Now, like many other defenders of Ukraine, I am most afraid that our victory will be sold for a penny and then history will repeat itself.

This is a very dangerous mental trap to believe that Russia should be given the opportunity to leave "with face", which will be confirmed by a compromise agreement with Ukraine to end the war.

For three reasons.

Firstly, it is not the West, but our agreement with Russia that will determine how Ukraine will be restored and for whose money. If we compromise, the West will rub our cheeks like children and say: "Well, finally you have stopped quarreling, we are lifting the sanctions and continue to live peacefully with our blessing." And then we have a pipe, and the rashists will complete what they started with a new invasion in a few years.

Secondly, compromise formulations eliminate the very fact of our victory in the Ukrainian Patriotic War against Russian Nazism. This is exactly the wording that should be used in the final agreement: that Russia recognizes its military defeat. What for? This will provide a legal basis for further denazification of Russia. Namely, not de-Putinization (this term diminishes the responsibility of all Russian citizens), but denazification.

Without the denazification of Russia, it is impossible to remain on the map. Rashism must not crawl away to lick its wounds, it must be destroyed. The Carthage of the Russian world must be destroyed. And of course, it will blow them up from the inside - our main goal.

Thirdly, if we politically agree to anything other than the defeat of Russia, this will blow up Ukraine from within.

In total, the point is not in Crimea or ORDLO, or a neutral status. This is the narrative of the Rashists and it needs to be disposed of. The bottom line is where our interest is. It is not in the territories or papers of the West at all. It is in changing reality on Russia itself. I ask you to highlight this thesis: our main goal in one sentence is to change the political reality in Russia.

The points

Top priority: Avoid recurrence. The solution is to break the back of Russia. Achievement - the signing of an agreement in language that guarantees its self-destruction from within.

The second priority: the lives of Ukrainians. The solution does not lie in the plane of negotiations with Russia. Recognize as fact and not be deceived by illusions. This is a question of military and diplomatic work with the West, primarily on the supply of missile defense divisions to us.

Third priority: Reparations, indemnities. Trillions of dollars, only at the expense of the aggressor, not counting the West, of course. The obligatory basis for obtaining them is an agreement fixing the military defeat of Russia.

It is we who should speak to them with ultimatums. The sooner we understand this, the more effective our military victory will be.