I hope that Ukrainians still remember the end of one of Petro Poroshenko's dialogues with Vladimir Putin, which took place in the spring of 2015, after Ilovaisk, DAP and Debaltsevo: "I shake your hand. Hugs." It would be naive to think that Petro Oleksiyovych lost contact with the Kremlin after losing his presidency.

Today, his interests objectively coincide with Putin's in one thing: to punish and undermine the position of the brazen parvenu Vladimir Zelensky. Which, although surrounded by "Kremlin agents", turned out to be much less convenient for the aggressor than his predecessor.

In this situation, the postponement of the date of Poroshenko's return to Ukraine begins to play in completely different colors. Yesterday, the fifth President of Ukraine gave an exclusive interview to Radio Svoboda, in which he stated: "I am returning not to defend myself from Zelensky, but to defend Ukraine."

And here's the stop: the man who has called all those who "rocked the Ukrainian boat" the Kremlin's agents, that is, criticized him personally and his policies, officially declares with certainty that "he will not be behind bars" and "will defend Ukraine." Since it is difficult to imagine Petro Oleksiyovych in a trench with a machine gun in his hands, it sounds like I'm coming back to "lead the defense of the homeland." In principle, the fifth president says so, "I am coming back to ensure unity so that all Ukrainians can fight back against Putin." And he adds that "according to the latest sociological polls, our political force is ahead of Zelensky, ahead of the Servants of the people"...

Here we see an almost unveiled request to the coup d'état. This is exactly what the Kremlin aggressor desperately needs to find a formal casus beli for a large-scale invasion of Ukraine. If we think of Zelensky's analogy with Yanukovych in Poroshenko's interview to the end, then after Zelensky's overthrow we should expect a vacuum of legitimacy and, as a result, the loss of more territories, if not the collapse of Ukrainian statehood.

Poroshenko is trying to position himself as Petliura returning on a white horse to overthrow a "traitor" Skoropadsky. Only the "fifth" would not mind knowing that a century ago the Directory was not a triumph, but the agony of an independent Ukrainian state...

But there is a bitter truth in the words of the fifth President. The current government is unable to protect Ukraine. It is becoming increasingly apparent, despite signals of an almost imminent Russian attack from all sides.

But in this situation, we need to look not for a new Petliura, who - if he returns to power - has every chance to quickly become a Ukrainian Peten. We desperately need Ukrainian Charles de Gaulle. Ukraine is currently short of the little-known but mature (de Gaulle was 50 years old in 1940), obsessed with the national idea, sacrificial, completely loyal to Ukraine, wise and strategic leader. For whom "being a realist means believing in miracles."

And those who seek the return of dirty deals with Medvedchuk, parades during Ilovaisk, the treacherous surrender of DAP and Debaltsevo, hugs with Putin, are welcome in Zhulyany in the morning of January, 17th!