The war and the colossal sacrifices of Ukraine require very clear assessments from us. Sometimes they have to be harsh. Otherwise, we will not be able to stop the enemy and achieve the decisions necessary for our country in the future.

In this context, I want to draw attention to the role of international organizations. First of all, on the UN system and the OSCE, which failed in their mission to prevent war. And now they openly parasitize on the situation in the interests of the aggressor country, claiming the role of a biased "arbiter".

What do we have at the moment?

The UN was an important element in maintaining world order after World War II. Its main task was to prevent a third world war. But this war has begun and has already passed into a hot phase. That is, the UN and the international bureaucracy swollen to the point of impossibility (IAEA, UNESCO, UNHCR, ILO , etc.) failed the mission.

Even before Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, there were active discussions about the need to reform the UN. Now it is generally not clear why this structure is needed?

How can the UN Security Council make decisions where the power of veto is vested in the state that organized the genocide in Europe? Which, moreover, openly threatens with nuclear strikes and blackmails the whole world with hunger? This is absurd. Let me remind you that the League of Nations expelled the USSR 2 weeks after the attack on Finland. There is panic in the UN from the very raising of the question about the exclusion of Russia.

The UN members fled Kyiv and hid for three months. After that, they settled in Lviv, from where they try to “coordinate” assistance. That is, they want to lock in cash flows and cargo. As before. The network is already full of exclamations of bewilderment from Ukrainian activists and volunteers, because these bureaucrats do not bring any benefit, although they consume considerable resources. It is significant that UN structures open vacancies for PR and writers to neutralize criticism and whiten their image.

The OSCE demonstrated even greater impotence. With the beginning of the invasion, the leadership of the OSCE in Ukraine did not just run away - they fired and left to the mercy of fate the people who worked on the territory of ORDLO. About 100 people are under mortal threat. At least 3 people are already in prison on charges of “high treason in the LDNR”, they can be executed. Finland's desire to join NATO is the symbolic demise of the 1975 Helsinki Act and the entire OSCE camarilla.

On the one hand, a paradoxical, on the other, quite understandable situation arises, when the interests of the international bureaucracy, which has lost all legitimacy, and the Kremlin completely coincide.

I talked to experienced diplomats who described in detail two factors that turn the UN and the OSCE into Russian-dependent vipers.

First factor. Employees of these structures receive large salaries, a good social package and bonuses. But the most important bonus, which is the strategic goal of all life, is retirement from a high position in such a structure. It can be several times higher than the pension in a particular country, including the European one.

As a result, in order to live long in this system, one must demonstrate extreme loyalty and a complete lack of initiative. Do not create conflicts and in general any waves, as this harms the careers of everyone who is close to the source of indignation. Those who show unhealthy zeal survive. A caste is being formed for which corporate interests are more important than any values.

The second factor. For decades, Russia, having retained all Soviet developments, saturates the apparatus of the UN, the OSCE and all similar organizations with its own or related people (Belarusians, Armenians, Serbs, etc.). That is, some beautiful slogans can be broadcast to the public, but the bureaucracy completely nullifies this, promoting the necessary pieces of paper and sabotaging the harmful ones.

The Ukrainian media have repeatedly written about completely wild facts. For example, at the time of the Russian occupation of Crimea and the start of the war in Donbas in 2014, the OSCE Cross-Border Threats Department was headed by Russian citizen Aleksey Lyzhenkov, a native of the Soviet system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (read - KGB / Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation).

Naturally, the OSCE did not notice anything, including shelling from Russian territory. Lyzhenkov, after hard work in the OSCE, became Deputy Director of the Department for New Challenges and Threats of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Now the Department of Cross-border Threats of the OSCE Secretariat is headed by Alyona Kupchina, who before this appointment worked for 28 years in the system of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, including being a Deputy Minister.

Have you heard about any coherent OSCE reaction to the attacks by migrants from Belarus on Lithuania and Poland last year? Maybe you have heard assessments of the shameful role of Lukashenko and Belarus, providing territory for waging war against Ukraine?

Similarly, Russian citizens make up about 50% of the IAEA staff. Their well-being is completely dependent on the Kremlin. Therefore, the IAEA demonstrates “inexplicable” lethargy regarding the capture by the Russian invaders first of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, and then the largest in Europe, the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant. In fact, there are dozens of staff members held hostage. But everything is calm in the Vienna office.

This is an obvious conflict of interest.

Now international bureaucrats are terrified of the possible loss of comfortable seats. And Russia is extremely interested in sending a signal to the world “not everything is so simple”, “both sides should refrain from escalation”.

The war only exacerbated this situation. The shelling of Kyiv at the moment when the UN Secretary General arrived in Ukraine from Moscow (!) is a demonstration of how the Kremlin treats these greedy impotents - like servants. For the Kremlin understands this to the public better than anyone.

You don't have to go far, just look through various "monitoring" and "reports" that have been produced by UN members in Ukraine for years. By the way, are you aware that a Belarusian is monitoring violations of human rights and refugees, including through the UN in Ukraine? And a whole bunch of people with garters to Russia. Explain, how can this be?

What are these people doing? They come from a crazy theory of maintaining equidistance and balance. They don't choose sides.

A Ukrainian girl and a crowd of Russian soldiers who rape this girl, from the point of view of the UN/OSCE monitoring missions, are participants in the same process. And these structures appeal to "both sides" with a call to "prevent escalation", "refrain from destructive steps." A man kneeling with his hands tied and a fighting Buryat putting a gun to the back of his head are the same for bureaucrats.

This is not an exaggeration. Read the appeal of some UNESCO, which calls on "all parties" to refrain from actions that threaten cultural heritage. But nothing, that the whole threat is on our territory? And the only reason for this threat is a Russian invasion?

The danger of these structures lies in the fact that civilized countries find themselves in a disadvantageous position. For example, the OSCE SMM has been monitoring the situation in Donbas for years. Our observers were allowed everywhere, they happily recorded all the shortcomings. And in ORDLO, Russia kept them on a reservation. Plus, the OSCE SMM was full of Russians and people loyal to Moscow. As a result, it turned out that Ukraine violates rights and freedoms almost more than the bantustans controlled by Moscow.

The most cynical story is the fixation of the death of civilians. You can now look at the UN figures - they are many times less than the real ones. The emphasis is on the fact that these are allegedly verified figures. But they distort the situation, they don't even come close to showing the scale of Russia's atrocities.

Prior to this, the OSCE SMM constantly recorded civilian casualties in ORDLO. People were blown up by mines, or died as a result of lawlessness. But since the leaders of the LDNR blamed Ukraine for everything (of shelling, in sending sabotage and reconnaissance groups), and the OSCE was not allowed to check the facts, all this was presented in the context of “civilians suffer from the actions of both sides.” Since we have an order of magnitude fewer civilian deaths, the OSCE created an excellent justification for Russia - you see, since civilians do not die there, but they die here, it means that Ukraine has been bombing the Donbas for 8 years!

The mechanisms of these structures de facto serve criminals, aggressors who act without rules. When the rapist and the victim turn into "two sides" - this is a sign that the system has turned into its opposite and must be immediately transformed. Or liquidated.

Any document that is now emerging from the bowels of the UN, the OSCE and related organizations can be immediately sent to the wastebasket. Because all these papers do not reflect the realities of the world. They do not help to strengthen the rules, but on the contrary, they give tools to those who discredit these rules.

Zelensky is doing the right thing when he proposes the idea of ​​new formats. These signals need to be worked out, but the course is right. There is no point in holding on to moribund structures that de facto work in the interests of the enemy. Ukraine must learn to play on a large scale, generate ideas, and take the initiative. Then the necessary alliances will arise. And the bureaucrats should be left without a pension. To shake them up a bit and bring back the right motivation.