If we lost it, Ukraine would be torn to pieces. The military in the East would be cut off from supply and surrounded. To the 300 civilians killed in Irpin, 30,000 would be added in Kyiv.

The key was to keep control of Vasylkiv airport. "Elite" monkeys were destroyed and could not capture the runway for their vehicles.

The second factor was the cessation of the offensive south of the Zhytomyr route to Fastiv and Vasylkiv. It is said that the ancient Russian Serpent shafts helped. And the Armed Forces hit enemies with artillery making hard time for Russian Ivans.

The third and crucial was the release of Makarov and the difficulty of supplying the cut off southern group.

Our homeland played very well for us. The Irpin River and its marshy banks prevented the occupiers from entering Kyiv and gave us time to gather strength.

And the whole of Kyiv was for us. In modern history, there is no such example of mass voluntary mobilization in the territorial defense and the Armed Forces.

What are the lessons of the battle for Kyiv?

1. We were not ready. Demolished Irpin, Gostomel, Bucha are a payment for our unpreparedness.

2. It is already necessary to take into account mistakes and boundaries far from Kyiv and the Zhytomyr highway.

3. Territorial defense armament is the best solution for the protection of Kyiv that could be. It is necessary to develop it and make it a feature of our defense.

4. The battle for Kyiv showed the importance of the air defense system. It should become a priority for the development of the Armed Forces.

5. Critical lack of aircraft and combat helicopters.

6. Anti-tank complexes from the Allies and Ukrainian counterparts annihilated Russia's strategy of offensive in columns. Now it's a stupid column of suiciders.

7. Everything that was written in the literature of the Second World War about the Ukrainian soldier is true. Cunning, skillful, stubborn, indomitable. It housed the entire army of the Soviet Union. Now the Ukrainian soldier, like pure alcohol, not diluted by the Muscovites, makes the Armed Forces invincible.

This is the first great victory of this war. And not the last.