During the past 24 hours, on June 1, servicemen of the Allied Forces repulsed 13 attacks by the Russian army.

Despite the fact that Russian occupation forces took control of about 80% of the territory of Severodonetsk, Ukrainian defenders were able to conduct several counterattacks and even capture several occupiers.

There is currently no threat to the encirclement of the Armed Forces in Luhansk region.

What is happening in Luhansk Oblast has completely thwarted the Russian military command's plan to encircle a Ukrainian group near Severodonetsk and Lysychansk. The plans were to split the group in two, an operational environment and a phased destruction. The situation in Mariupol at the moment of the encirclement of the Armed Forces was completely disrupted. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are currently moving to pre-prepared positions. This gives a certain advantage to our military.

No defeat seems to be involved. We are talking about the active nature of defense. The number of Russian contingent in Luhansk region in comparison with the Resistance Forces in the ratio of 1 to 7.

Why are we moving away from Severodonetsk?

Our active defense was hampered by the bombing of critical infrastructure, namely the chemical company Azot. Hitting the tanks with nitric acid. This almost led to an environmental catastrophe. They are attacking such targets, putting both the military and the civilian population in mortal danger. It is important to note that the Armed Forces in Severodonetsk does not use heavy equipment, artillery and mortars. Up to 15,000 civilians remain in the city. The chosen tactic is not to endanger the civilian population.

The new task of the Lisichansk and Severodonetsk garrisons was to hold back Russian troops as much as possible, namely to divert the main efforts of the Russian army. This plan succeeds. Meanwhile, the Armed Forces launched a counterattack in other areas. In particular, Kharkiv and Kherson regions. At the moment we have successful promotions there. In addition, we control the Hirske, Zolote, Komyshuvakha. Russia had a plan to create another "boiler" there. The Armed Forces destroyed this plan. We control the "way of life" and access to the administrative borders of Luhansk region.

It is worth noting that not only defensive battles are taking place, but also the liberation of the occupied territories.

The scenario of liberation of the occupied territories does not disappear. It is a priority. But now we need to mobilize and get the modern weapons we expect from European partners and the Lend-Lease.

A few words about the quality of weapons that will take precedence over the number of the enemy. Obtaining 155 mm caliber artillery has a range of 40 to 60 km. Russian analogues of this weapon - up to 30 km. When we get these weapons, we will already have an advantage. We will be able to fire on the enemy's positions from a safe distance. Reactive volley fire systems have a range of 70 km. Russian analogues of such weapons - up to 40-50 km. There is also a huge advantage in distance. This will allow us to control the accumulation bases and supply routes of Russian groups.

It is thanks to the superiority of weapons that we will be able to change the course of this war. Numerically, it will be much more difficult. Russia's human reserves are larger than ours, we must be realistic. But they are demoralized. And our goal is to liberate Ukraine.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are repelling the enemy! We are under the reliable protection of our military. Keep calm and believe in the Armed Forces!

And most importantly - we believe in our victory!