Russian occupation troops continue attacking Ukrainian civilians, another day of war, new casualties.

On the night of February 26, the occupant shell hit a residential building in the village of Khotyanivka, Vyshgorod District

The wounded are being evacuated.

Same day missile hits residential district of Vorzel town, Kyiv region. The roof is damaged. Fire started.

26.02 the rocket hit a multi-storey building, st. Lobanovsky, 6a, Kyiv.

See here.

The biggest specialized children's clinic in Ukraine "Ohmatdit" provides medical care for 7 y\o boy who received a shrapnel wound on his right side, multiple fragments of soft fabrics, a torn head wound and a contusion of the brain.

Melitopol, hungry invaders rob a grocery store - see video.

Kyiv. Ukrainian women have to give birth in basements and bomb shelters