In Almaty, protesters seized the office building of the Mir24 TV channel and demanded to go live, the correspondent of Orda kz reports.

Kazakh TV channel KTK, owned by the Nursultan Nazarbayev Foundation, has suspended its broadcasting.

“We received a signal from the security that the building would be de-energized, so we need to evacuate, otherwise we will not be able to leave. After everyone left the building, the TV center was de-energized and the channel's broadcasting was interrupted,” said an employee of the TV channel.

All types of mobile communications, including both voice and data, have been disabled by special services on the territory of Almaty.
Kazakhtelecom has turned off the Internet throughout the country. Mobile communication also does not work.

The protesters proceeded to the violent seizure of administrative buildings. Several cases were recorded when the police and the army went over to the side of the protesters.