Preface by Yuri Romanenko:

Egor Kholmogorov wrote a text that, in its genocidal narratives, can compete with Timofey Sergeytsev's opus on RIA Novosti.

It's simple - our ethnogenesis is so dangerous for Russia that it sees a terrible threat in the development of the Ukrainian people. Kholmogorov openly says that a living Ukraine is equal to the death of Russia. And even a nuclear war will not stop Russia. In the dilemma of the presence of Ukraine or a global nuclear war, Egor Kholmogorov's choice is nuclear war. Therefore, our duty is to warn humanity and save it from necrophiles who arbitrarily choose who will live and who will die based on the exacerbation of their schizophrenia. Considering that Kholmogorov is a columnist for Russia Today, this text is another reason to seek the closure of Russian Nazi propaganda tools. Most importantly, the narratives with which they poison the world leave no choice for the world - the Carthage of the Russian world must be destroyed to the ground. Ukraine must root out all the metastases of Russia in its social, economic, political structure. No amount of money or benefits should give them a single chance to survive in Ukraine. Bucha, Izyum, Borodianka, Mariupol show that cosplay of the Third Reich with an accordion and a matryoshka doll will go to any scale to satisfy their destructive ego.

So, Egor Kholmogorov is a Russian politician, publicist, blogger, Russian nationalist. Columnist for the Russia Today TV channel, author and host of the 100 Books website. Author of the term "Russian Spring". Poet of the Ukrainian genocide and simply a war criminal. Here comes the full version of Egor Kholmogorov's text:

Previously, during the period of condescending "we haven't even started yet", which cost the lives of thousands of military and civilian people, it was necessary to motivate for the war mainly positively: our people, the reunification of the Russian people, a rich country created by our hands, Vladimir Monomakh, the Tale of Igor's Campaign and so on. Even suppressing Bandera was, in general, a dashingly positive motivation: they say we will judge them for Odessa.

In a context when the "superpower Ukraine" manages to advance in three directions at once and we have either a Balakliya breakthrough, or the loss of Izyum, or an escape from Volchansk, or Schrödinger's Kupyansk, and patriotic prisoners are the main hope, we have to resort to negative motivation.

We will have to crush and destroy Ukraine even in the (unlikely) case if we cannot reunite a single person, even if we have to tear down all the factories we have built to the mainland and poison all the black soil, even if we have to cut the tendons of our economy and lose many of the best our young men.

If the choice is between a Ukrainian victory and a global nuclear war, then a nuclear war is preferable.

If Ukraine wins (any result that is not considered a clear victory for Russia will be considered a victory), then there will be no neighborly coexistence with Russia. Ukraine will blow up Russia from within.

First, the very concept of "Ukraine" and Ukrainianness will expand more and more - from Voronezh to the Kuban. Since Ukraine is a product of the imagination, no one and nothing will forbid it to invent ever wider borders for itself.

Secondly, the case will begin to replicate. Each national republic, each sub-ethnos, each regional identity will strive to become Ukraine.

Thirdly, Ukraine will turn into the hegemon of the Russian domestic political space: at the behest of the Ukrainian consul, the leaders of the Russian opposition will be appointed and removed, which will cease to be opposition and become power or semi-power.

Fourthly, Ukraine will become an armed ram of a limitrophe Russophobic bloc that will come to our scalp five years after the truce.

In other words, in the event of a mythical "truce" with Ukraine and, moreover, its triumph, the Russian Federation will not have any quiet life. There will be the end of Russia as a state, Russians as a nation, and even the cowardly Russian Federation elite (without replacement with a real one).

The victory of Ukraine will not remain the victory of Ukraine. It will be the beginning of our downfall.

What is our true defensive purpose? In order to prevent the completion of the Ukrainian ethnogenesis.

There are those who believe that such ethnogenesis occurred a long time ago. There are those who believe that it happened recently. It's all completely unimportant nonsense. In history there are many cases of forcibly and timely interrupted ethnogenesis. The most striking is the case of American southerners-dixies. If they win the civil war (which the northerners fought for the first two years in the "we haven't started yet" mode) - and the Dixies have become a completely different ethnic group and nation than the Yankees. They had everything for this. But they were suppressed - and, although nostalgic about the past and even slightly indulging in separatism, they remained Americans.

Our current clash with Ukraine is in many ways reminiscent of the US Civil War. Moreover, despite all our sympathies for the Confederate, Lee and Jackson, objectively we are northerners in this war. And we will either win and become a superpower, or we will fail and lose our place in history forever.

Fortunately, Ukraine does not have its own Jacksons and Stewarts, and Izyum is not drawn to Fredericksburg. But here we are full of McLellans, and we need our own Lincolns, Grants and Shermans.

Not waging a war with decisive goals is tantamount to defeat. The defeat will put an end not only to the Great, but also to present-day Russia and its future. If we don't start, we'll just end.