Yesterday I laughed all day watching media agony about travel permits from military commissariats. I'm not worried about this particular decision - it's so stupid that it will definitely be revised. The most important thing is to draw conclusions because we are talking about our army and defense in general. Therefore, about the security and survival of the state.

Remember the story of the military registration of women. What did that lead to? In fact, it turned out that thousands of women are ready to voluntarily go to military registration and enlistment offices and be drafted. Both before February 24 and after. Military service is a comfortable activity for many. Especially now the minimum salary of a serviceman who does not participate in hostilities is more than 1,300 bucks. A good government should create motivation for people. Even when it comes to the performance of duty. The story with women could be turned into a beautiful recruitment campaign. If initially, the approach was not through obedience, but through motivation, everyone would have won.

However, then the General Staff did the same thing as now. They made a decision and hid it until it came out and turned into a scandal. The scandal was extinguished with all means, the decision was revised and made more adequate. But the image damage is enormous.

A week ago, Zaluzhny sent a document prepared by the General Staff to all authorities. There is his signature and visas of several other generals. Therefore, it was a whole bureaucratic process that took more than one day. Everything happened again. They hid it - provoked hysteria.

When the scandal began, Zaluzhny's defenders along with gunpowders and other henchmen immediately provided him with two disservices.

At first, they shouted that it was all fake, which increased the resonance when it became clear that everything was true. Then they started shouting that it was the machinations of the OP. As if the Office "gave away" the document.

Think about it - how can you "give away" an open document that was sent to 100 addresses across the country for use against millions of people? This document has been online for several days. It was published by the Zaporizhzhia Military Administration on its website.

Now, look what happened.

The network disperses the thesis that Zaluzhny is not to blame, he was framed. Zaluzheny was really framed. But look carefully at who does it. Then the motivations will be clear.

First of all, the same gunpowder robots. Their scheme is very simple. They nod at the OP and transfer a bureaucratic jamb with signs of corruption to the political plane.

It is beneficial for them to burn the commander-in-chief in the political conflict. Because gunpowder robots have their own little candidate. Traditionally, gunpowder robots gave a pass to the Russians, who began to scream about the split between politicians and the military.

Secondly, it's part of Zaluzhny's entourage. They mask their business with alleged politics.

Remember the story of the "General Zaluzhny Fund." The Commander-in-Chief personally wrote about him, thirty thousand people liked the post and clapped their hands. Then the name of the fund was changed and the army leadership was withdrawn from it. The error has been corrected.

But someone slipped this idea and the commander-in-chief agreed to it. Similarly, they slipped a story with permits from military commissariats.

From the outside, it looks like there are people surrounded by Zaluzhinny who manipulate him and stir up their Geshefts behind his back. And he agrees for some reason. There is no time to understand or blindly trust - it doesn't matter.

I will not hypothesize how many decisions like this have been made before. We see at least two resonant ones. For the second time in Zaluzhny's team, the filters did not work, no one insured him. And in the case of military commissars, communication completely failed.

That is, gunpowder robots deliberately burn a competitor. And these sticky fish think they'll protect themselves in this way. However, both of them actually push Zaluzhny into politics.

There can be only one correct conclusion from this mistake - the commander-in-chief must understand who sets him up for himself.

Please note that many people sincerely could not believe that Zaluzhny would generate such a toxic solution. This is a consequence of the fact that we are not critical of the army now. And that's how it should be done, because it's war.

But it is worth remembering that both before the war and after the army was not perfect. It hasn't changed magically in 5 months. There are people who fight and die. And there are rats in stripes that continue to stir up their schemes, hiding behind the dead heroes. And now these rats are getting very fat pieces. They can't be allowed to take over.

Another mistake of such nature - and the commander-in-chief may lose his accumulated trust. It may seem that he is either manageable or does not control the situation. This should not be allowed.

Because in our country, all ambiguous decisions can turn into a “zrada” (betrayal) in an instant. Today's admirers will tear Zaluzhny apart. But it's not just about him.

Now all steps are interpreted in favor of the military and in the disadvantage of politicians. Or it may happen that there will be a minus for both military and politicians. This is a direct path to the collapse of the state.

The General Staff should change their approach and start making meaningful decisions. Especially when it comes to people. It is necessary to ruthlessly get rid of those who earn money in war, who pull schematics and misery from the Soviet past into the army. We need to raise smart commanders.

The army should become a driver of modernization of the country and society. Otherwise, all feats and all deaths will be devalued.