Analyzing the texts of leading Western experts and politicians, we can conclude that they do not fully understand what modern Russia really is. In fact, Vladimir Putin never intended to revive the Soviet Union, because he, like the vast majority of Russian security forces in power in Russia, is a traitor to the USSR. It was the KGB leaders who decided to lose party control in order to seize the resources of the Soviet empire under their control, which first resulted in the dismantling of the Communist Party and then the Soviet Union. Therefore, the Russian elite, which would have been shot in the Soviet Union for stealing socialist property, never sought to revive the communist empire.

Putin's actions also show that he has never been a supporter of the revival of the Russian Empire, a pro-Western project created with the help of pro-European Ukrainian intellectuals. The current Russian Federation is the complete antithesis of both the imperial pro-European project of Peter the Great and the international Soviet project.

Western useful idiots also need to finally acknowledge that Putin's Russia is not a defender of conservative values. What kind of protection of traditional Christian values ​​in Russia can we talk about if the Russian elite robs its own citizens by treating them as lawless cattle. In fact, the Russian Federation is ruled by a real junta that has established a corporate fascist regime created by the security forces in our northern neighbor.

Russian society is somewhat reminiscent of a religious sect with a cult of war that allows the Russian government to unite Russians around itself. The citizens of Russia have not yet realized that their bloody dictator's military adventure began the dismantling of the Russian Empire and finally destroyed the myth of fraternal peoples, because the brothers will never destroy Ukrainian cities, terrorize civilians, looting and killing Ukrainians. that they do not want to be Russian. The people who supported the war of aggression and continue to support the fascist regime of Putin's one-man dictatorship have no moral right to celebrate victory over Nazism on May 9, because it was revived in the Russian Federation.

The lack of freedom of speech, fair elections, political competition, the assassination of Putin's political opponents, the militarization of society by Russian propagandists creating an artificial external threat to Russians, and the cult of Russia's supremacy over other nations are proof that modern Russia needs denazification.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of Russians betrayed their deceased relatives who fought against Nazism and fascism. Russians must finally ask themselves why Putin's favorite philosopher is the Russian intellectual Ivan Ilyin, who sympathized with fascism, why the Kremlin funds fascism-minded politicians in the West, and why the famous Kremlin ideologist actively cooperates with these radicals.

Even the rhetoric of Russian propagandists and politicians is completely identical to the statements of Adolf Hitler. The Nazis said that the Jewish question needed to be resolved, just as the Russians said that the Ukrainian question needed to be resolved. Hitler's propagandists also said that the annexation of Austria was a peaceful accession to Germany, so Russian propagandists said that the illegally annexed Crimea was peacefully annexed by Russia.

We must not forget that Hitler justified the aggression against Czechoslovakia, which at that time was the most democratic country in Central Europe, by protecting the German-speaking population on its territory, as well as Vladimir Putin, who tries to justify Russia's insidious military aggression against our country by protecting the Russian-speaking population. Ukrainians who speak Russian were much better protected in Mariupol and Kramatorsk than in Russian-occupied Luhansk and Donetsk, where people are illegally imprisoned, brutally tortured and killed for their pro-Ukrainian views. Putin, as an ideological follower of Hitler, showed himself especially vividly after his announcement of a special operation to establish peace in Ukraine. It is worth remembering that Hitler, like Putin, did not call the war a war, saying that the military aggression against Poland in 1939 was a police operation aimed at peace in Poland.

It is unfortunate that Western elites have stepped on the same historical rake, turning a blind eye to the occupation of Transnistria, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, parts of Luhansk and Donetsk regions and the annexation of Crimea, resulting in a full-scale Russian military aggression against Ukraine. don't feed a big crocodile he will never become a vegetarian.

The same Western politicians and experts who believe that closing the skies over Ukraine will provoke a military conflict between the West and Russia must finally understand that the bloody Kremlin is fighting against the West in our country. It is important for Putin to show that the United States and NATO are unreliable allies, so he sees the West's weakness as an incentive for further military aggression against the Baltic states and Poland with Romania.

Further cowardice of Western elites will lead to the mass deaths of servicemen from the United States, Britain, France and Germany in Lithuania or Poland. The United States and NATO have all the necessary military capabilities to deal with the military defeat of imperialist Russia in Ukraine, lacking only the political will and understanding that the new Hitler must be stopped in our country so that other nations do not fall victim to him. So it is not too late, Joseph Biden must realize that closing the sky over Ukraine is closing the sky over the whole West.