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Why did the United States allow terrorist Russia to buy time to create powerful defense lines in southern Ukraine, why do American officials, knowing full well that the heroic Armed Forces of Ukraine did not receive all the weapons they need for a successful offensive, continue to delay providing our country with critically needed modern weapons?

The answer to this question is that the US is not interested in a complete military victory for Ukraine over Nazi Russia, which could lead to the fall of Putin's criminal regime, the Americans are really interested in the mutual attrition of Ukrainians and Russians. Controlling the conflict through the supply of weapons, representatives of the American authorities are striving for the decrease in the combat potential of Ukraine and fascist Russia to lead to a deadlock at the front and freeze the conflict on the territory of our country.

If CIA employees believe that the conflict is taking place according to the rules established between Americans and Russians, which they still adhere to, if there are restrictions imposed by the Biden administration on countries willing to take risks during the confrontation with bloody Russia, which absolutely does not suit Washington, then the citizens our country will have more and more critical questions to our overseas partner.

It is very important that the well-known American journalist William Arkin, who for a long time worked as an adviser to various intelligence and analytical structures in the United States, wrote about the pre-war agreements between Washington and Moscow.

In fact, our largest Western partner, before a full-scale invasion by imperialist Russia, "put an end" to Ukraine, passing it only weapons for waging a guerrilla war, and only the heroism of the Ukrainians and the decision of our President Vladimir Zelensky, who remained in Ukraine, did not allow the scenario of the new "Munich" to be realized. .

Representatives of the American authorities, seeking to freeze the conflict in Ukraine, for some reason do not take into account the interests of the Kremlin Fuhrer, who does not want to end the genocidal war aimed at destroying the Ukrainian nation.

When the ratings of ultra-right parties in Germany, France and even Poland [the Confederation Party] increase, when the Fuhrer from the Kremlin can bring down the rating of Joseph Biden before the US presidential election due to the continuation of military aggression against Ukraine, then an international terrorist absolutely does not need a truce in the current geopolitical realities Putin.

The same American intellectuals who believe that the Korean scenario can be implemented in Ukraine should understand that it could have been implemented from 2014 to 2022 if American military bases were created on the territory of our country, the presence of which on the territory of our country would not allow terrorist Russia start a full-scale war.

Russia is not North Korea, where the Kim dynasty seeks primarily to preserve its tyrannical power, while the Russian elite wants to revive the Russian Empire by destroying the independence of several countries in the post-Soviet space.

None of the representatives of the Russian elite has ever sought to turn Russia into an "Orthodox North Korea", while the Chekists now want to use the experience of communist China to control Russian society. Despite all the illusions of American intellectuals, even the most critical members of the Russian elite have never wanted to turn Russia into a frontier to contain China.

From their point of view, the Russian Federation should take a position of neutrality during the conflict between China and the United States, playing on the contradictions between them in order to obtain geopolitical benefits for Russia.

Is Ukraine a model country, of course not, just as South Korea was not a role model in the 50s, where at that time there was a very high level of corruption that did not interfere with the Americans who fought for the independence of this beautiful country.

At that time, representatives of the American authorities were well aware that if they did not stop the communists in South Korea, they would provoke a domino effect, namely, the "export" of communism to other Asian countries.

The Russian Fuhrer, unlike Western politicians who think only about the next elections, dreams of going down in history as a historical figure who created a confederal union between the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus. A statesman who inflicted a geopolitical defeat on the United States, thereby achieving the dominance of bloody Russia in Europe. Therefore, an absolutely logical question arises for American officials: how much more chances are they ready to give the international terrorist Vladimir Putin a chance to realize his dream?