The fact that there is a kinship between communism and fascism has long been noticed. The classic of world philosophy, Carl Jaspers, described the states created by the Nazis and Communists as criminal and those that could not be reformed. They can only be eliminated. Nazi Germany was liquidated in 1945. Four decades later, the modernization of one of the most terrible regimes on the planet, the communist one, began. In August 1991, this process led to a formal ban on the Communist Party, but the regime remained liquidated. Party functionaries, the elite nomenclature, and ordinary members of the CPSU transformed themselves without much effort, mimicking nationalists and chauvinists of all colors and shades, fascists and democrats, and so on. The "deep people" appeared before the civilized world in all its degenerate "beauty"."Fascism is a stage reached after communism turned out to be an illusion" (Peter Drucker, American scientist, one of the most influential management theorists of the twentieth century).

Communist ideologues liked to point to the criminal ideology of fascism. Meanwhile, at its ideological origins looms the sinister figure of S. Nechayev with his "Catechism of the Revolutionary", which preached a complete rejection of any moral norms in order to overcome the illusory goal - communism. And there were Khalturin, Kalyaev, Zhelyabov, Perovskaya, Zasulich… They, the murderers-terrorists, were the predecessors of the Bolshevik-Fascists with their immoral misanthropic ideology.

At the beginning of his party career, the Italian Duke Mussolini noted that "Bolshevism was reborn into Slavic fascism."

In 1925, the Russian philosopher Nikolai Berdyaev, thinking of Eurasianism as primarily an emotional rather than an intellectual one, came to the conclusion that as a result of "such a kind of mental formation, I may turn into Russian fascism . "

In 1926, the famous Ukrainian writer Volodymyr Vynnychenko wrote: “ Fascism hatches from the Bolshevik red egg in front of our eyes . You can already see all the hallmarks of it. "

Around the same time, the Russian politician and ardent chauvinist Vasily Shulgin came to an almost similar conclusion: And because they succeed, they turn from a criminal bastard into fascists... »

There is a well-known eloquent caption to a photo from Fascist magazine, published by the General Staff of the Russian Fascists in the United States (1934), which shows the leaders of the Fascist Russian Party among the children of their allies : That's right - " among the fascist children "!

In 1934, addressing the leadership of the USSR, the Nobel laureate in physiology and medicine, Russian academician Ivan Pavlov said: "What you sow with great success in the cultural world is not a revolution, but fascism. There was no fascism before your revolution. <…> All other governments do not want to see at their homes what we had and what we have have <…> and what you use - terror and violence. <…> Yes, under your indirect influence, fascism will gradually spread to the entire cultural world, excluding the powerful Anglo-Saxon division.

G. Rauschning, the Nazi president of the Danzig Senate, Hitler's favorite to whom the Führer revealed his innermost thoughts, published his second book, Conversations with Hitler, in Zurich in 1940 after fleeing to Switzerland. The Nazi №1 spoke as openly as possible to his ally: “In general, there is more unifying than divisive between us and the Bolsheviks. A real National Socialist will never emerge from a petty-bourgeois Social Democrat and a trade union bonza, and always from a communist. ”

National Socialism is often presented as a variety and synonym of fascism, although there is some difference between these ideologies. Wikipedia means fascism as a form of political regime, as well as radical authoritarian imperialist political ideology, characterized by a strong cult of personality, militarism, totalitarianism, imperialism and the idea of ​​unity, mobilization of nation and state against enemies, the idea of ​​constant war and domination.

In 1995, the famous Italian philosopher and writer Umberto Eco cited 14 signs of fascism. Modern Russian society fully meets them.

This is not surprising. " Russia is the most nationalist country in the world , a country of unprecedented excesses of nationalism, oppression of subordinate nationalities, Russification, a country of national boasting ..." (Nikolai Berdyaev).

"It seems to me that the most striking feature of Moscow's national character is cruelty ... " (Maxim Gorky, Russian writer).

The predictions of many sober-minded scholars and politicians came true: Stalin's Bolshevism-fascism was transformed into outright Putin's fascism , into aggressive Russian Z -racsism.

In 1993, historian Alexander Yanov wrote in the Moscow weekly Novoye Vremya: "Sooner or later the evolution of the country (Russia - author's note) to fascism may be inevitable. And the dream of Russian democracy will be buried again, for the second time in our century. "

Orthodox fascism in Russia

Even then, the scientist had a bleak prospect: "Yeltsin's enemies from the camp of Russian revanchism are [people] no less openly than Hitler, who despise all Western values. These people are proud of their cooperation with Saddam Hussein and the European fascists. Few of them will stop at nuclear blackmail if they get behind the wheel . "

At the helm was Vladimir Putin, who decided to scare the world - ordered to transfer "the deterrent forces of the Russian army in a special regime".

"Due to the specifics of the dual, or rather triple culture of the Russian people , building a democratic, legal society and state in Russia is impossible <…>. Today, Russia is on the path to democratization, and I think this path will end in democratization being stopped and swept away (V. Hanan, Russkaya Perestroika, 1990).

" There is no special mission in Russia and there never was!" " It is impossible to seek the return of a single ideology, because a single ideology will sooner or later lead to fascism " (Dmitry Likhachev - Soviet and Russian philologist, historian, textologist, academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences, then RAS. "

The scientist was right. Today we can talk about the transformation of classical European fascism in the middle of the twentieth century into its degenerate Russian form - ruscism-russism. Ruscism is a cancerous tumor for humanity, a parasite of civilization.

Dzhokhar Dudayev, the first president of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeri, gave the most precise definition of this Eurasian movement: “Ruscism is a special form of misanthropic ideology based on great-power chauvinism, full of spirituality and immorality. It differs from the known forms of fascism, racism, nationalism, and special cruelty to both man and nature. The principle of action - the destruction of everything and everybody, the tactics of scorched earth. Distinguished by schizophrenic form of mania of world domination. Possessing slavish psychology, he parasitizes on false history, in the occupied territories and oppressed peoples. Ruscism is characterized by constant political, legal and ideological terrorism. "

The war against Ukraine unleashed by Putin and his allies fully confirms the conclusion of Dzhokhar Dudayev. Today, "militarism, aggressive xenophobia, imperialism and the justification of terror against anyone who disagrees with it, not only inside the country but also abroad, have finally become a state ideology" (Fyodor Krasheninnikov, Deutsche Welle).

Indeed. On March 15, 2022, Alexander Dugin, a man who for decades was formed as a theorist and practitioner of Russian fascism, who in his writings argued that Russia was called to create a world empire and thus save the world from the Western materialism and pragmatism, was appointed Director General of Russia's main state television channel. Dugin is the author of a false Putin ideology about the "victory of neo-Nazism" in Ukraine in 2014. "For me, this appointment (General Director of the TV channel - author) was a pleasant surprise. I am a faithful son of Russia and the Russian people, who have now finally begun to wake up. My front is an information war. I will expel the whole Russophobic element from the state, all these liberals, comedians, and I will put an end once and for all to the stench and senseless shows," Dugin said.

It is worth remembering that in 2015, when Russia was already waging war in the Ukrainian Donbass, A. Dugin, who then headed the department of Moscow State University named after M. Lomonosov, publicly encouraged the Russian authorities: "Ukrainians must be killed, killed, killed - as Professor, I think so ":

Dugin strongly asserts in the minds of his students the idea that people from other countries are inferior from birth. They can't even understand it because they were born in a certain place, and this place, according to Dugin, distorts their views on life. To justify his fascist misanthropic theories, he even resorted to the arguments of quantum physics. More information on the Anticor portal.

In 2015, American conservative journalist and writer Glenn Beck called Dugin's ideas and views truly terrible not only for the peoples of Russia, but for the entire civilization, so the world is in real danger.

As you can see, he was absolutely right. Fascism has become the official ideology of Putin's Russia.

On November 6, 1993, during a meeting with the leaders of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, Boris Yeltsin stated: "I am a supporter of the right of nations to self-determination ... except for the right to secede from Russia. "

On July 11, 2016, in an interview with the German newspaper Der Spiegel, Sergei Karaganov, an economist and political scientist and adviser to Vladimir Putin, said that Russia's military aggression against Ukraine "disrupted NATO's advance." And further: "We want the status of a great power, we want to get it back. We just can't give it up - 300 years have left their mark on our genes. We want to become the center of Greater Eurasia, a place of peace and cooperation. The European subcontinent will also belong to this Eurasia . "

And this is a fragment of a report delivered in 2017 by Sergei Baranov, an expert of the Electoral Club - an ultra-conservative, imbued with the imperial idea of ​​a group of supporters of Russian President Vladimir Putin:

" Today's Ukraine must be liquidated as a country, state and economy . This must be done carefully, in a very modern way. All sides must be confronted with the fact of the historic end of Ukraine. The mechanism of such "depreciation" can be the elimination of the financial, economic, state and cultural base of the Ukrainian project by making it unprofitable, extremely burdensome and dangerous for its participants, especially for the top in the face of the anti-system. Ukrainian ethnicity, prone to becoming a nation at the expense of Russians, has to be demobilized, neutralized, driven to its ancient territory, deprived of its sting in the form of paramilitary state fascism. Partition of Ukraine and cleansing in parts is the only reasonable willful choice. The Russian regions of the southeast and part of the center-left center are to form a federation of republics in alliance with Russia called Novorossiya-Malorossiya, which will declare itself the successor to the USSR and Ukraine. Without the southeast, the center and west of Ukraine will lose the opportunity to support the economy and the state, lose initiative, plunge into depression. But Russia must continue to fight for the center and the West by creating and supporting various parties and forces that identify with the Russian world and its values. "

On November 22 of the same year, in the program "Time will show" on the Moscow propaganda television "First Channel", Deputy Speaker of the State Duma of Russia Peter Tolstoy said that "Ukraine was, is and will be ours."

The same idea was published three decades ago by the scandalous Vladimir Zhirinovsky in the newspaper Le Monde on September 29, 1992: "The most important thing is the restoration of the Russian Empire on its main borders, ie on the borders of the Soviet Union. It is enough to establish a strong government in Moscow, to leave the separatist republics in a mutually destructive struggle, as is the case in the Caucasus, after which they will simply line up to ask for access to the state of the Russian province. This is what will happen to the Baltics and also to the Ukrainians. As for the latter, Moscow should start by demanding the secession of the entire east of Ukraine, where 12 million Russians live . "

This imperial thought has a long history. Thus, Adrian Kopystyansky - historian and geographer, lemki supporter of Noscow - in his program work "Is it possible to separate Ukraine from Russia?", Published in 1917 in Rostov-on-Don, stated: "All Great Russians know very well that Little Russia or Ukraine from the Carpathians to the Caucasus with fertile chernozem, with a rich Donetsk basin, with a dense population and access to the Black Sea can perfectly exist as an independent state without Great Russia. And the latter, with its population of 80 million, driven to Siberia and the tundra, cut off from the Black Sea and pressed to the shores of the Arctic Ocean, can not do without Little Russia.

That is why Bolshevik Russia in December 1917 declared war on the Ukrainian People's Republic. In 1919, the famous Ukrainian writer Volodymyr Vynnychenko wrote the drama "Between Two Forces". According to the plot, the Moscow Bolsheviks came to the large provincial Ukrainian city in early 1918. Panas Antonovich, the husband of the sister of the local Bolshevik Sofia, is having a hard time with the atmosphere of Russian chauvinism. Panas Antonovich deliberately resents the actions of the new government in Russian: “How not to go crazy, madam, how not to go crazy? You just look out the window: mountains of corpses of these damned Ukrainians. Mountains, madam, do you understand that? Boys, children, the elderly. To the wall - and you're done. The mustache recognizes the counterrevolution. Little Russian mustache - and to the wall. And how not to reverence you, how not to ... go crazy? Ha? After all, it is clear that socialism has come,

In a conversation with Bolshevik Commissar Sorokin, Sofia asks: "Do you call schools and textbooks nationalism?" Sorokin replied: "I call nationalism everything that divides one nation. None of your Ukraine has been, is not and will not be. All this is bourgeois-intelligent sentimental nonsense, which I will fight ruthlessly. "

Putin's thugs are currently waging a brutal, unconventional war against Ukraine. Like a hundred years ago, a Moscow soldier "fights mercilessly" against Ukrainians, looting, barbarically destroying cities and villages, insidiously killing women and children, and destroying cultural and historical monuments.

Dehumanized immoral beings who see no connection with reality are currently at war with Ukrainians. The ability to understand something in these non-humans appears when they are defeated, defeated, when taken prisoner.

"The meanness of the Bolshevik system was especially evident in the war. Just as the most honest, intelligent and intelligent people were executed in peacetime, the same thing happened at the front, but in an even more outspoken and abominable form. The most honest people who felt their responsibility to society died. I think this selection of the Russian people is a time bomb. It will explode in a few generations in the 21st or 22nd century, when the mass of garbage selected and nurtured by the Bolsheviks will give birth to a new generation of its own kind . "

This prediction of Nikolai Nikulin - art critic, professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts, a veteran of World War II, which he published in his "Memoirs of the War" came true. Today, a generation of Russian scum and scoundrels are fighting against Ukraine.

Civilizational parasite

Most modern Russians still have PRE-LOGICAL thinking. They confuse imaginary, hypothetical reality with the actual state of affairs - the status quo. They are fighting the consequences, instead of eliminating the causes.

A little history. The teaching of logic in the Russian Empire began only in 1866, when Tolstoy became Minister of Education. The October coup of 1917 marked the elimination of a small old elite capable of logical thinking. By throwing out Georgy Chelpanov's famous textbook on logic, an important tool for teaching correct thinking, the Bolsheviks doomed generations of Soviet people to inferiority. They were gradually turned into "scoops". And they have achieved considerable success in this process.

As an "effective manager," according to Vladimir Putin, Joseph Stalin realized that the shootings and the Gulag system of socialist construction would fail, that the country needed effective rulers.

Calling Moscow University professor Valentin Asmus to the Kremlin, Stalin complained to the philosopher that his commissars "could not think," so it was necessary to organize logic courses for red managers at various levels.

After the end of the war, noticing at a meeting of the Council of Ministers that members of the government could not hear each other precisely because of their inability to construct intelligible constructions, the Generalissimo initiated the return of logic to schools.

On this occasion, the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) on December 3, 1946, even adopted a special resolution "On the teaching of logic and psychology in high school." It declared it abnormal that logic and psychology were not taught in secondary schools, so it was decided to introduce the teaching of these subjects in all schools of the Soviet Union.

After the death of "the friend and leader of all nations," after a fierce intra-Kremlin struggle for communist power, the USSR was led by Nikita Khrushchev, who was revolutionary in his criticism of such "bourgeois" sciences as logic and psychology. So in 1959 the teaching of logic in high school was abolished. She was excluded from most university curricula.

Of course, it is wrong to say that the absence of this subject in the school curriculum makes students mentally retarded. The science of methods of thinking in school is implicitly taught through mathematics, physics, chemistry, and even literature, when students analyze the works they read without much enthusiasm. But it is extremely important to learn the basics of formal logic because it is a kind of glue that binds knowledge. In other words, logic "teaches to learn".

Due to the lack of correct thinking, a person is unable to clearly articulate an opinion, he is confused in his statements, he contradicts himself. It is said of such a person: "He cannot be understood, there is no logic in his reasoning."

This is very well manifested today, during the war, when Russian soldiers, middle-ranking commanders, generals, the highest command of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation act ill-considered, illogical. They cannot give advice on the logical support of the army. Demonstrate a real logistical horror.

The problems of Muscovy-Russia are rooted in the past. Here is how the world-famous Russian historian and ethnologist Lev Gumilev describes Russia: “ Russia is an independent superethnos that emerged 500 years later than Western Europe, in the 14th century. We and Western Europeans have always felt this difference and did not recognize each other as "ours". If we are 500 years younger, no matter how we study the European experience, we will not be able to achieve the prosperity and customs of Europe. Our age and level of passion implies completely different imperatives of behavior.

"Every Mordovian, Zyrian, layman, Tatar, having been baptized, became a Russian" (Lev Gumilev). This is how the ethnic chimera was created. And "where there is an ethnic chimera, the imposition of ethnic fields of different rhythms, antisystems appear" (Lev Gumilev).

Lev Gumilev introduced the concept of ethnic anti-system, defining it as a systemic integrity of people with a negative worldview - a specific attitude to the material world, which is manifested in the desire to simplify systems. , ie to reduce the density / density of systemic connections. In the end, the density of systemic ties is reduced to zero, which means the destruction of the system - whether state, landscape or ethnic group. The antisystem produces a common worldview for its members. For the antisystem, regardless of the specific ideology of its members, there is one unifying guideline: the denial of the real world as a complex and diverse system in the name of one or another abstract goal . Russia is a shining example of an ethnic anti-system.

Girls in holiday wear. Arkhangelsk province. The Russian Empire. 1910

When the Ukrainian nation in the middle of the seventeenth century was going through a phase of self-organization, self-regulation (stage of formation of the Cossack state), the ethnic anti-system - Muscovy - invaded the territory of Ukraine. "Immeasurably more tragic is the situation in which a country experiencing a change in the stereotype of behavior (phase of ethnogenesis), gets not just another ethnic group, but already formed anti-systemic community" (Lev Gumilev).

Today, the racist anti-system has invaded the territory of the Ukrainian state. "Putin's Russia is an aggressive state, built on violence and ruled by an authoritarian military-police dictatorship. And anyone who is not ready to unconditionally condemn war and dictatorship, let alone try to justify them, is now an accomplice and accomplice in war crimes ”(Fyodor Krasheninnikov, Deutsche Welle).

"The national self-consciousness of Ukrainians developed on the basis of ethnographic differences, peculiarities of psyche, cultural aspirations and strata that connect Ukraine with Western Europe, and the historically formed way of life, imbued with the spirit of democracy,"- Volodymyr Vernadsky, a naturalist, philosopher, founder of geochemistry, biogeochemistry and radiogeology, wrote about Ukrainians in 1915; one of the founders and the first president of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Peculiarities of the Russian mentality were noticed at different times by representatives of different nations. This is convincingly reflected and recorded in numerous books, diaries, travel notes. Ukrainians, who described the north-eastern neighbor very accurately, were not left out either. Here are just a few examples of proverbs and sayings collected and edited by Matthew Nomis:"Dad, get the hell out of the house!" - "In vain, not a Muscovite"; "Perhaps the Muscovite will then stop stealing, as the devil prays to God"; "When the devil and the Muscovite stole something, remember what they were called"; "The wolf was abducted, and the Muscovite stole the mare"; "Befriend a Muscovite, and keep a stone in your bosom"; "The Muscovite will then tell the truth as the devil prays." "The Muscovite said the truth, and lied"; "The dog lies - the Muscovite will understand the faith"; "For the Muscovite nobility: around his feet with belts - and the whole economy"; "Not a great Muscovite, but terrible"; "Damn something in shoes, and even a Muscovite"; "Moscow is built on poverty and fed by poverty"; "The usual Moscow attack"; "Bov, bov on the Moscow lie!"

These aphoristic statements are by no means manifestations of xenophobia, but only a systematization (a kind of folk sociology) of a huge array of examples / facts / consequences of coexistence of Ukrainians with Muscovites over centuries and long-term observations of our ancestors on not the best manifestations of "mysterious Russian soul".

These surprisingly accurate characteristics that Ukrainians have endowed with representatives of foreign ethnic anti -systems for centuries are now confirmed in the actions, deeds, and behavior of Putin's racists in Ukraine. they shamelessly lie to avoid punishment for their atrocities. They do not have the slightest signs of morality, compassion. The "deep people" appeared before the civilized world in all its degenerate "beauty". The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine notes that the "second army in the world" is a sham. In fact, the armed forces of the Russian Federation are a gathering place for looters, nothing and war criminals.

From the occupiers' repeatedly intercepted by the Security Service of Ukraine and then published on the Internet telephone conversations with their families in Russia, it is possible (you don't even have to be a psychologist or psychiatrist) to understand that it is impossible to re-educate, convert these zombies to human form. They openly, openly, demonstrate the worst traits of degenerate members of the human population. These are real savages, cannibals who pretend to be people. They are constantly lying. And relentlessly commit crimes. The SBU has released excerpts from intercepted telephone conversations of the Russian military, in which they tell relatives that they rape minors and eat dogs. Russian fascism (ruscism) is truly something incomprehensible, ugly, false, insidious, dirty, smelly, illogical, senseless, cynical, angry, bloody...

According to the prominent Russian historian Vasily Klyuchevsky, from the XVII century on Russian society (indigenous origin) began to be influenced by foreign culture, rich in experience and knowledge, "exciting Russian people, confusing their concepts and habits, complicating their lives, giving him increased nervous movement." . And "complicating Russian life with the influx of new concepts and interests, producing ferment in the mind ...". Modern Russian society still has problems that the historian once pointed out: "Some consequences of Western influence show that the question is in the way it is perceived, not in its content ."

The famous Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov, quoted in the early twentieth century, pointed out that the Russian man's mind avoids meticulous analysis of the real world, but prefers to say: "In general, I must express my sad view of the Russian man. The Russian man has such a weak brain system that he is unable to perceive reality as such. There are only words for her. its "conditioned" reflexes are coordinated not with reality, but with words . "

This conclusion is confirmed in the actions of modern Putin's Russia. The fact is that the workings of the human brain are characterized by reactivity mechanisms for the perception of new information. In the process of gaining experience, a certain compatible information array is formed in it. With age, closer ties and ideas about the world around us develop. The stronger these ties, the more likely a conflict situation is - only new information can disprove traditional notions. It is about the conservatism of thinking not only of individuals but also of society. Thus, the vast majority of Russian citizens perceive Putin's propaganda as dogma, as the ultimate truth - for example, believe in the so-called "Russian peace", which is fueled by Orthodox fundamentalism, Slavophilism and Stalinism. always demonstrates an aggressive conviction in the supposedly existing threat from the West, and so on. In the end, instead of thinking and analyzing, it is easier to abandon new information than to destroy established dogmas and concepts. But to lose faith in Russia's "greatness and goodness", in its "high purpose", in particular in saving the "fraternal people" from aggressive NATO, is to lose faith in something fundamental, almost divine, and thus ruin one's life. It's really about and therefore ruin your life. It's really about and therefore ruin your life. It's really about"Induced psychosis" , when a sick person produces delusions, and the rest of the people who are under the influence, perceives these ideas as true , …> if the Russians take away "their truth", then all defense mechanisms (displacement, denial) will break we will have to face the truth that the psyche cannot stand (Katerina Gabriel, psychologist).

In the fable "The Wolf and the Lamb" by Aesop, the Wolf wanted to find at least some reason to eat the Lamb. To do this, he began to accuse him of non-existent sins. The current Kremlin dictator, an unprecedented personification of hypocrisy, cruelty, shamelessness, force, and brutal power in modern history, did the same as the Aesopian Wolf, eagerly seeking a casus belli for Ukraine, demonstrating far-fetched arguments and facts to his compatriots and the world.

Here are the well-known Russian sociologists L. Gudkov and B. Dubin from the Center for the Study of Public Opinion: "The people of Russia are archaic and primitive people. Workers are drunks and thieves who do not want to work honestly and intensively and constantly complain about low wages. They have no motivation, they are not capable of creativity ... Russians are passive and resist change. <...> The cultural level of Russians is extremely low. The people of Russia suffer from a complex of inferiority and are pessimistic. They do not love and respect themselves ... We seem to be stuck psychologically and mentally on the threshold of the modern world.<...> And the public reacts stupidly to all the challenges related to globalization, migration and the invasion of infidels: beat, evict, drive to the ghetto, "let them know who is the master of the house!", Slipped into zoological, cave racism. Power can be changed. You can rewrite the laws. The structure of the brain is much more difficult to change. And the consequences of degradation in this area may - alas - be fatal for Russia. "

In this context, the conclusions / observations of Vasyl Klyuchevsky, who noted that for two hundred years the class of Russian society, nurtured by the influence of Western Europe, has repeatedly experienced strange crises: " that we are not far behind at all, but we are going our own way, that Russia is on its own, and Europe is on its own, and we can do without its sciences and arts with our own home-grown means. This influx of patriotism and longing for identity so fascinates our society that we, of course, quite incomprehensible fans of Europe, are beginning to feel some resentment against everything European and are concerned about the unconscious faith in the immeasurable strength of his people .

Ruscism against Ukraine

After Putin announced the launch of a special operation by the Russian armed forces on Ukrainian territory, "the majority of the population (Russians) was almost simultaneously disabling the ability to think critically, that is, the ability to self-assess information provided on behalf of Kremlin, and its filtering with the subsequent division into plausible and implausible. Conversely, a block was placed in the mind to perceive any, even the most reliable and seemingly plausible alternative information from other sources. As a result, a phenomenon of streaming consciousness was formed, when mythologies produced and distributed by the Kremlin, without meeting critical resistance, were immediately embedded in the mass consciousness and then broadcast in millions of copies, merging into a single endless stream "(Vladimir Pastukhov, doctor of political sciences. University College of London).

Today, these views are illustrated by Russian television propaganda in the person of its odious representatives - Olga Skabeeva, Dmitry Kiselyov, who cynically deny the war in Ukraine, where Russian troops are brutally killing civilians. Moreover, the scandalous TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov openly threatens the world: " If you think that we will stop in Ukraine - think 300 times. Let me remind you that Ukraine is only an intermediate stage in ensuring the strategic security of the Russian Federation . "

Russian State Duma deputy Oleksiy Zhuravlyov says that talks between Ukraine and Russia do not "produce the desired effect" on those people who are ready to fight for "Russian peace." According to him, the war should not be stopped until Russian troops "reach the border with Poland . "

The bacilli of chauvinism and fascism affected Russian politicians, journalists, the military, ordinary citizens - a poll conducted on March 24-30 by the Russian sociological agency Levada Center found that after the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Russian support for Russian President Vladimir Putin increased to 83%. It follows that Russian fascism is a threat to all mankind.

On February 19, 2019, the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN Serhiy Kyslytsia asked Russian envoy Vasyl Nebenza "Do Russians Want War", quoting a fragment of Yevhen Yevtushenko's famous poem "Whether the Russians Want Of Any War?". Composed later on music, he flew around the world with a song.

In 1961, the Soviet poet asked rhetorical questions. Like, do the Russians want a war:

Say, do the Russians want a war? —
Go ask our land, then ask once more,
That silence ling’ring in the air
Above the birch and poplar fair,
Beneath those trees lie soldier lads,
Whose sons will answer for their dads
To add to what you learnt before.
Say — Do the Russians want a war?

Those soldiers died on every hand,
Not only for their native land.
But so the world at night could sleep
And never have to wake and weep.
New York and Paris spend their nights
Asleep beneath the leaves and lights.
The answer's in their dreams, be sure.
Say — Do the Russians want a war?

Sure, we know how to fight a war,
But we don’t want to see once more
The soldiers falling all around,
Their countryside a battleground.
Ask those who give the soldiers life,
Go ask my mother, ask my wife.
Then you will have to ask no more.
Say, do the Russians want a war?

But a lot has changed since then…

"The first month of the war showed that the years of conspiracy, xenophobia and militarism were not in vain for many Russian citizens. Accustomed to seeing the world in a crooked mirror of state propaganda, the Russians readily agreed to view war as peace , aggression against a neighboring country as its liberation from the Nazis, and horrific footage of war-torn cities and its victims as fabrications to discredit the Russian army and its commander-in-chief ” (Fyodor Krasheninnikov, Deutsche Welle).

Nowadays, in the Russian segment of the World Wide Web, you can hear and see the "polite lyrics" of Russian "green men" on YouTube. One example of such "songwriting" in line translation:

"Long-launched missiles,

And the ashes hung in the sky.

Burning New York and San Francisco,

And the state of New Mexico is on fire.

On the blackened beach of Miami

Dams of fish are brought .

A giant tsunami has passed

And the Cordilleras shook.

To the lawn near the White House

A Russian soldier approached.

He sat on a marble column,

And put a machine gun next to him…

It is pointless to explain something to a society suffering from ruscism, to prove something to chauvinist imperialists, to convince them of something, to cite facts and arguments. Because, as before, the current Russian society is not able to produce any qualitative meanings in literature, theater or music.

"Russian culture is a product of the age-old totalitarian system. Therefore, it is a constant natural environment for the ideas of totalitarianism and racism. It is socially dangerous for any democratic society. We have never had anything to learn in this culture before - there is nothing to do today - we will emphasize this once again " (Alexander Borgard, Professor. Donetsk, 1994).

Russian import substitution

A state that does not enjoy authority in a world that is declining and collapsing cannot create something of value. "Russia has already completed its historic cycle. It went mad and hung itself on the imperial shroud, spreading the stinking spirit of the dead "(Alexander Sotnik, Russian journalist).

On YouTube you can watch a very eloquent fragment of the film "Perestroika" (1989) "Prince Luck Andreevich", where the famous Russian actor Armen Dzhigarkhanyan (Soviet, Russian and Armenian actor, theater director and teacher, People's Artist of the USSR, Honorary Citizen of Yerevan) played a role of music teacher Kastoriev, who delivered an instructive monologue - the bitter truth about the Russian language and Russian culture: "There is no Russian language. There are very few Russian words in the Russian language. Soldier, revolution, radio, TV - these are not Russian words. Curse words, all sorts of rudeness - a typically Russian phenomenon. By the way, boor is also not a Russian word. However, rudeness is a typically Russian phenomenon. Kavo-chavo - this is in Russian… Who are the Russians and where did they come from? It is unclear. After all, there were Tatars, there were Vikings, Mordovians, Cheremis and a compote-cocktail came out. By the way, compote and cocktail are also not Russian words… What do you want if the Russian people come up with the hero of their tales Ivan the Fool. Imagine a whole nation inventing a fool as a hero… Lady, lady, mistress lady, lady, lady lady… (folk Russian song - editor's note). This is stupidity. We don't value talent, we don't have culture. "

Today, Putin's Russia, its so-called elite, is showing racist messianism to the world. And they will never be able to "join humanity" (Peter Chaadaev, Russian philosopher).

The world needs to realize who it is dealing with. The reputation of the Russians as "difficult", "bottomless", "highly spiritual", "incomprehensible", "subtle", "insisted on a special culture" must be done away with forever. At least for a century. Because in fact it is a civilization parasite. European leaders (and not only) must finally come to understand that Russians, Russen, les Russes, rusos are the embodiment of lawlessness, malice, theft, rudeness.

"Sooner or later, Weimar politicians who agree to politely ask the West for help are being replaced by other leaders who are trying to take everything they need by force. <…> And then Europe writhes and dies from the unthinkable humiliation under the boots of the new rulers who bring it a new Middle Ages. And now nuclear blackmail will be added to everything . And all dreams of peace and prosperity will come to naught. The inability to make the right choice of the West in time will have to pay. Not money, not political efforts and intellectual mobilization, but tens of millions of young lives. This is what threatens the world Weimar situation in Russia "(Alexander Yanov).

A well-known Los Angeles Times journalist, Russian citizen Serhiy Loiko, who came to defend Ukraine from the Russian occupiers, said: "We are fighting here not only for Ukraine, not only for its independence, not only for Ukrainians and their loved ones. We are fighting here for you, for the whole world, because this is the beginning of the Third World War. Here we have a wonderful overture to the Third World War. Therefore, the curtain may not close, and the first action will begin at any moment and.

This Russian-Ukrainian war is a war without rules on the part of the racists. In it (a kind of divine embodiment of war as in ancient Greek mythology - polemos) compromise is impossible. There is no rational limit to the violence that the aggressors viciously use against civilians. Because the army of rascists, devoid of common sense, is set up for the total destruction of the bearers of Ukrainian identity .

In this existential duel of good and evil, light and darkness, freedom and despotism, truth and falsehood, life and death, one cannot come together somewhere in the middle. Because this is not a war for borders - this is a war of antagonistic worlds. First of all, worldviews. Which cannot coexist (Gennady Druzenko, lawyer, volunteer, anti-terrorist operation veteran).

On April 2, Bucha Mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk said that about 300 local civilians had been shot dead during the Russian occupation of the city. About 280 people were dumped in a mass grave, and the rest were left on the street.

The shootings of male civilians in Bucha were massive.

"The massacre in Bucha was intentional. The Russians are trying to destroy as many Ukrainians as possible. We must stop them and drive them out. I demand new destructive G7 sanctions immediately: an embargo on oil, gas and coal; close all ports for Russian ships and goods; disconnect all Russian banks from SWIFT ”(Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba).

"After all, the main thing, according to our European partners, is not to provoke the Russians? (Evil irony). The main thing is that the Third World did not begin? The main thing is that the Russians are not offended and do not use ... What did not use? Missiles, air bombs, tanks, did not commit mass killings of civilians, bombing residential areas, mass shootings, as in concentration camps, that they have not yet used?

As a result, the world received a total unspeakable fear of anti-humanity in Bucha, Irpen, Gostomel. Hundreds, thousands killed, torn, raped, bound, raped and killed again. Hundreds, thousands of civilians of Ukraine. Killed with special atrocities.

Very cool and omniscient yesterday's and today's "leaders of Europe", hundreds of current European politicians who eat well and sleep peacefully in their beds, don't you want to look closely at this photo archive of hell-XXI, arranged by the Russians in Kyiv region? Want 21st Century Srebrenica? Got it? Are you satisfied? Did they want to reincarnate Treblinka by encouraging "Russian peace"? Did you want to remember what the hellish horror of working crematoria is, that people are burned alive because they are Ukrainians? Will you try to turn away again? Organize another summit to express concern and shake your head?

You can't ban Russian literature in European universities - because it's so inhumane?

Take another close look at the thousands of torn, raped, burned Ukrainians. In the XXI century. As part of the "special operation". Torn by the RUSSIANS. And now tell the whole world once again that Russia is normal, it is a business that Rachmaninoff cannot be banned. Look and say. Or turn away. After all, the main thing is not to provoke. And let them massacre Ukrainians ...” (adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podoliak).

He is shocked by the impressive images of the atrocities of the Russian army in the liberated Kyiv region. The EU is helping Ukraine and NGOs gather the necessary evidence for prosecution in international courts. Further sanctions and EU support are already on the way ”(European Council President Charles Michel).

In 1931, Alexander Oles wrote the program poem "Remember":

When Ukraine fought for life,

Battling her hangman,

living and dying,

And waiting in vain for some signs of compassion,

Europe was silent.

When Ukraine, in unfairly weighed battles,

Drained of blood, drenched in tears,

Looked to friends for survival,

Europe was silent.

When gripped in chains and brute force,

Ukraine was enslaved,

not a master of the land that she tilled,

When her cries even stirred the immutable cliffs,

Europe was silent.

When Ukraine reaped a harvest of sorrow

For her lord executioner,

Herself dying of hunger and unable to speak,

Europe was silent.

When Ukraine was accursed

And replaced with mass graves,

When the demon himself had shed tears for her plight,

Europe was silent.

(Translated from Ukrainian by Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak)

Eight decades later, Sergei Borshchevsky, a diplomat and writer will appeal to Western partners:

When your Paris and Berlin

Will be unconsciously trampled by the horde

Remember the crucifixion of Ukraine,

Which begged you: "Help!"

Unable to escape the onslaught,

Surrendering to the horde,

Remember how deeply concerned you had been,

How worried you had been.

How you prompted to negotiate

With those who should be in prison,

Taught after three famines

And several centuries in the Moscow yoke.

When Putin's brutal soldiers

To show their power,

Will rape your loved ones,

Will spit on the cobblestones of your streets.

And they will walk them with a machine gun,

And they will soak in the toilets everything and everyone,

And your children will speak filthy language,

Thoughtlessly borrowed from them,

Remember everything: how the heroes died,

How Donbas shed blood and burned ...

And we only asked you for weapons,

To protect yourself and you.

Today Ukraine is savingall nations

From the Moscow plague.

Help stop the hordes of predators,

Because together we are millions against darkness

Unfortunately, despite the war waged against Ukraine by "fraternal people", the world still cannot fully understand what the current Russian Federation is. In the information age, it is difficult to realize that this is a civilization parasite. Insidious, predatory, immoral, aggressive. Not all Western politicians are unanimous in recognizing that there is no point in engaging in dialogue with barbarians. Finlandization will not pass in Ukraine. Only UKRAINIZATION is possible. Any truce with racists who kill women and children and destroy critical infrastructure in cities and villages is a betrayal. One can only hope that the change in consciousness of both the world establishment and ordinary citizens on the planet Earth will happen as soon as possible, and they will all understand that there is no need to discuss the gas and oil embargo for Russia, there is no need to argue about the need to close seaports to Russian ships, or to argue sharply about providing Ukraine with effective anti-missile weapons and increasing humanitarian aid. Such steps should be taken automatically.

"We must help Ukrainians defend their country as soon as possible. Our days are their hours, our weeks are their days; they need weapons here and now. … Russia is a big country, a big country with a lot of goods, raw materials, resources… They have a big army. Therefore, they can regroup and reorganize again and again ”(Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister of Poland).

Good and right words, good thoughts, reasonable warnings.

The conclusion: Western countries urgently need to adopt a law on lend-lease, which would allow Ukraine to supply ammunition, weapons, including anti-tank and anti-aircraft systems, fighters, food. At one time (in March 1941) such a law was passed by the United States Congress. The clients of the United States were Great Britain, the USSR and the Commonwealth.

Ukrainians need to be patient? ..


On the eve of the Munich Security Conference on February 14, 2020, a number of Ukrainian politicians, scientists, writers, journalists and the military appealed to the President of Ukraine to raise with the US leadership Ukraine's special status as a major ally of the United States ( /data/magarticles/files/2719.pdf ). Unfortunately, the necessary steps have not been taken by the top Ukrainian leadership.

Last year, on the third day after the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States, Volodymyr Zelensky gave an interview to Axios on HBO, in which he expressed a rather controversial opinion: "I have a very simple question: Mr. President, why are we still not in NATO? ”

There is no doubt that if Ukraine had been granted a MAP in Bucharest in 2008 and then full membership in NATO, the Russian invasion would not have taken place. Is Ukraine less democratic and less reliable than Turkey, which is a military member of the Alliance?

Today, 18 non-NATO countries have the status of major US allies. On August 1, 2019, Donald Trump granted this status to Brazil. The special status of the main ally of the United States would significantly strengthen Ukraine's position in its intention to join NATO, and at the same time would strengthen the importance of the Ukrainian state in the international arena. In this interview, Volodymyr Zelensky for some reason did not mention that since 2014 Ukraine is one of the three candidate countries for the status of the main non-NATO ally ("Major Non-NATO Ally"), which is also claimed Georgia and Moldova, which at one time, like Ukraine, were victims of aggression and also temporarily lost parts of their territories. Granting such status would be a logical step on the part of the United States as a guarantor state under the Budapest Memorandum.

On March 3-4, 2021, the 12th Annual US-Ukraine Security Dialogue (ONLINE WEBINAR) entitled "Disclosure of the new administration's approach to the most pressing security issues in Ukraine" took place. In the chat of this online webinar, I asked about the prospects of Ukraine receiving the status of Major Non-NATO Ally. The question was immediately responded to by Bill Taylor, US Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Ukraine (2006-2009), Chargé d'Affaires of the United States in Ukraine (2019-2020), noting the relevance of the topic. He stressed that everything depends on the US government.

During a discussion at the Kyiv Security Forum on March 10, Bill Taylor stated: “We can give Ukraine the status of a major, non-NATO ally. We do not need the consent of other countries for this. Ukraine must ask for this and the United States can grant such status. "

When will this happen?

The article uses paintings by Russian artist Vasily Shulzhnnko

Author - Editor-in-Chief of Universum Magazine