Unsinkable, due to the ultra-modern air defense systems located on it, the Russian flagship cruiser Moskva receives two missiles on the port side, flashes, smokes, heads for the Sevastopol hospital, but on the way it collapses and heroically sinks in stormy waters. Moreover, as Oleg Zhdanov drew attention to, it sinks deeply symbolically, on the same day when - exactly 110 years ago - the Titanic, created by the unsinkable, went to the bottom.

Coincidence? I don't think so.

Dead "Moscow" at the bottom of the Black Sea will fall into the fertile bed of the legend of Kitezh-grad, a flooded Russian city that did not surrender to the Crimean Tatars. Fishermen sailing over it during a calm will hear Gazmanov's songs and filthy language. In vain the other day Valya Matvienko was worried about the lack of nails in Russia. Russia doesn't need nails. Why nails if there is an axe? The axe in Russia is universal. For example, if desired, a Russian soldier can cook porridge out of it. The pinnacle of national craftsmanship sounds like this - "without a single nail." With an axe, without a nail, houses and temples were built, including the temples of Kitezh. Tanks, bulletproof vests and even, judging by the combat successes, even the highest officers of the General Staff are still made of an axe in Russia.

Humanity has returned to the era of the stone axe. All modern institutions of democracy and humanism are worthless if an old man who has gone out of his mind (we hold our fists) can, under cameras and spotlights, unleash a bloody massacre in the center of Europe, a real genocide against one of the European peoples. Nothing changed. Another fascism, another corpses. What kind of "specialists" is required for such a "special operation"? The next Zhukovs are driving troops to slaughter, stacking stacks of young meat above the tank tracks. Do you think Bucha means more than Treblinka? Think further.

It turns out that the collective West is not about democracy and universal values. This is about the ability to act on the basis of the ratio of one's own benefits and risks. There was genocide in Yugoslavia, but there were no nuclear weapons. Therefore, NATO falcons calmly bombed the Serbs for their own pleasure. Saddam had oil and didn't have nuclear weapons either. Therefore, the States and allies were pulled off in Iraq to the fullest. No one, either in the first or in the second case, remembered membership in the alliance or the Fifth Article. Any civilian casualties? Are there human rights violations? So we invade and bomb the freaks!

What has changed this time? Why Ukraine was left alone on the battlefield? Destroyed Ukrainian cities, images of mass atrocities committed by Russian bastards, evoke anger, condemnation and compassion in the hearts of millions of people around the world. Biden directly called the actions of Russian troops in Ukraine a genocide.

But there is one "but". And this "but" for the collective West, in the face of its no less collective bodies, radically changes the whole situation - Putin's nuclear dick.

Dick is no joke. The United States, for example, has postponed another test of its missiles so as not to tease Russia. They say that Biden was sewn special shoes with soft soles so that, shuffling them over the carpets in the White House, he would not be disturbed by Mr. Putin's underground sleep across the ocean. Yes, the West has done a lot and continues to do a lot. For example, to supply Ukraine with weapons and at the same time pour petrodollars into the pockets of the Russians, which means, indirectly, to arm them too. After February 24, even a special brand of oil appeared on the market - UBE (“Ukrainian Bloody Extra” - “Ukrainian, especially bloody”). It produces excellent gasoline, with notes of black soil and wheat fields. Europeans "take it".

When Biden was asked by a journalist if he understood that sanctions did not stop the war, the answer was the most "brilliant" I have ever heard. Biden said the sanctions should not scare Putin into stopping the war immediately. They must create grave consequences for Russia. Russia will pay this “serious” price. The idea that the bloody price of this war, together with the Nazis, is paid daily by innocent Ukrainian children, women and old people, apparently never came to Sleepy Joe.

Ukraine is counting on the lives of its citizens today for three decades of its own infantilism. And I will repeat what I have said many times: all former Ukrainian presidents - from Kravchuk to Poroshenko - are state criminals, who should be imprisoned. We're not going anywhere from this. Too expensive - tens of thousands of lives - the Budapest paper cost Ukraine and much that happened after it. We no longer have development options, we have practically nothing to choose from. After the atrocities of one "neighbor" and the helpless mannerisms of others, we, as a state, at best, are facing the thorny path of Israel. I don’t even stutter about Switzerland, and I don’t advise you. What the hell, Switzerland can be close to Russia?!

Putin humiliated the West, abused it. Firstly, when through the mouth of Ryabkov he ordered NATO to take "their belongings". Secondly, forcing him to strain himself with endless threats of a nuclear strike and the increasing frequency of group flights of government aircraft. We must admit the obvious fact: the modern West is really afraid of the Russian schizophrenic. Scared, sorry, shitty. The paranoid Putin is literally orchestrating this troupe of old political clowns, among them the aged Harlequin, stumbling on the steps of the gangway on his way to dementia, who found himself almost helpless in both domestic and foreign policy. And forced to pretend to be courageous, the eternally serious Pierro with his magnifying glass, necessary to determine exactly where the border of the Fifth article of NATO, about which he constantly repeats like a parrot, passes. And slowly but - I want to believe - irrevocably seeing the German Herr and the French Emmanuelle, whom Putin loves to ride on the ears.

Contrary to common sense and the will of their own peoples, the West has not yet closed the sky over Ukraine, has not sold fighter jets. Yes, we were given weapons. But enemy missiles are still destroying our homes and factories, and the ratio of sorties and missile launches to the number of aircraft and missiles shot down is depressingly low. Heroism also has its technical limits. It is possible to fend off an attack with defensive weapons, but defeating a regular army with a guerrilla warfare kit is unrealistic. Hardly, with a bang, with huge attempts and incredible delay, the first units of heavy weapons from individual Western countries finally begin to arrive, for the sake of which God pours rain on the Donbas, washing out the roads and holding back the massive offensive of the orcs.

The West has not understood that there is no "mysterious Russian soul". Russian "mysteriousness" comes from the words "reptile", "spoil", "disgust". This “mysteriousness” can have a variety of emanations, from stupidly sublime ones, like Oleg Yankovsky, climbing into the mouth of a cannon along a rope ladder, in order to romantically die and prove to someone some kind of rightness (director Mark Zakharov). To the deadly slovenlines, like an old helicopter destroyed by the total corruption of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, rescuing children from a forest fire with the drunken skill of an experienced pilot with the hope of "maybe" and the help of filty language (Trite Studio by Nikita Mikhalkov). But the core of both is an amazing contempt for one's own life, miserly, miserable and useless. Suicidal hooligan willingness to "bang so that the whole world is in dust", contrary to all reason. Therefore, revolving roulette is called "Russian". Not Canadian, not Japanese, not Polish.

If the West understood Russian political dramaturgy, then, having seen a gun on the wall of the stage before the start of the performance, they would understand that it is real, that they hung it just for the sake of a real, and not fake, murder. And no if's. Putin is waving his atomic personal belongings, because he is really ready to drag half the world with him to hell. Doesn't mean it will. Fortunately, there are many other factors beyond his control. But internally, obviously, it is quite ready. He dies, one way or another. After military atrocities in Ukraine, he is forever banned from traveling abroad. What awaits him ahead, except for The Hague? He has nothing to lose. He saw a lot, experienced a lot, enjoyed everything. Putin's philosophy is the will of the Egyptian pharaoh, who wants as many servants, fellow citizens and people in general as possible to go to the grave with him. The West, investing hundreds of billions in its special services, missed the moment when the authorities made irreversible changes in this soul, and a bunch of diseases turned a mortal into a suicide bomber. Now it's too late. At this stage, the only way to solve the problem is to destroy it with a pinpoint preemptive strike. But this requires balls, which the West does not have. And Putin knows this. Always knew.

Ukraine gives a lesson, cheap for the West, but extremely expensive for itself, to mankind that there can be no America for America and Europe for Europe. Any dictatorship in the world strives for self-destruction at the cost of not only internal, but also monstrous external victims, if it is not stopped in time.

Ukraine has already won the sacred war for freedom, because it did not give up, but began to resist fiercely. Because it fights for its children, on its own land. Because our warriors fight like devils, behind whom God and the truth. Ukrainians are dying involuntarily defending the heavily armed West, which has already lost this war. He nursed the dictator with a burgher breast, rounded off on cheap Russian energy resources. He consistently turned a blind eye to his crimes in Russia, Georgia, Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk. Now the "boy" has grown up and threatens to fuck his own nurse.

In the film "The Square" by the Swedish director Ruben Östlund, awarded the "Golden Palm" in 2017, there is one significant episode. A Russian actor is invited to a prestigious art party to portray a savage, primitive man. Stripped to the waist, he paces the hall, making monkey-like movements. He sniffs around, makes faces, shouts. Then he gets used to the role so much that he climbs with his feet on the table, jumps from one to the other, rushes at the guests and grabs the women. The tolerance of people in tailcoats is quickly ending. Having united, several men bring down the muscular "Russian monkey" on the floor and kick his face together. No police. All on their own.

Today, the lives of Ukrainians, the peace and well-being of hundreds of millions of people in the West depend on the mood of a single maniac. So explain to me what the “wise, far-sighted and tolerant” Western policy is worth if it has brought the world to this point?

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