For eight years and a fifth day, Putin's army has been senselessly and mercilessly destroying Ukraine.

In Akhtyrka, which has already become the Ukrainian Stalingrad, Russian barbarians bombed the oil depot. As the father of my good friend, who is now in the city, said: "They again used vacuum bombs. Before that, they also blew up the military unit."

Military unit in Akhtyrka destroyed by vacuum bombs

In my native Bucha, our friends have just walked in the area of ​​the railway. Their impressions are uncut: "There is no Central Novus (network of supermarkets – editor’s note) in Bucha... Corpses are lying around in enemy military uniforms everywhere... The entire private sector that was near the crossing no longer exists."

In Bucha, Vorzel, Gostomel, Irpin, hungry people have been sitting under shelling for the fourth day. Russian-Belarusian marauders plundered all grocery stores. Is this some kind of military operation to restore order? What did we have then before that, if Bucha looked no worse than any Eastern European city?

By the way, self-defense of Bucha shoots marauders on the spot. Explanations like "I did not know, did not understand, did not think" do not pass.

In Chernihiv, barbarians are systematically destroying the historical center. The old cinema hall was blown up. Epicenter (Ukrainian network of hypermarkets – editor’s note) is on fire right now. They just systematically hit with rockets. “Our army only attacks military targets, civilians will not be harmed,” as Putin said.

Kharkiv today was shelled with "Grad". Dozens of dead, hundreds of wounded.

My dear aunt Valya, who lives in Vorkuta, do you remember how many times I told you that Putin is a bastard and his support is a crime. And you kept telling me that I fell under the influence of Bandera. What is it like now for you to look at Saltovka (district of Kharkiv under intense shelling – editor’s note), where your dear sister and my aunt Galya, your niece Inna, their children and relatives are. These barbarians were raised by all of you in Russia. You turned a blind eye to Beslan, to Volgodonsk, to Chechnya, to Nemtsov, to Georgia, to Moldova. You were silent if only your asses were warm and full. And you are ready to close your eyes to everything, just to experience a little greatness from the fact that you are raping someone. But you have arrived in Ukraine. This is a flyover. Now the whole world will tear Russia up, as she dreamed of tearing up Ukraine. I do not understand how people who have even a shred of conscience and shame can justify this barbarism.

You are barbarians led by a barbarian and sow only barbarism around. You have no place in the civilized world.

Carthage of the Russian World Must Be Destroyed.

P.S.: Now even dogs piss on your "strength". Everyone in Ukraine today is doing their part to stop the barbaric, stupid and merciless horde.