Ukraine needs to introduce not martial law, but state of siege. Obviously, in order for Ukraine to succeed as a state, it must radically reconsider its attitude to security. Ukraine should bristle like a hedgehog.

Security reform must be carried out as soon as possible. All law enforcement agencies need to be purged of Russian agents of influence and their effectiveness increased sharply.

The military-industrial complex must become the backbone of the economy. The army is the backbone of the state.

Otherwise, the state will collapse due to the fact that people will not believe in its prospects. Business will flee to Poland and Europe along with the active part of the population, realizing that Ukraine can be cut like salami at any moment.

Ukraine should have anger in the good sense of the word. This anger must rest on our absolute moral superiority, evident to the whole world. Because now it is absolutely clear to the West that Ukraine is indeed a frontier. Frontier between adequacy and paranoia.

It is necessary to conduct rapid consultations with the countries of Eastern and Central Europe about mutual assistance. It is obvious that all of them are under the threat of destruction by Russia. Especially the Baltic countries. Therefore, it is necessary to focus this understanding on the accelerated rearmament of Ukraine, using their capabilities and motivations.

The strategic alliance with Poland and the UK must be institutionalized as soon as possible. Poland is turning into our strategic rear, because relations with it require appropriate agreements.

It is also necessary to give a clear signal to Turkey, because Putin's statements pose a threat to it as well, since tomorrow he will roll out claims to Kars, Ardagan and Erzurum with the same enthusiasm.

Putin's historical fantasies have become a major threat to the collapse of the world order. Ukraine should exploit this by building a new system of economic relations. We have a radical change in the energy sector, as Putin will clamp down on our economy. Therefore, Ukraine needs to radically increase the production of gas and coal, completely revise the import of oil products and nuclear fuel, since the threat over sea communications will be constant. Matvienko yesterday clearly announced the tightening of Russia's policy in this direction.

Therefore, "The Great Building" needs to be radically reformatted. Cut the construction of roads and social infrastructure as much as possible and direct the released money to the military-industrial complex, the security sector and the energy sector. Without good roads and ice palaces, we will still somehow last, but without rockets and heat - no. Injecting money into the military-industrial complex will create a huge multiplier effect for the economy. We need our own analogue of DARPA for the development of military technologies. It is necessary to deploy a large cluster of production of military equipment and ammunition in western Ukraine. And move production there. The entire east and south are under constant threat.

Simply put, we need a wartime economy that is now permanent.

It is also necessary to agree on the restructuring of debts from the West. Ideally, they should forgive them, like Poland in the 90s.

Zelensky also needs to radically overhaul domestic economic policy. In the face of powerful pressure from Russia, we need to ease the burden for our citizens. It is necessary not only to abolish cash registers for individual entrepreneurs, but also to abolish taxes for them for three years. The state will lose 50 billion hryvnia in direct revenue, but will receive more from indirect taxes. Plus, this will dramatically expand Zelensky's social base, and a broad social base is fundamentally important for any government in such moments of crisis. This needs to be done quickly, like other business indulgences blocked by Getmantsev. Getmantsev needs to be removed as soon as possible so that business sees the prospect of a radical improvement in economic policy. If such a prospect is not given right now, then Ukraine will face a monstrous flight of capital in the face of a permanent threat of destruction by Putin. It is necessary to create a system of motivations for businesses to stay in Ukraine. For example, finally introduce a tax on withdrawn capital. It's about time.

In short, Putin's threats and actions call for radical steps in the economy. Otherwise, the economy will collapse, and with it the state, which will not be able to perform basic functions due to the fiscal crisis.

We must start from this and live with this. The threat from Russia is a determining factor, long- term and all-embracing. Putin said this clearly nowhere.

Plus, today it became known that Moscow recognizes the LPR and the DPR within the boundaries where the leadership of the republics exercises its powers. That is, Russia can bring a huge army into the LDPR, which will act on behalf of the ORDLO, if they seize new pieces of Ukrainian territory, they will say that they recognize the LDPR within the current borders. And then there will be the next step - having grabbed a new piece of territory, they will call this piece Novorossia. The Security Council of Russia recognizes this piece in exactly the same form as ORDLO yesterday. Further, the newly-minted Novorossiya will present new territorial claims to Ukraine, and this series will continue until such time as they either get it in the teeth so that it will be scary to climb further, or they devour the whole of Ukraine.

In fact, Russia came up with a proxy to say that "it's not us who are at war with Ukraine, but these alleged "republics". However, in fact this is a war between Ukraine and Russia.

Therefore, Ukraine is doomed to become a more focused and tough state. Prolongation with drastic changes is like death.

But I have great optimism about Ukraine. Putin is forcing us to unite. And we will unite. It is impossible to accept this dead thing. Today Ukraine is the night watch of civilization. This high status obliges us to end what is killing us. What do you think, Jon Snow?