Famous Western analysts more and more often put forward ideas for Ukraine to become a neutral country as a bridge between West and East, which will lead to normalization of relations Russia with USA . In fact, unlike Austria and Finland, Ukraine cannot choose neutrality because Russian elite does not consider Ukraine a real country. Moreover representatives of Russian authorities mistakenly believe that Russians and Ukrainians are one nation.

Russian elite still can't come to terms with the historical fact that the best part of their empire is not controlled by Moscow. It is also impossible to forget that these were Ukrainian intellectuals who were among the main initiators of Russian empire creation. Representatives of Russian authorities perfectly understand that Ukraine made a huge historical contribution to development of Russian culture, because Christianity, European culture and traditions came to Muscovy from Kyiv.

The reforms, which resulted in modernization of Russian empire would not be possible without Ukrainians. Many famous Russian historians recognize that a cultural expansion in Russia empire, which allowed it to strengthen and develop, happened under influence of Ukrainians. Even the first educational institution on the territory of Russia was created by graduates of Kyiv-Mohyla academy that founded Slavic-Greek-Latin academy. Outstanding Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov admitted that he was taught by Ukrainians, graduates of Kyiv-Mohyla academy. The first inspector of Marine cadet corps Hryhoriy Poletika was also a graduate of Kyiv-Mohyla academy.

Ukrainian intellectuals, in fact, were better educated that the Muscovites, because it was they who created the Russian educational system. Development of Russian empire also would be impossible without Ukrainian clergy, because almost all episcopal positions until the end of the 18th century in this empire were hugged by Ukrainians. Even in the 19th century some Russian aristocrats complained that St. Petersburg was colony for Ukrainian intellectuals who worked in government institutions academies and universities .

So without Ukraine modern Russia cannot become European empire ready for upgrade and it is perfectly understood in the Kremlin, so neutral status cannot be a safeguard from military aggression of Russian Federation against our country. It is very noticeable that Vladimir Putin still did not understand that Russia 's greatest enemies are the ideologues of the "Russian world" who forgot that main creator and ideologist of Russian empire Ukrainian Feofan Prokopovych believed that the empire should be a homeland not only for the Russians, but for all peoples who entered it.

Ideologists of the "Russian world", which supporters were leading the "White movement”, have already been defeated in former terrain of Russian empire by Bolsheviks who confessed ideology of internationalism. Lenin, in contrast from Denikin who was Russian chauvinist, recognized the right of nations to self-determination, which allowed the Bolsheviks get loyalty from Ukrainian communists who had pro-Ukrainian configuration.

In fact, the current ideologists of the "Russian world" in Russia are the greatest destroyers of Russian empire, because their chauvinistic ideas repel from Russia all its neighbors. Karaganov, Lukyanov, Surkov and Dugin do not want admit that imperial ideology must be universal and attractive. Roman empire existed not only due to rough force, the Romans managed to control huge territories for a long time using cultural domination, because barbarians sought to become Romans to gain access to the elegant urbanized Roman culture. And what can modern Russia offer Ukraine except threats, military aggression, terrorist attacks, support of terrorists, exports corruption and Ukrainophobia?

Kremlin's ideologists are convinced that the "Finnishization" of Ukraine must transform it to the confederate state, in fact the second Bosnia and Herzegovina what would be the destruction Ukrainian sovereignty and falling to the sphere of Russian Federation influence. Also, the "Finnishization" of Ukraine, in terms of Russian pro-government intellectuals, should lead to recognition of illegally annexed Crimea peninsula by Ukrainian authorities. The main condition for the "Finnishization" of our country according to Kremlin ideologists, should become demilitarization Ukraine, namely essential reduction of Armed Forces of Ukraine number and armaments on Ukrainian territory.

It is important for the Kremlin to prevent Ukraine from receiving military-technical help from the West, so the "Finnishization" of our country is perceived by representatives of Russia as a transitional stage to full absorption. Refusal from Euro-Atlantic vector of development and cessation of close cooperation with NATO and the EU will leave Ukraine alone with Russia, for what the Kremlin has high hopes.

The experience of Finland and Austria doesn’t suit Ukraine at all, because the Kremlin denies the right of the Ukrainian people to exist. Vladimir Putin does not need a neutral and independent Ukraine, it is only needed as a member of the new confederate union with Russia and Belarus.

Representatives of Russian authorities perfectly understand that Russia does not have resources and opportunities for occupation of all Ukraine, from their point of view, Russia will not survive long-term war from because of the logistical problems connected with material and technical supply of the Russian Federation Armed Forces. So they hope that Russian military will apply fast defeat to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, avoiding combat actions in Ukrainian cities. Cities Of Ukraine according to pro-Kremlin experts must be surrounded by Russian troops and left without water, electricity and gas supply that in the end, as Kremlin ideologists believe, after a month of the siege will make the residents demand from Ukrainian military and government to capitulate. The capitulation of Ukraine according to the Kremlin should lead Ukraine to an agreement to create Russian military bases on the territory of our country that will allow Chekists to keep Ukraine within Russian influence.

Western useful idiots who believe that it is possible to come to agreement on spheres of influence with Russia, must finally understand that the Kremlin is trying to spread their geopolitical influence on all Europe. Absorption of Ukraine will allow Russia significantly increase number of the Russian Federation Armed forces at score of Ukrainians that results in further expansion of Russian influence on European countries. Moreover the defeat of Ukraine will deal a great blow to the international liberal system that provides peace and security for the West.

It is high time for Western political elite to realize that independent and economically successful Ukraine meets their national interests. Russia leaves no choice, neither for Ukraine, nor for the West, because as the famous British intellectual Lancelot Lawton said: “Fate of Europe depends on Ukraine”.

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