Leaders and specialists of the nuclear power industry of the world.

I, Nikolai Steinberg, the chief engineer of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant from May 1986 to March 1987, know what a nuclear catastrophe is not from textbooks, not from newspaper articles, not from politicians' statements.

I know that this is for children and adults, for relatives and friends, for those who are close to the epicenter and those who are thousands of kilometers away. I know how a peaceful atom kills friends. I know what forces and how many lives it takes to fight a peaceful atom that is out of control.

On March 4, Russian tanks fired at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant - this is another broken bottom, an immoral and barbaric attitude towards humanity in general and each human life separately. Even earlier, Russian troops captured the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and for more than a week the shift that was on duty on the day of the capture of the station has been working there without replacement.

The culprit of this crime is a rat, brought up within the walls of the Soviet KGB, an abomination that, in front of the eyes of the whole world, tramples the foundations of the peaceful life of millions of people. What else should this bastard do to make the world understand that global warming is not going to kill everyone? This madman will kill, surrounded by his accomplices, who have long been tied to him by blood, ready and capable of killing children, shelling nuclear power plants. He is unanimously supported by "peaceful" Russian nuclear scientists - not a single leader or specialist of the Russian nuclear power industry has not only condemned the criminal actions of his Fuhrer, but has not even expressed concern about the consequences of such a flagrant criminal act! Vile panties! Where are you, nuclear engineers and scientists of the world? Hid their heads under the wing, like ostriches? You know better than anyone else that a nuclear tragedy is never local! Where is the clear and precise position of IAEA, OECD / NEA, WANO, NEA, WENRA?

Where is the clear and precise position of operating organizations and nuclear regulators? The time for political correctness is over. Don't you understand what the games of appeasement led to, especially Madame Merkel and her bright associate Macron? Or is everyone already ready for a nuclear war? Do not hesitate - this bastard will not stop and the whole world will fully experience what a nuclear war is. Or one of you is going to investigate its consequences? Stop the nuclear disaster before it's too late! The people of the world, bureaucrats and politicians continue to play peacemaking. They will finish the game, and you will pay with your lives.

Force the authorities to act, not to calm down! The world is in your hands!