The well-known doctor Eugene Komarovsky said that the new Omicron coronavirus strain has easier sympthoms than Delta, but it spreads faster than all known variants of the virus.

He said this on the air of the Ukraine 24 TV channel.

Due to the high infectivity of Omicron, the whole world can be infected with this disease.

"Infectiousness is 3-4 times higher than that of Delta, that is, it is close to measles in terms of infectivity. It is almost impossible to avoid Omicron - no masks, restrictions could save us. Omicron will come to every nasopharynx.", - said the specialist.

The doctor noted that the University of Washington predicted the development of morbidity according to Omicron. According to scientists, the number of people who get sick with this strain in three months will reach the incidence of coronavirus in two years.

"They are waiting for a disease of about 3 billion people. It is easier, but the number of cases is such that hospitals will be clogged and everyone will have enough work," Komarovsky said.

At the same time, the expert noted that in South Africa, from where the spread of "Omicron" began, they are already reporting a decline in the incidence. At the same time, no strict quarantine was introduced there, and no one complied with anti-epidemic measures.

“Almost all residents of the country have antibodies by and large. Therefore, Omicron did not roam much with them. I assure you that it is quite difficult to find people in Ukraine who do not have antibodies, because all our lockdowns were conditional... those who wanted to leave the house have already met with the coronavirus by and large," Komarovsky said.

The doctor also noticed that for the elderly, the coronavirus is dangerous in any form, so he urged them to be vaccinated, as well as to do a booster vaccine.