…In this hour of war, when the courage of global Ukrainians, together with many people, opposes the created, we dare to think and realize the World of Measure, where Thinking, governed by Ethics, manifests itself in multitudes of Wills.

We call on everyone who thinks and wills to contemplate and contribute to the Transformation of the World...

... In the emerging thinking, it is necessary to clearly draw a picture of unity in diversity: to allow the beginning of the forthcoming transformation of the world and the formation of Humanity, to outline other orientations and attitudes of the future Humanity, to designate the organization of the plurality of the community of Humanity, to draw the contours of the world order of Humanity and to lay the legal concepts of their non-dominant compatibility....

… In the current security structures, the veto is vested in the aggressor; the greatest wealth inequality exists in a country that declares the ideology of special socialism; the states most affected by former aggressions against themselves support the war; advocates for saving resources are their largest consumers; and those who claim to be spiritual bless violence and destroy temples.

It is obvious that the world order at the level of states, interstate and extrastate entities must be rethought...

... Is it possible to live in a different way, and if not, then how?

The fundamental question is - are we looking for one correct universal model of community life in the idea of ​​global peace, or do we allow the co-existence of different forms of vision of the future and community life, are we looking for ways of their joint non-dominance co-existence?..

We believe that a new step is needed, which would make it possible to correlate the interests of different communities in a broader context of a single Humanity, a common Earth and Cosmos ...

... Not only the authoritarian world, but also democratic countries, due to the general spread of the so-called "normative thinking", have become a barrier to proper free thinking, free discussions and designing a new future. Various norms and stereotypes have imposed a taboo on comprehension and discussion even in intellectual environments of acute social, environmental, gender, religious, interethnic and other issues. And this is not only in countries with authoritarian regimes!..

The world of geopolitics created after World War II is ending before our eyes. Ukraine has proved its right to participate in the New World. The discussion of the New World should begin today.

Ukraine can become a pilot project for building a society on a new basis - co-ownership, co-management, plurality, non-dominance ...

... Through suffering and a war for survival, Ukraine opens up the possibility of change to the world. Through the unprecedented co-organization of Ukrainians, a different perspective is revealed to the world. This perspective consists in the manifestation of Thinking and Will, regardless of ethnicity, religion, citizenship, language…

…We started working on the New Architecture of Humanity several years ago. We are looking for people who have their own vision of the Future World and are ready to discuss their vision among others. We do not claim to dominate our views. We look forward to deploying and participating in the global conversation about the Future of Humanity.

We believe that the Future of Humanity can be built around intellectual groups and centers capable of discussing and agreeing on the Future of the World and Humanity. And we are convinced that Ukraine will have a worthy place both in such a conversation and in building a common Future.

Taras Bebeshko

Sergey Datsyuk

Sergei Korsunsky

Vladimir Nikitin

Konstantin Parshin

Sergey Soroka

Irina Sulikovskaya

Yuri Chudnovsky