It is very remarkable how the Kremlin's ideologists repeat all the mistakes made by the Serbian chauvinists, who ideologically served the criminal regime of Slobodan Milosevic. The ideology of the "Russian world" is actually a copy of the ideology of the Serbian right-wing radicals "Greater Serbia", aimed at uniting all the lands on which the Serbs lived into one common state.

Serbian fascists, as well as Russian chauvinists, believed that the communist parties of the USSR and Yugoslavia created artificial borders - beyond which Serbs and Russians remained outside their countries. The ideologists of "Great Serbia" were convinced that Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina were artificial countries, and Josip Broz Tito oppressed Serbian nationalism with his communist internationalism, thereby hindering the Serbian revival.

The Serbian fascists, like the Russians, also had their own death cult associated with Vidovdan, a holiday of sacred significance for the Serbs, just like May 9 for the Russians. Serbian chauvinists also promoted the sacrifice of the Serbs during the wars, which demanded, from their point of view, sacrifices that would connect the heroes of Serbia with the land of their ancestors. For the Serbian fascists, the graves of the Serbs who sacrificed themselves for the sake of the greatness of Serbia were its true borders. The religious leaders of Serbia, like their counterparts in Nazi Russia, created a genuine cult of "heroic death", preaching about the ideals of self-sacrifice in order to join the warriors of heavenly Serbia.

From the point of view of the ideologists of "Great Serbia", despite all the tragedy of the war, it is important for the Serbs to feel their sacrifice, which is impossible without their death, which is necessary for the revival of Serbia. The chauvinists from Serbia, as well as the Russians, have always had a complex of an innocent victim suffering because of the global conspiracy of the West, Jews, Freemasons and the Vatican.

Supporters of "Great Serbia", just like the Russians, believe in the myth that the Serbs in their entire history did not conquer anyone or exploit other peoples, and all the wars they waged were only liberation wars. Therefore, when Sergei Karaganov declares that the Russians are a nation of winners, he is no different from the ideologists of the fascist regime of Slobodan Milosevic. In fact, the ideology of "Great Serbia", like the ideology of the "Russian world", which propagates that the Russians are the most divided people in the world, is no different from the ideas of Adolf Hitler, who considered it necessary to annex to Germany the territories of other countries where the Germans live.

The Serbs still have not understood that Yugoslavia lasted so long only because Josip Broz Tito understood perfectly the danger of Serbian chauvinism. Tito was well aware that Yugoslavia, as a multinational state, must have a federal center that fights against manifestations of chauvinism, being an independent arbiter for all the peoples of Yugoslavia.

Russian chauvinists are now making the same mistakes that were made by the leaders of the white movement. It should be remembered that the Bolsheviks defeated the White Army, first of all, by recognizing the right of peoples to self-determination. Denikin's Russian chauvinism only led to the fact that he could not agree on a joint struggle against the Bolsheviks with the Ukrainians, who massively did not support Russian imperialism. Therefore, when Putin threatens that he will teach Ukrainians real "decommunization", he himself, without realizing it, threatens Russia, saved from disintegration by the Bolsheviks.

There is a historical pattern in how Russia develops, for first Russian imperialism destroyed the Russian Empire, then Russian nationalists led by Yeltsin, whose family brought Putin to power, destroyed the Soviet Union, now the Russian Nazis began the process of self-destruction of the Russian Federation.

The biggest challenge for Ukraine is the activation of the Kremlin's agents of influence in the West. So Ukrainian diplomats need to conduct more active media activity aimed at destroying the Kremlin narratives. For example, for left-wing intellectuals seeking to limit the influence of the capitalist USA at the expense of the Russian Federation, there is a Russian narrative about a fairer world based on multipolarity, although in reality, multipolarity for the Kremlin means the right to commit any crimes against its own citizens and arrange terror against the inhabitants of countries, which will be included in the sphere of influence of bloody Russia.

For intellectuals who are supporters of realism in international relations, the Kremlin imposed a narrative about the balance of interests between superpowers that should not interfere in the spheres of influence of their geopolitical rival. Western experts, who are supporters of realism, must finally admit that it is impossible to maintain a balance of interests with the bloody Kremlin, since after the occupation of the territories of Moldova, Georgia, Ichkeria and Ukraine, representatives of the Russian authorities are already publicly declaring that all of Central Europe should be in the Russian sphere of influence. The experience of the Second World War proved that no territorial concessions to an aggressor seeking to destroy the international order can stop him from continuing military aggression.

Especially dangerous for Ukraine is the Kremlin narrative spread in the United States that in the event of an early military victory of Ukraine over the northern empire of evil, the Russian Federation will collapse and radicals will come to power who will gain access to nuclear weapons. The absurdity of this narrative lies in the fact that there is no chance for Russian radicals to come to power, even in the event of a quick military defeat of Russia, and therefore the collapse of the Russian Federation is impossible given the current historical realities.

The collapse of the Russian Federation, as well as the coming to power of radicals, can only happen because of a long, many years of war between Russia and Ukraine. So, if the Western elites do not want the junta to come to power in Russia, they should be interested in an early victory of Ukraine over Nazi Russia, providing the heroic Armed Forces of Ukraine with everything necessary for their successful counteroffensive - heavy offensive weapons.

Only the victory of Ukraine over Russia and the rapid entry of our country into NATO will convince the Russian elite that Ukraine, finally and irrevocably, has become part of the West. Western elites must understand that democratizing Russia and turning it into an ally to contain China is possible only after making Ukraine, through Western economic assistance, a showcase of success for Russians, who will also benefit from the loss of the northern evil empire.

So, like the fascist regime of Slobodan Slobodan Milosevic, Putin's terrorist regime will be destroyed after a military defeat, and the longer it exists, the more victims there will be from the actions and decisions of bloody Putin. Unfortunately, Western leaders have forgotten about the warning of Alexander Litvinenko, who was assassinated on the orders of the Kremlin Fuhrer. And if he is not stopped in time, perhaps this maniac will soon lead civilization to another world massacre, in the furnace of which millions and millions of human lives will burn.