Back in 1993, when the point of view dominated in the United States that the Russian Federation would be the main mediator and guarantor of stability in the post-Soviet space, the well-known historian Alexander Yanov, in his article "Weimar Russia" for the Moscow magazine Stolitsa, foresaw the coming to power of Russian Nazis.

Alexander Yanov, unlike Western politicians and experts, was well aware that, as in Germany after the First World War, the Russian Federation was waiting for the rise to power of an ultra-right politician [Russian Fuhrer], who wants to take revenge on the West for the defeat after the end of the Cold War. Now Western politicians are stepping on the same "historical rake", trying to appease the international terrorist Vladimir Putin by freezing the war on the territory of Ukraine.

According to Russian diplomats, the Kremlin has received a proposal from Western politicians for "peace talks", the first steps to which should be Putin's agreement to renew the "grain agreement" and a large-scale exchange of prisoners of war. In fact, freezing the conflict would allow Putin to position himself as a winner before and during the presidential elections, who achieved the expansion of Russian territories by creating a land corridor to Crimea, thereby protecting it and becoming the savior of the terrorist DPR and LPR.

Representatives of the Russian political elite are well aware that the "truce" with Ukraine for Russia on the basis of freezing the war will be short-term only until the offensive potential of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is fully restored. Russian chauvinists are confident that after the end of the "truce" Ukraine will be conquered by Russia in the same way as Chechnya [Ichkeria] after the Second Chechen War.

It should be understood that in Russia there is no single group of influence that leads it, apart from groups of influence interested in freezing the war, there are still many representatives of the Russian elite, mainly security officials, who are interested in continuing the war against Ukraine, convinced of the need for a winter offensive of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. In addition, the new Russian history textbooks, in which the territory of our country is treated as a historical Russian land, vividly illustrate that Vladimir Putin has not abandoned his plans to destroy independent Ukraine.

Ukraine also does not fit the Korean scenario at all, because the territories of South Korea were not annexed by the United States, just as the territories of North Korea were not annexed by China and the Soviet Union. It should also be remembered that the Israeli security model that our Western partners offer Ukraine began to operate only after the signing of a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel in 1979.

Before the signing of a peace treaty with Egypt, Israel was a poor country, therefore, without signing a peace treaty with Russia without Putin, which will give up its imperialism, the economic success of Ukraine, the use of its transit potential by 100% and security guarantees for investors are impossible.

Undoubtedly, without membership in NATO, large investments will not come to Ukraine, which European politicians have repeatedly stated, but now our country has no real chances of joining the Alliance. For American politicians, Ukraine's entry into NATO is just a bargaining chip in their geopolitical bargaining with Russia, from the point of view of realpolitik supporters, our country, which restrains the Russian Federation without membership in the Alliance, absolutely suits all our Western partners, since they have no allies in relation to it obligations.

Western supporters of realpolitik believe that Ukraine has already fulfilled its mission, buying time to strengthen the eastern flank of NATO, significantly reducing the offensive potential of Russia, which is stuck in the territories of our country, so when now, due to Putin’s adventure, the United States has restored its geopolitical dominance in Europe, the value of our countries for many of its Western partners have drastically decreased.

Unfortunately, American politicians do not realize how important the success of the heroic UAF is to the victory of pro-American politicians in the 2024 elections in Taiwan. Already, China-oriented politicians from the Kuomintang party are using the narrative that the next election is a choice between war and peace, so that the successes of imperialist Russia will increase the ratings of pro-Chinese candidates claiming power in Taiwan.

So far, Ukraine has received less military aid than Iraq, even though the United States has benefited most economically from the support of our country, pushing terrorist Russia out of European energy markets, control over which will allow America to enrich itself by trillions of dollars. This is what Ukrainian diplomats and politicians should be telling Americans about.

For pro-Russian and pro-Western Ukrainians, the current tragic events on the territory of our country should become a very bitter lesson, without which they will not come to the realization that neither the current chauvinistic Russia nor our Western partners are interested in the success of Ukraine, because each geopolitical player cares only about their selfish interests and none of these players need a strong and rich Ukraine.