close coordination with the US and other allies’ at that, in the Ukrainian context. The inadmissibility and senselessness of such statements, as well as their counterproductiveness for the atmosphere of Russian-Japanese relations and dialogue are obvious," the statement published on the embassy’s Facebook page said. The Russian diplomatic agency also advised the Japanese side to "read deeper into the essence of Russian initiatives on mutual security guarantees with the US and NATO" as well as to "impartially assess the aggressive activity of the North Atlantic Alliance on its eastward expansion right up to Russian borders and the military colonization of the territory of neighboring" Ukraine.