There is such a form of psychological abuse - gaslighting, when adequate reactions of a person are regularly declared inadequate. And his own adequacy is called into question.

Social engineering (not that it has always been evil) has successfully introduced into the minds of many modern people the idea that “you need to start with yourself, and if something goes wrong, then all claims are against yourself.” It's like "you have the wrong relationship with the world." This is what, in fact, gaslighting by the elites looks like. The problem, they say, is always and only with the person(s) who is being mismanaged. And "never" with the inadequacy of management or managers.

“Venious gurus” who feed on inter-elite consensus love to sell such a thing from stages, stands and screens.

What is behind this, in fact, and where does society lead?

In this coordinate system that encourages social helplessness, the one who does not steal cannot make claims against those who steal.

The one who tries to create cannot make claims to the one who comes to destroy. "It's his own fault" - "didn't build a relationship."

He who seeks to do good cannot show discontent with those who choose evil. And so on.

And when the power is inactive, it is necessary to make claims exclusively against yourself and not show discontent. The person himself is "guilty" - "he did not build the right relationship with the world."

“The Hindus came up with a convenient religion” (© V. Vysotsky).

I will say that you need to start with yourself, but you can’t stop there.

1. Our world is not limited to the inner.

2. People are social beings. If everything began and ended with us, God (the Universe) would arrange the world differently. Would not produce "essences", beings in their own image and likeness, after Adam.

Therefore, people are interdependent . And it is no coincidence that advanced communication opportunities are available to people . To work together to find mutually acceptable solutions to problems. And not meditate in the crocodile position, hoping that this is what will solve all the problems in the world. If a person is not alone with himself somewhere in the Himalayas or not in a monastery with the same blessed ones, then he will not decide. Ukraine, for example, is now at war not with Tibetan monks who have recklessly gone deep into nirvana.

Therefore, if we look at the social reality as it is. And if we take a closer look at the actual actions of the elites . We will notice that they always have complaints against others or reasons to run into others. Even if someone sits quieter than water, lower than the grass, the elites will find how and with what to "get it." Nobody needs to be fooled.

Therefore, in my humble opinion, you should never listen (in the sense, childishly “obey”) what social engineering soars when you feel manipulated behind it. We need to look at what the elites are actually doing . And do the same. For example, to present on behalf of the company counterclaims, demands, to declare needs and interests . This keeps a reasonable balance in a highly developed society . Not on the behavior of voiceless consonants.

I will give an example about deaf consonants. Ukrainians are massively posting horrific, tragic photos from the places where the Russians blew up the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station. But!

As before, no actions of our side are visible that really block Russia's ability to arrange a nuclear provocation at the Zaporizhzhya NPP . Although our citizens will suffer much more from such a provocation than others.

And according to the reaction of Social Networks, we can conclude that the citizens themselves massively believe that the man-eating shark and memes are more important than their own real future.

But I will continue about the "elites", about the officials. Stop playing giveaway, dear officials. Start doing something yourself , not only by the hands of the international media and appeals to them. In response to the explosion at the nuclear power plant, we will again be told "both sides blame each other", "there is no unambiguous evidence."

No image of a victim, no deliveries of ATACAMS or F-16s (they will happen anyway), “concerns”, or any other actions of the allies, cannot compensate for the evil that a nuclear catastrophe can cause to Ukrainians (!!!). And it can cause the continued inaction of officials about a possible catastrophe. We have already passed Chernobyl. Not everyone has forgotten.

No matter what the regular “lullabies” on salaries from the quasi-elites star. I'm not talking about Arestovich, if anything, not about useful psychological work, but about propaganda attempts to irresponsibly distort the perception of reality and deny reality itself.

In conditions of active hostilities and the impossibility of localizing the consequences, the result may be worse than not only undermining the Kakhovka dam, but also Chernobyl. This is far from Kakhovskaya HPP. No matter what feelings the Kakhovka HPP evokes now. One must understand the scale and duration of the problem of a nuclear catastrophe .


We understand what we are dealing with in the case of the explosion of the Kakhovka dam. There are influential forces in Russia that are ready to play this. We cannot fail to understand this. And expect, according to tradition, that “somehow it will be” and remain hostages of these forces and internal Russian showdowns .

And it is completely absurd to think that someone will regret Ukraine and Ukrainians abroad after the fact, and Ukrainians will suddenly feel better and easier from this.

Why with the participation of our allies - the Western community, as well as China, India, Turkey, Brazil, etc. Do not finish the question of a neutral (for example, Turkish) contingent at especially dangerous objects occupied by Russia?

If there is no other way to ensure the safety of facilities and Ukrainian citizens, their health, property, land, it does not work.

Yes, Türkiye is an example. The contingent could be provided by some rather influential, neutral and rather friendly country in relation to Ukraine. Or multiple countries.

With the Kakhovka dam, unfortunately, it's too late. Although the situation has been discussed both in Ukraine and abroad for a long time. The mechanism has not been created. Citizens were not protected. But Zaporozhye NPP remains.

At present, only this is really working - the guarantees of influential governments, backed up by their authority and the strength of their states, with the support of all interested parties in not loosening the nuclear situation. And not the helpless IAEA or the appeals of Ukrainian officials after the fact to the world media.

With regard to the grain agreement, for example, Turkey's effective participation has produced a very concrete result.

We should be interested in the result, in particular, long-term . It is about the life, health and well-being of our people. And about our facilities and lands, the quality of these lands, that is, about the future of the Ukrainian economy. This, again, is about the Ukrainian people. What should be a real and unconditional priority in the actions of the state .