Today Ukraine is looking right into death’s eyes because the idea of being an integral part of the Western civilization led to the battle against Putin. And it seems like Ukraine believes in this idea more than the West itself.

Russia started the war similar by its scale to World War 2 with much lesser armed forces: during 1941-1945, the USSR and German Reigh armies fighting for Ukraine counted millions. Russia invaded Ukraine with a 200 thousand people army. It’s definitely not enough to take Ukraine under control. And the lack of people couldn’t be compensated with the growth of the volume of technical weapons.

Russian forces have already lost about 30% of their staff, including killed, wounded, and prisoners of war. Now Russia deploys additional 60 thousand people to compensate for the losses. Considering the fierce defense of Ukrainians, this part of Russian forces will be utilized the same way the first wave of invaders was. Yes, Russia still can occupy new territories, but the insurgency of Ukrainians will rise on a scale similar to the new lost parts of the country.

The more Russia destroys, the more motivated men and women will join the Ukrainian armed forces willing to revenge. At the same time, Ukraine will rely on the West, sending refugees there, relocating economic activities there, and getting weapons from there. This is what the “Western frontier” will look like, the term our politics liked to use recently. You just need to dig more into terminology to act accordingly.

So, Russia can’t destroy the Ukrainian rear, even if it completely destroys our economy. Russia will push Ukraine to transform it into a totally military state. As a result, Russia will face the limit of its possibilities to invade deeper using ordinary weapons. It’s clear that Ukraine will lose a lot of people during this confrontation as well. I can’t exclude that we even can lose a large part of the left Dnipro’s bank, maybe even the entire left bank. At the same time, Russia’s losses will be counted as tens or even hundreds of thousands of people. With such intensity, the entire Russian army will be destroyed soon. And the number of losses will only increase, as Putin sees the war with Ukraine as the war with “heretics” who “betrayed” the so-called “Russian world.”

Ukraine sees Russia as an invader who plans to turn the country's population into slaves. Russia enjoys enslaving other nations. The country found its sense of existence in it.

Clearly, it’s a kind of religious war, where stakes are higher than life. It’s also a kind of a battle for life afterlife. It’s a struggle for history and the future at the same time. It’s a struggle for the right to remain in history at all!

This is an eschatological war for both Ukraine and Russia: the loser will lose everything.

The eschatological character of war, or the war that can’t be lost in Russia’s opinion, will lead to the situation when the number of losses reaches such a level that Russia can’t move further at all physically. The stink of the corpses that currently is felt in Bucha will fill the entire battlefield. The vast losses will justify a new portion of enormous losses that will cut off the possibility of stepping back. It’s the same kind of trap where Europe found itself during World War 1.

And then Russia will face the central question of existence that was voiced with such a passion by Israeli “war expert” Jacob Kedmi: what Russian threats to the West are worth when Russia can’t cope “even with Zelensky”? It turns out that the result of the war is strongly connected to Russia’s fundamental principle — the factor of fear. It’s a vital point for Russia — to know that the country is able to spread fear. Russia is like a huge monster from Disney’s cartoons; everyone should be afraid of him. If it doesn’t happen, this character's sense of existence is lost. Russia's entire philosophy of life and its state policy turns around fear as a critical element for organizing society. Fear disappearance equal to Russia’s collapse.

In such a way, Ukraine, which openly demonstrates the absence of fear facing Russian threats, embodies death for Russia. And the first persons of Russia openly declared that they could use nuclear weapons when they felt the threat of Russia’s existence. The deep Putin’s hatred towards Ukraine is strongly connected with it. The existence of free Ukraine is a denial of the entire necrophilic world of Putin and Russia. Ukrainian love of life and its fierce and cheerful character oppose the cult of death completed during the last two years in Russia.

That’s why Ukraine can be considered the only real free country globally. Ukraine demonstrates that it is ready to die for its freedom even under the threat of nuclear weapons.

To our honor, Ukraine literally proved that it strives for a righteous and sincere world built on the principles of free choice.

Ukraine is the only country that voluntarily gave away its nuclear arsenal and is currently facing a threat of destruction by nuclear weapons just because it wants to be free. Everybody keeps talking about the principles, but Ukraine demonstrated its peaceful nature and its savage readiness to defend its freedom, even when everyone hypocritically denies its right to life.

The war between Ukraine and Russia is a war between freedom and fear. The current events in Ukrainian forests and fields are similar to the struggles of small Greek policies against the much larger Persian Empire. This very struggle built the basement of Western civilization.

Zelensky’s denial to escape from Kyiv under the threats of undeniable death broke the logic of actions for all: Russia, the West, and China. The same way 300 Spartans headed by Leonidas stood under Thermopylae. This logic can’t be understood in the modern Western world. But this very logic made West as it is now. Spartan heroes won the time for the entire Greece to mobilize its efforts and fight off Persians. Mariupol — a port city on the Sea of Azov, became “Ukrainian Thermopylae” — a totally destroyed city of a half-million population keeps on fighting during the month under siege and heavy bombardments. It fights fiercely and desperately! Compare it to the German parliament, which switched to their regular questions 10 seconds later after Zelensky addressed it with his inspiring speech…

So, ladies and gentlemen, the current Ukraine-Russia war perfectly demonstrates how thin and small the Western civilization became ideologically.

The historical fault of the EU and NATO isn’t in their willingness to widespread. The fault is in their denial to carry on the responsibility for their saint project, considering that the world already lives following their values by default.

Putin is ready to throw the world into a nuclear disaster just to submit the will of the West. Putin wants all the world to live in fear, just like infantile Russians do. The world’s fear of Russia defines its status in a global hierarchy. And actually, a status and never-ending trying to reach it is a sense of Russia’s existence.

The world that Putin is trying to build is where if you’re the strongest, you’re always right. The weak should be subdued and follow the rules of the strong, even the maddest rules. “Like it or not — forbear it, my beauty,” Putin said this phrase just before the war began. It perfectly illustrates the sense of ideology of Kremlin’s rapists. And the majority of Russian people share this ideology.

A human being and a country demonstrate their essence in a profoundly stressful situation. How do they act facing death reflects their actual values.

In this case, Ukraine actually is what it’s written in our national anthem: “We’ll give away our soul and body for our freedom.” And Ukraine fights fiercely, like no one else! Moreover — current Ukraine actually is West. West when it was young and rebellish and spoke the language of its will. When choosing between slavery and death, a man was ready to give away his life just for not being enslaved. A slave is a person who’s ready for a moral compromise with his rapist.

The US and EU turned into a hospice, which dwellers are primarily concerned about inside warmth and guaranteed meal. And here comes Putin to put a nuclear clyster to the hospice patients. It isn’t a question for Putin: to put or not to put this clyster. He’s been daydreaming of it for a long time while American presidents were trying to find a soul in his eyes. So now Americans and Europeans have to answer themselves: do they have a soul at all? Are they able to take action as free people? Can they be the same brave as their ancestors who followed their dreams despite death gleaming into their faces?

Today Ukraine is looking right into death’s eyes because the idea of being an integral part of Western civilization led to the battle against Putin. And it seems like Ukraine believes in this idea more than the West itself. So if Ukraine dies on the battlefield, it will mean death to the entire West. In such a way, Ukrainians will become the last free people on Earth.

That’s why Ukrainians are the greatest nation ever. The nation that’s able to address the words of great Hermann Hesse to itself:

And over the vale of abomination and stench

The spirit of the torch lifts up passionately

And fights the omnipotence of decay

And he avoids death hourly.