Adviser to the Chairman of the Ukrzaliznytsia Board, Yulia Shilina wrote a letter to Russians. Full text:
To all my friends in Russia.
You should know that I really appreciate everything you do - join rallies, go to prison for 15 days, publicly oppose.
This is important and necessary.
It was silence, or rather insufficient cry of dissent that led to this war.
It is terrible. Scary and crazy.
Ukraine is not Russia. This is a distinctive, independent country with a huge heart of mutual assistance, compassion and love.
And it should remain on the world map just like that, without Ukraine the world will become worse.
These are my daughters Mila and Ulya, those with the “power of the tail”. Their steadfastness and composure will impress anyone: they will walk 10 km on foot, sleep on the floor and accept the fact of war without tears or panic. Ulya asked only one question: “why does he want to kill us?”…
Therefore, I ask you not to fall into despair and disbelief in change, but to follow your convictions with actions.
My daughters did not allow themselves to despair, and this is what allowed us to get to where it is safe and where there is no shelling.