While Ukrainians are bravely fighting against Russia’s invasion, nations all over the world are helping however they can: from accepting refugees to sending weapons. Heavy arms is the type of foreign aid that Ukraine currently needs the most. As one of Europe’s top weapons manufacturers, the German defense industry is crucial for Ukraine. Unfortunately, Germany’s leader Olaf Scholz seems very reluctant to send arms that could be a turning point in the war; here’s a timeline of his manipulations in a bid to avoid supplying weapons.

1. On Feb 28, Germany’s defense industry sends Scholz a 48-page list of all weapons it can deliver. List includes heavy weaponry, including those Ukraine wants: Panzerhaubitze (PzH) 2000 artillery system and the Leopard 2 battle tank. [1] German defense industry leaders (Rheinmetall, Hendsoldt) publicly state they have the vehicles and ammunition ready to be handed over. Scholz doesn’t share this list with Ukraine. [2]

2. On Mar 20, Scholz says there are no more weapons left in Germany to give to Ukraine. [3] In the ten days following this statement he recognizes that there are some weapons that could be sent, but the list of available weaponry is now just a half of the amount offered by manufacturers and includes 3/15 types of arms requested by Kyiv. [4]

3. On Apr 1, the German defense industry proposes the German army send their existing infantry fighting vehicles (Marders) now, and Rheinmetall will replace them from existing ones in its storage that it will refurbish. [5]

4. On Apr 3, Scholz claims the Marders are bound by NATO and NATO must approve their transfer. [6] Three days later he claims Ukrainians can’t master Western heavy weaponry in the available time. [7]

5. On Apr 11, German defense industry states experienced Ukrainian soldiers could be trained on the Leopard 1 tank within a few days. Ukrainian army agrees. Rheinmetall states it can deliver the first tanks in six weeks and the rest over the following three months, for a total of 50. [8]

6. On Apr 14, German government claims all NATO members have ruled out sending heavy weapons, and there must be consensus before heavy weapons are sent. [14] This is not true: US, UK, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey and Czech had sent or announced upcoming deliveries of heavy weaponry. [9]

7. On Apr 15, Scholz, under pressure, announces €2 billion for Ukraine’s military. Later the details of the “€2 billion” are revealed: Ukraine can buy weaponry for only €1.2 billion. 400 million will go to the European Peace Facility, 400 million to other countries entirely. There is no timeline, weaponry must be bought from Germany, and Germany must approve all purchases. [10]

8. On Apr 19, the leaders of EU and NATO convened after Russia launched its new offensive. US, UK, Canada announce new deliveries of heavy weaponry, mostly artillery, on the same day.

9. Scholz meanwhile makes a statement that Ukraine can have anything it wants from the old list. [11]

10. Ukraine’s ambassador says that Scholz removed all the items Ukraine actually wants from the list, and that the list doesn’t have heavy weapons. [12]

11. On Apr 20, Netherlands announces it will send modern German-made artillery, the PzH 2000 (see #1). Meanwhile, Germany states it will only help with artillery training, ammunition, and maintenance. [13]

Scholz is doing everything he can to avoid giving Ukraine weapons while making it seem like he’s trying to help. This war showed us who is brave enough to stand for democracy and freedom, and who is only pretending to hold those values.

Ukraine still needs Heavy Weapons. #GermanyWakeUp

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