The head of the Cybersecurity Department of the Security Service of Ukraine, Ilya Vitiuk, said that several thousand agents of the Russian special services are operating in Ukraine.

He said this on the air of " Freedom of speech ".

He noted that about 7 thousand agents of the special services of the Russian Federation are working to undermine the situation in Ukraine.

"Today, about 7,000 intelligence officers work from the territory of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. This is relatively destabilizing and undermining," - Vityuk said.

According to a representative of the SSU, since the beginning of 2021, the Cyber ​​Security Department has blocked 15 networks of anti-Ukrainian agitators on the Internet and liquidated about 20 bot farms of the Russian special services. In total, this is more than 150 thousand accounts.

"These are supposedly 150 thousand people who comment on something, repost, write and assess the events. We conducted an unprecedented special operation against the hacker group Armageddon, which was normally located in the FSB of Russia and operated from the territory of Crimea," - Vityuk informed.