What is happening now in Ukraine is no longer an invasion, but a full-fledged total war to destroy Ukraine. In Russia, this is called a military special operation. It would hardly be correct to call it even a Russian-Belarusian-Ukrainian war.

In fact, this is the Fourth World War, because in one or another form the whole world is involved in it.

On the part of Ukraine, this is not just a Patriotic war or a war of patriots: state patriots, national patriots, cultural patriots (especially in clashes with disguised enemy saboteurs), patriots of cities, villages, regions, as well as patriots of Ukrainian self-determination.

On the part of Ukraine, this is a war for the chance of a new civilization of mankind.

The reason for the war between Russia and Belarus and Ukraine is Putin’s paranoid-resentmental psychosis, formed as a result of the defeat of the USSR in the Third World (Cold) War, induced by the masses of Russian subjects through the infodemic Russian media up to the level of creating a paranoid reality that is completely divorced from reality and is accompanied by malice and aggression to the world.

Russia has abandoned thinking and constructive civilizational activity and has lost most of the signs of civilization, and the masses of Russian subjects have been turned into stupid, embittered slaves who are unable to either realize their civilizational problems or solve them through fundamental changes.

The "Russian world" has become not only a mocking world laughingstock, but also a world danger. Russia poses a real threat to the whole world and to itself, so it must be severely isolated from the world and marginalized to the point of civilizational suicide or fundamental transformation, if it finds such opportunities.

It is sad to watch the death of of a civilization which is contradictory, problematic, but great in some historical periods.

Ukraine, which started the historical-civilizational project Rus' hundreds of years ago, is forced to close this project on the territory of Russia as degenerate and unpromising.

Ukraine does this not only by the right of force, overcoming the peace of Russia with resistance in the war, but also by the right of having thinking and civilizational reflection.

Let a new civilization begin, let our sacrifices be its foundation.