The active involvement of Iran in the war between Russia and Ukraine made it possible to overcome the cold in relations with Israel, which began to acquire at least some positive dynamics.

Ukrainians have long been outraged that Israel did not provide assistance with weapons and distanced itself from the war. However, in recent weeks a shift has begun to take shape.

Yesterday Vladimir Zelensky made an interesting statement

“I'll tell you honestly, in recent days I'm happy. We started to work. I will not go into details, because our intelligence services were working, but I want to say: after a long break, I see these steps forward," Volodymyr Zelensky said, answering journalists' questions.

At the same time, the President stressed that Ukraine had expected closer cooperation with this country from the very beginning of the full-scale invasion, since Israel is a state that knows in detail what war and tragedy are, and Israeli society fully supports Ukrainians.

“We need Israel's help and political leadership. And, as I said, in recent days it has begun,” he stated.

Yermak also highlighted the Israeli theme today:

“In an interview with JC, calling on Israel to do more to help Ukraine.

Today we hope that the Israeli government and society will provide real and fast support to our state.

A lot of Jews are at the forefront now. Some of them were killed by Russians. They fight for their country.

We need protection and sanctions against Russia. Russia has become the equivalent of Hezbollah. They are terrorists.

The Israeli people should understand what we, Ukrainians, feel because the Israelis have also had to protect themselves.

A lot of heroes of Israel were born in Ukraine, but their native places are now being destroyed by Russian rockets and Iranian drones"

These initiatives of Bankova should be welcomed, but as in other cases, when we are dealing with peoples with ancient history, we need to understand the specifics when it is better not to go too far with public pressure, but rather to put pressure on shadow mechanisms.

Israel lives in the thinking of itself in the year 5783. There is a completely different perception of its place in the population of people, its role, its responsibility. Often it is not obvious and unknown to anyone in the world.

Although this is a friendly (in the sense that it understands our pain) neural network, it still does not owe or owe us anything. We can learn but not demand; we can wait but not ask. And when the window of opportunities for interaction opens (has already opened), then act quickly, openly, and in a coordinated manner. Without the usual corruption fuss in which the government offices are involved, because we risk to be perceived like the "Palestinians". Or even worse.

Both today and yesterday, Israel had and has the right to its own considerations and logic. This must be accepted. Israel has been at war for a long time. Ukraine helped Israel a lot with weapons? The supply of weapons to the Taliban does not count. Politics and morality do not go exactly in parallel. This, too, must always be remembered.

In general, we need to learn to perceive the “no” of other nations without hysterics and unnecessary tragedy. You need to understand that “no” today can be replaced by “yes” tomorrow. And if we need this “yes” to have a nosebleed in our long-term strategy, then we need to grit our teeth to go to it. Therefore, it is always necessary to respect other opinions, even if we do not understand the essence of the position.

One of my acquaintances once described the following logic of Israeli thinking:

The Middle East is a hostel that is almost 6,000 years old. 60 centuries of strife, wars, blood feuds, revenge. Hostel without a commandant. Now it's raining, it's raining, but it's not yet a fire. "Palestinians" (Ukrainians) are knocking on the door. They are cold, they are hungry, they are tired. After long conversations and disputes, the residents decide to let them inside. Everyone tensed up. And now everyone sees horribly when they realize that the "Palestinians" want only one thing - to burn down the neighboring house with the "Israelis" (Russians).

Therefore, this parallel cannot be allowed. Yermak correctly threw in the image of Russia as Hezbollah. It is understandable to Israel. But we must remember that Russia uses the same methods. Therefore, public messages and interviews are not enough. With countries like Israel, a lot of shadow communication is needed. To understand the context in which decision makers are located. For when there is an election in Israel, then, as in any other country, politicians who make decisions will not go against sentiments that can bring down their careers. Our messages, fair in our understanding, in their context can be destructive.

Therefore, there must be a constant probing of the moods of the elite and the masses, which must constantly correct our line in relations.

It is also important to hook Israeli businesses (like any other) with projects that will turn them into powerful lobbyists for Ukraine. Because any normal government always asks its business: "What kind of guys are they, how are they with you, and what are the prospects there?" And the presence of serious projects here will tip the balance in our favor. And most importantly, Israel has a bunch of powerful companies that are building both military infrastructure and helping to raise civilian infrastructure. Give them a piece, they will bring in the money themselves, and credit, but you will create such a motivation to work with us with an eye on decades.