When god was the idea - wars were based on the need to protect and spread the true faith. This was the case until about the eighteenth century. After the human became an idea, wars and revolutions began to be justified by the need to liberate enslaved peoples and establish justice. This was the case until the middle of the twentieth century. Subsequently, military maneuvers began to explain the need to protect human rights and democratic governance. This was the case until 2019.

From 2020, the idea of ​​human is not justice, not freedom, not human rights and not democracy. The idea of ​​human today is comfort and safety. Therefore, the police is used instead of armies. However, there is a difference between the present and the past. In pre-covid times every next massacre was followed with finding the guilty ones and understanding the causes of the tragedy. This time everything may be different. There will be no guilty. Not due to the absence of social utopias in postmodernism and their unnamed authors ((according to president Zelenskyy - ed) each of us is a president), but because of the growing wave of victims will not stop the process.

Social experiments

In order to learn about the social effect of deprivation of rights to the means of production and to find out how a disenfranchised person will behave on a collective farm, one must first take away a plow and a horse, and then observe and comprehend for a long time. That is, there are ideas whose usefulness can be verified only by research. It is important to understand that even in the USSR, experiments were forced and stemmed from unbalanced contradictions, no one experimented just like that. The nationalization of the same factories and plants was based on reproaches in greed and ignoring the common good by the owners of production resources.

In order to learn about the anti-epidemic and prophylactic effects of the use of immunobiological drugs in respiratory viruses in most positions, experiments were not necessary, because everything has long been known and clarified in practice.

COVID-19: that was known to all for a long time

  • Achieving the elimination of the causative agent of anthroponoses (a group of infectious diseases that can only be in the human body) with immunobiological drugs, in most cases, is impossible. For example, it is impossible to eliminate a disease such as diphtheria, because there are people in the population who are a natural reservoir for toxigenic strains of this disease. That is, the carriers do not get sick, but keep the diphtheria bacillus on the mucous membranes. The vaccine in such cases is powerless, especially if it is a toxoid.
  • Achieving the elimination of genetically unstable viruses, which in addition to the human body can be asymptomatic in birds or animals, having the ability to overcome interspecific barriers, is even more impossible. Everyone knew about the futility of eliminating COVID-19 before vaccination, even in the theoretical model of 100% vaccination of the population. Because the virus can be asymptomatic on the mucous membranes of humans, or be in the body of bats or other animals.
  • Forced infectious disease (measles, mumps, rubella, influenza) has a more reliable and longer-lasting immunity compared to post-vaccination immunity.
  • Immunity after influenza persists for years and has cross-protection against other strains.
  • The body's resistance to respiratory infections is determined primarily by nonspecific immunity, which blocks the development of the disease at the level of mucous membranes. Involvement of a specific response in SARS is a forced reaction of the body, requires additional resources and depletes the immune system.
  • Collective immunity in respiratory viruses is determined by general resistance to SARS, rather than specific antibodies to viruses.
  • There are no examples of effective vaccines against respiratory infections (SARS). The effectiveness of influenza vaccination is low, and the effect of the vaccine is limited to a short period.
  • The body's resistance to the period of formation of vaccine immunity is reduced, contact with the real pathogen of infectious disease during the formation of artificial immunity is dangerous.
  • Vaccination during epidemics is very risky.
  • Coronaviruses are characterized by antibody-dependent increase in infection.
  • Specific prevention of infectious diseases does not have an ideal model: vaccines are not 100% effective and 100% safe, even with long-term study and use.
  • Coronavirus vaccines could not physically go through all the stages of research and guarantee an acceptable safety profile. All immunobiological drugs from COVID have received emergency registration and are used experimentally.

COVID-19: what became known today thanks to experience

  • Unexpectedly high frequency of complications (ischemic strokes, myocarditis, endocarditis).
  • Unexpectedly low efficacy of vaccines. Countries with 70% of the population vaccinated are introducing lockdowns due to rising morbidity rates and maintaining high mortality rates.
  • Suspicious coincidences of deaths with vaccination in indecent numbers.

COVID-19: a paradoxical reaction to the experience

There are things that do not need checks. For example, a multiplication table. Someone will say that the formed epidemiological postulates and laws of the infectious process are not identical to the multiplication tables in mathematics, and he will be right. Sometimes it is necessary to test medical postulates in practice. Only conclusions after the inspection should be logical and honest.

Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, Israel and other countries show us that tests of medical axioms for some reason lead to paradoxical conclusions and logical twists. Let's start with the famous veterinary passports. Western science, as a result of testing medical canons, for some reason came to the conclusion that immunity after the disease is twice as short as immunity after vaccination: 6 months vs. 12 months, respectively. Moreover, Western science for some reason believes that three weeks in hospital with obvious symptoms of intoxication and clinical signs of viremia does not form immunity for years, but for several months. And here are two injections with a slight itching at the injection site - for a whole year.

The reaction of European governments to the increase in morbidity and the maintenance of a high mortality rate among the population against the background of vaccination rates of 70% is very paradoxical. Some countries have taken a course on booster doses, and some on general specific prevention. A uniquely inadequate position is taken by Austria, which generally declares criminal prosecution for refusing to vaccinate in February 2022. Surprisingly, careful and meticulous Germans do not ask the question - how will the vaccine help remove the virus from the mucous membrane of the carriers and eradicate the disease? And also do not care about the question - how does a vaccinated person become safe for others, if he can not only be an asymptomatic carrier, but also terminally ill?

There are no attempts to understand the causes of unprecedented mortality after vaccination. Too many matches to just brush them off. Are we dealing with antibody-dependent infection, or is it the depletion of the immune system due to its stimulation, especially in people "60+", whose immunity is in a state of natural extinction? Well, just a unique assessment of myocarditis. Since they are few and they are not the cause of immediate death, you can ignore and ignore that they all occur in young people. But the fact of the reaction of the heart muscle directly indicates the active accumulation of artificial genetic engineering products in various tissues. The myocardium is simply a symptomatic organ. And how many organs and tissues do not respond to such accumulations? And the question is not in the clinical manifestations, but in the expression of unnecessary genes, especially oncogenes with artificial RNA and proteins. Moreover, the potential expression ability for mRNA vaccines and vector vaccines is different.

Ukrainian "science" has surpassed in the inadequacy of Western counterparts in all areas. Instead of 180 days, the Ministry of Health announced the validity of certificates for patients for 90 days, establishing a positive PCR as a criterion for diagnosis. As a result, convalescents are forced to be vaccinated immediately after discharge from covid-hospitals since they do not have a positive PCR test because government laboratories participate in a secret government program "help the unvaccinated receive treatment at their own expense" by riveting negative PCR results. It is very reminiscent of Soviet methods of forced contraception - when after an abortion, women under anesthesia were placed IUDs without informing them about it. Such women in 5-10 got to hospitals with purulent complications.

Of course, Ukrainian academics impressed us even more. "In response to the initiatives of the Ministry of Health, the Ukrainian Federation of Professional Medical Associations represented by their leaders (academics and academics of AMNU - author's note), recorded a series of videos that support the strategic goal set by the Ministry of Health Ukraine, - to form in Ukrainians a collective immunity to a deadly disease - COVID-19. To this end, at least 70% of the adult population needs to be vaccinated. Videos are on youtube.

In other words, the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, headed by President Tsymbalyuk, and the Ministry of Health continue to develop collective immunity through vaccination, despite not only the fact that the incidence in Germany has doubled compared to last year, but also the death rate of vaccinated people. Not only in Germany, but at the departments of National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P.L.Shupik. Ukrainian scientists get vaccinated, die, say last goodbye, bury themselves and continue to be vaccinated. This is an unprecedented phenomenon of losing the instinct of self-preservation under the influence of evidence-based medicine. Even the "ski instructors" of the Ministry of Health and supermarket cashiers have not spoken about collective immunity since this summer, but our academics continue to move in the given explanatory schemes in the spring of 2020.

From the call sign, we can note the reaction to vaccination, which affected the list of contraindications, which finally went beyond the anaphylactic reaction and fever and included some cancers, including blood diseases. It is not clear who will be responsible for disruptions of remissions and somatic complications in these patients vaccinated by SMS mobile operators and "social" advertising on television.

Instead of conclusions

As for the inadequate reaction of the governments of Austria and other countries, it should come as no surprise. It should not be, because it is not vaccines that are tested, but people are tested for susceptibility and cowardice. Therefore, one should not expect adequate reactions and rational actions to the gained experience. If one hundred percent vaccination does not stop morbidity and mortality, lockdowns will be supplemented by concentration camps for people with insufficient antibody levels. It is not clear if in Austria imprisonment will exempt from vaccination, because in Ukraine the fine for ticketless travel does not exempt from paying for travel.

As for the medical part, there are still hopes to arouse surprises. Normally, a person should not have any antibodies to respiratory viruses. The absence of COVID markers after two years in an active social life is a sign of health and safety for others. This means that nonspecific mucosal immunity does not pass and removes pathogens after a short time. There are at least 30% of such people in the population. And the lack of antibodies is not an indication for vaccination. This is a complete delusion from a medical point of view, and from a criminal point of view it is a crime. It is the same crime as forcing vaccinating convalescents or patients in remission of chronic somatic diseases to be vaccinated.

It is already clear to everyone that vaccination simply postpones coronavirus disease, and it is not a fact that postponement facilitates its course. Quite dramatically, events can unfold in people who became infected during the formation of vaccine immunity. Vaccination of the elderly, whose immune system is in a state of natural involution, requires rethinking.

Only experience allows to make conclusions.